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Fairy Tail 176


+ posted by zambo92 as translation on Mar 19, 2010 21:43 | Go to Fairy Tail

-> RTS Page for Fairy Tail 176

Based on the translation of Allin, thanks! :D

Page 01
[Text in Panel: The mission of the Exceed was to capture Natsu and the others!! Charle and Happy... what secrets are they both hiding!?]
Wendy: Gah!
Natsu: Aah!
Natsu: Bastards...! // Where are the others!?
Wendy: Lucy, Happy and Charle!!
Hughes: Lucy... // Oh you mean this girl...

Page 02
[Title: Chapter 176: Extalia]
[Text in Panel: The charm of magic is the ability to... // ...embody the "shape of your heart"!! // Even if it's difficult for him to handle his dangerous reliance easily, Gray seems as though he can live with it... I guess you really do need special abilities.]
[Aaaarghh, the rent for this month!!]
[Box: A word from Lucy]

Page 03
Hughes: I'm afraid we have no use for her. // So I guess she'll be executed.
Natsu: If you goddamn bastards do anything to Lucy... // ...I'll burn you all to ashes!!

Page 04
Hughes: Ooh, I'm trembling in fear. // Geez, you Earthland magicians really are violent.
Wendy: Why only Lucy...? // What about Charle and Happy!?
Hughes: You mean the Exceed?
Natsu: Don't call Happy that!!
Hughes: Now that they've completed their mission, they've returned to their homeland. // They're probably receiving their reward right now and stuffing their mouths full.
Wendy: Completed their mission?
Backflash!Charle: (When I return to Edolas, it'll mean that I've abandoned my "mission".)

Page 05
Wendy: That's impossible. // I don't know what this mission what about... // ...but Charle said that she'd abandoned it.
Hughes: Nope, they completed it flawlessly.
Wendy: What is it? The mission that Charle and Happy had to complete...
Hughes: Have you still not figured it out?

Page 06
Happy: Huh? // Where are we... // Charle, wake up!
Charle: Tomcat. // What... happened?
Happy: We were put to sleep... and... // I wonder where we are. // Charle?

Page 07
Charle: My information led us directly into a trap...
Happy: That ain't true!! We were just unlucky!! // It ain't your fault!!
Charle: I swore... // Although I swore to protect Wendy...

Page 08
Nichiya: Are you the ones who just recently completed their mission successfully on Earthland? // Mm... what a lovely Perfume.
Happy: Ichiya!!? // ...but more importantly, he's a cat!?
Nichiya: What're you so surprised about? Don't we all one and the same, the Exceed?
Nadi: Nichiya-san. // You've got to remember that this is their first time being in Edolas. // This is surely the first time they're meeting any other Exceed, right?
Nichiya: Oh! So that's how it is.

Page 09
Nichiya: I serve as the Captain of Extalia's Imperial Guard // and my name is Nichiya.
[Box: Captain of Extalia's Imperial Guard // Nichiya]
Nadi: I am Nadi. You did well with you mission.
[Box: Minister of State of Extalia // Nadi]
Happy: ...our mission?
Nichiya: I'm afraid time is of the essence. The Queen awaits you. // Please follow me.
Happy: The Queen!? // Charle, leave it to me... // We have to pay attention now to what's happening. // I'll definitely protect you.

Page 10
Cats: Green Caterpillars! They're this big! // I can recognize a lie when I hear one. // In other words, even the human king... // Ruled according to the Exceed... // This way, this way. // Wait! // Kya, kya!

Page 11
Cats: Oh, these must be the two everyone's talking about. // The one's who completed the mission in Earthland!
Happy: It's a land of Cats.
Cats: What wonderful heroes. // Check it, the chick's pretty hot <3
Nadi: We aren't cats, we're Exceed. // We stand above the humans and guide them; we're the Exceed.
Happy: Exceed...
Nadi: And this is our Kingdom. // Extalia.

Page 12
Nadi: Do you know that humans are honestly dumb and inferior beings? // Therefore, we need to lead them.
Nichiya: And they also smell really horrible.
Nadi: The Queen reigns over the humans from here.
SFX: Clack / Clack // Clack / Clack
Nichiya: The Queen wears a lovely perfume.
Nadi: It's really troublesome when they increase at their own discretion. // Thus, the Queen has determined that any additional humans... // ...are to be killed.

Page 13
Happy: Wh...Why would you do such things...?
Nadi: In order to equalize the magic that we are constantly losing. // The Queen doesn't just reign over the humans in this world, but also over the ones on Earthland.
Happy: She decides the "death" of a human being?
Nichiya: Her Majesty has the power to do so.
Nadi: Because she is... // a God.
Happy: A God...!?

Page 14
Charle: What was our mission? // I've been carrying it deep within me since my birth. // That I was chosen according to the Queen's human management plans, to destroy the Dragon Slayer Wendy.
Happy: What? // Wh... What are you talking about!? Charle!!
Charle: Be quiet.
Happy: What do you mean, destroy Wendy?

Page 15
Huh? Then... // ... my mission was... // Huh? It can't be.
Charle: I guess this is what they call "ignorance is bliss", huh.
Happy: To... des- // To destroy Natsu... that was my mission!!?
Charle: Calm down, Tomcat. // We haven't completed our mission and we never had the intention to do so! // Despite this, why were we told that we have!!?
Nichiya: Memory loss.
Nadi: We had no other choice. The "Superimposition" has some side effects.
Charle: Answer me!!
Nadi: I'll explain it to you.

Page 16
Nadi: In accordance with her Majesty's human management plans, 100 Exeed were sent to Earthland 6 years ago.
[Panel: Edolas (Top) / Earthland (Bottom)]
Nadi: After they hatched, the were supplied with information to find the Dragon Slayer's and to kill them. // But then, the situation changed. // The man-made "Anima" offered new possibilities. // It was something that was created not to kill humans... but to make use of their magical energy. // But apparently, the Dragon Slayer's were also absorbed and turned into special magical energy. // Because of this, your missions were modified at the last minute. // Modified to "capture" the Dragon Slayers.

Page 17
Hughes: All we really wanted was you // We were just after the special magic of the Dragons. // Kaha!

Page 18
Nadi: As I thought, it seems as though orders aren't transmitted well through long-distance "Superimposition".
Nichiya: But eventually everything went according to plan in the end, since you brought the Dragon Slayers here. // We leave the magicalization to the humans. // They're better at that sort of thing.
Charle: Th... That's not true... I came to Edolas for one reason only.
Nadi: No... you simply carried out your order.
Charle: I brought them to the tunnel... to help them...
Nadi: Did you not notice? We guided you there.

Page 19
Charle: I... // ...wanted to protect Wendy... because I care for her...
Nadi: That was simply just an illusion. // Your mission was changed from "destroy" to "capture"... In other words, you were ordered to "not kill the target".
Charle: That's a lie!!!
Nichiya: All your actions were under our control.

Page 20
Happy: We aren't your Puppets!!!
Charle: Tomcat...
Happy: We are... // ...Mages of Fairy Tail!!!
Charle: Happy...
[Text in Panel: Continued in Chapter 177: "Fly! To where your friends are!"]

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