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ryoma echizen

  1. Sherlock Holmes

    Discussion Seriously though, who's the main character now?

    So I hadn't really been following the manga for a while and decided to go on a mass re-read for fun, I remember a couple years ago people used to joke that Atobe was the real main character of the manga but like...jokes aside, is he? He has the most pronounced character arc so far, the most...
  2. Special Move ryomas and ryoga's hidden tech

    Anyone notice that Ryoga and Ryoma returned the shining shot, they did it with only 1 hand, while Oni and Byoduin had to use 2 hands to return the shot. There must be some secret trick to return the ball so easily.
  3. Kaoz

    Discussion Objective Characters in NPoT

    Since the discussion about main characters flared up again, I decided to look into the topic a bit more. I'm using definitions from Dramatica (to the best of my abilities anyway) since it's rather extensive for an online resource. Any quotes used will be from there unless noted otherwise...
  4. Kaoz

    Character USA - Japan Team Parallels

    So after learning the names of the remaining ones, I was looking at this image of the US reps again: And while doing that, I was thinking to myself "Man, this Jackson dude is pretty tall. I wonder if he's taller than Ochi (probably not, but that's not the point). He also has a pretty calm...
  5. ashore

    Anime Who do you want Echizen to battle... in the Vs Genius 10 OVA?

    Hi guys! A new ova is coming out soon titled something closely called vs Genius 10. I suspect this is the MS vs the Genius 10 arc. We know the ovas aren't cannon, but in the shin pot anime, they showed echizen have an official match whereas the manga didnt. It makes sense...
  6. Asclepius

    Which player would you pick for Ryoma's/Akutsu's place?

    So, we have 14 chosen MSers, but one slot won't be used cause Ryoga took Ryoma to join the US camp. Let's suppose that Ryoma will join the US team and that Tezuka will join the German team. The foreigners like Krauser that are in the camp will also count as a possible choice. Remember...
  7. Discussion The greatest gathering of talent in the last 10 years

    During the nationals, the current generation of talent was referred to as the greatest gathering of talent in the last 10 years more than a few times. Obviously at the time there was no plan for NPOT presumably, but looking back, this statement seems pretty absurd. Sure, maybe Gin could be the...
  8. jimtors

    Character Love interest of Ryoma

    I'm just wondering where's the grand daughter of Ryuzaki sensei? Isn't she suppose to be Ryoma's love interest? Or Does it even matter?? You can delete this thread if found useless.. Just a question.:)
  9. Match Ryoma vs Kintarou

    I have seen this around a few posts on these forums, so I figured let's discuss. Why do people think they are about equal? Echizen is surely stronger given the same day. I understand they are rivals, but Echizen was stronger from day one. Kin wanted to play Ryoma really badly. Atobe...
  10. Kaoz

    Theory Kaoz' Random Theories

    Basically at some point a few weeks ago, while going through the manga and discussing some aspects, I started theorizing that some additional parts were planned, but removed from the final product for whatever reason, but hints as to what could have been there still exist. There are two (major)...
  11. Discussion Yukimura versus Ryoma game

    I was reading POT again and it just occurred to me this game is actually pretty contradictory to everything Yukimura said about how victory is the only thing that matters. All he had to is step into the court before Ryoma gets there and he'd win. Sanada must have slapped Yukimura silly after...
  12. ashore

    Character Seigaku players full of copiers?

    out of all the middle schools, what do you think about seigaku having the most players of any other major jr high tennis club to copy and evolve other people's special moves.?
  13. Kaoz

    [Bonus Round] Singles 1

    Determine the strongest Singles 1 player of the tournament. The bonus round ends on Thursday, October 25th 8 PM GMT. Cast your vote and discuss (logically) why you voted for who you voted for. Have fun, but keep it clean!
  14. Kaoz

    [Round 2 - Team 4 vs Team 6 Singles 1] Echizen Ryoma vs Oni Juujirou

    Singles 1Echizen RyomaOni JuujirouTitleSuper Rookie of the EastGatekeeper of HellSchoolSeishun Gakuen 1st YearHigh School 3rd YearHeight151 cm187 cmWeight50 kg83 kgDominant HandLeftRightPlaystyleAll RounderAggressive BaselinerTechniquesTwist Serve Drive A Drive B COOL Drive Drive D Muga no...
  15. kaibaman

    Special Move Teni Muhō No Kiwami (Pinnacle of Perfection)

    so far the only two that can used Teni Muhō No Kiwami (Pinnacle of Perfection) are Ryoma and Tezuka, but what about ryoma's brother ryoga do you guys think reached Teni Muhō No Kiwam?
  16. Fayte

    Discussion Konomi's Unofficial Rules To Prince Of Tennis.

    Okay, the time has come. Up until now, I have always just made up rules that go with the series. This time, I want to make it official. I want to keep a record of the basic laws of Prince of Tennis. You know, those things in the story that will always happen and never change. Post comments and...
  17. perroloco

    Theory What do you think are the team line-ups one year from the series start and one year after the series

    I.e. since Prince of Tennis began in 1999 (IIRC) then the year the series events occurs is 1999 (If stated to be other year please say so). In your opinion what would the teams line-up look in 1998 and 2000? (If you want to especulate about other years like.. Dunno 1996 or 1997 Seigaku, please...
  18. sisco

    Theory battle vs the top ten high schoolers match order/outcome prediction

    my predication of the matches look something like this doubles 3 #9 ochi/#10 mouri vs niou/atobe = niou/atobe win doubles 2 #8 tohno/#7kimijima vs marui/kite = tohno/kimiijima win (to me it's hinted slightly that tohno and kimijima might be doubles partners. i REALLY hope kimijima isn't...
  19. Fuji Shusuke

    Character Characters who can hit multiple balls at once

    I am making a list of all the characters that can hit multiple balls at once. If you think a character should be on the list say why. The list is so far: Kikumaru Eiji Yukimura Seichi Sanada Gen'ichiro Toyama Kintaro Oshitari Kenya Echizen Ryoma Akutsu Jin Tokugawa Kazuya Jujiro Oni...
  20. Kaoz

    Discussion Court Numbers

    What do you people think, what is the highest court the characters (winners, loser, highschoolers, doesn't matter) can get to and what is their current level? I think Irie and Oni are court 1 material and the rest of the current 5th court could be 4th court just as well (maybe 3rd court but...