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Dattebayo Stops Fansubbing Naruto + Naruto, Skip Beat, Gintama Streamed on Crunchyroll

+ posted by c_k in Anime News on Nov 22, 2008 11:29
Dattebayo announced today that they will cease fansubbing Naruto Shippuden starting January 15, 2009 due to the availability of the latest episode playing in Japan being offered with subtitles by Viz on Hulu, Joost, Crunchyroll, and Naruto.com. Interacii posted on behalf of the fansubbing group Dattebayo that they will permanently stop fansubbing Naruto with episode 91, which coincidentally is the first episode Dattebayo, known back then as Anime-Heaven, "officially" started subbing Naruto back in July 2004.

This news should not be a surprise to anyone since Crunchyroll released a press release announcing that they would start offering the latest subtitled Naruto episode one hour after broadcast in Japan for paid subscribers of Crunchyroll with TV Tokyo also releasing their own press release (in Japanese). Viz released a press release on November 17 stating that the episode would be shown for FREE one week later on Naruto.com, Hulu, and Joost, with a new English-subtitled episode offered every Thursday. In an effort to catch up to the current episode of Naruto, starting January 2, Naruto.com, along with Hulu and Joost, will offer for free, eight uncut, subtitled episodes from the beginning of the Naruto Shippuden with eight additional episodes each Friday until they catch up to the current episode.

Also, if you watched the video of the Fansubber and Industry Discussion Panel (Watch it, if you haven't yet - 79 minutes) held at Otakon 2008, which was held during August 8 - 10, Interacii with Hishoburaiken from Dattebayo along with YaoiBoy (LiveEvil) and GetFresh (Shinsen Subs) discussed when they would stop fansubbing, and among their comments, they stated that they would stop fansubbing when episodes were offered free and in a timely manner. Well, one hour or one week is definitely timely and free is free. Thus, it should come as no surprise that they would stop subbing. Interacii states that Dattebayo has never received a Cease and Desist order so has never had to stop and with the new way Viz and Crunchyroll is handling the Naruto episodes, there's no need for Dattebayo to continue subbing the series and that they have decided that they aren't going to wait for a Cease and Desist before stopping.

In terms of the manga, Viz also stated that they would release 11 volumes over three months starting in February 2009 with Volume 34 to April 2009 with Volume 44, which was just released this month in Japan, and continue releasing quarterly with Volume 45 available in July 2009.

Crunchyroll also recently released a press release about its' partnership with TV TOKYO Corporation, SHUEISHA Inc., and Pierrot Co., Ltd. thereby allowing them to, beginning January 8, 2009, offer episodes of Naruto Shippuden. One of the reasons for the partnership is to combat online piracy as well as offer anime for overseas fans while allowing the rights holders to earn money through the subscriptions and/or ads. They also announced that they would also start streaming episodes of Skip Beat!, Gintama, Shugo Chara and one additional unknown anime, according to AnimeNation.

The Skip Beat! anime is currently being broadcast in Japan and is based on the manga by Yoshiki Nakamura and recently published Volume 20 in Japan with Viz releasing the English translated version with the 16th volume scheduled for release on January 6, 2009. The translated manga is currently running in Shojo Beat.
Description about Skip Beat (taken from Mangatraders):
Kyoko Mogami is the childhood friend of superstar Sho Fuwa. Kyoko was so deeply in love with Sho that she followed him to the city on his quest to become a famous singer. But she soon realizes Sho was only using her as his personal maid to take care of household chores and pay for rent. Heart-broken, Kyoko won't suffer in silence--she's going to get her sweet revenge by beating Sho in show biz! A funny and entertaining romance story of an "diamond in the rough" trying to find her place in showbiz, and the mysterious pasts of the people around her.

The Gintama anime is currently being broadcast in Japan with 132 episodes to date and is based on the manga by Hideaki Sorachi. The manga currently has 25 volumes published in Japan with Viz releasing the English translated version named "Gin Tama" with the tenth volume scheduled for release on January 6, 2009. Description taken from ANN:
Sakata Gintoki is a samurai living in an era when samurais are no longer needed. To add to his troubles, oppressive aliens have moved in to invade. Gintoki lives with Kagura and Shinpachi, taking on odd jobs to make the world a better place...and to pay their rent.

The Shugo Chara anime has 51 episodes with a sequel called Shugo Chara!! Doki, which is currently being broadcast in Japan. The anime is based on the shoujo manga by PEACH-PIT and is currently ongoing in Japan with 8 volumes compiled to date. The English translated version is being released by Del Rey with the fifth volume scheduled for release on December 2008. Description taken from Anidb:
Everybody at Seiyo Elementary thinks that stylish and super cool Hinamori Amu has it all: But nobody knows the real Amu, a shy girl who wishes she had the courage to truly be herself. Changing Amu’s life is going to take more than wishes and dreams–it’s going to take a little magic! One morning, Amu finds a surprise in her bed: three strange little eggs. Each egg contains a Guardian Character, an angel-like being who can give her the power to be someone new. With the help of her Guardian Characters, Amu is about to discover that her true self is even more amazing than she ever dreamed.

EDIT: Clarified where news of Crunchyroll's paid subscription came from - it wasn't in Viz's press release + more background information about Skip Beat anime/manga, Gintama anime/manga + Shugo Chara anime/manga

Sources: Dattebayo | Viz (Viz Press Release) | PR Newswire (News on Crunchyroll Partnership) |
Japanese language press announcement via AnimeNation (News on paid subscription) | Crunchyroll | ANN | AnimeNation

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0 members and 1 guests have thanked c_k for this news
#1. by da_rippa ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
Wow, these are some news o.O!
I hope this turns out good :-| (well at least it SOUNDS good ^^").
#2. by night_wolf ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
ya, that sounds alright. lets hope the quality is good. i used to download some anime from crunchyroll for 0.5USD per eps.
#3. by Goji ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
Well, it's good to hear Viz has decided to follow the fansubbers' advice. After I saw the Otakon 2008 video some time ago I was wondering if the industry really would listen to their opinion. I think we now have an answer to that question. ^^

Good to see the new change, sad to see Dattebayo stop... Thanks for all the great subs, I enjoyed them. :)
#4. by Nimloth (よろず屋 / Yorozuya)
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
this is indeed very interesting news!
#5. by devilitachi ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
Well this is not going to change anything, dattebayo is going to stop and some other group will take their seat. It is that simple, will these news of Viz gonna effect anything? Probably not much! Ah whatever we will see how it goes.
#6. by doobious ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
My friend and I discussed a similar concept regarding scanlations recently. Except how it would work would be that you buy in bulk, like they put the latest chapter of naruto online as soon as it's available, and you either pay a monthly subscription, or pay for the volume it resides in in advance. I wonder if this is the future for anime now, and also what would that mean for the scanlation community.
#7. by fxu ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
Good stuff.

Respect to DB for willingly stop subbing.
#8. by ◆ T.D.A ◆ ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
Good move by Viz. Hopefully the quality is good as well.
#9. by Paradoxicon ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
You might think that people would stop falling for Dattebayo's pathetic trolls after the 20th time they announced to stop subbing Naruto.

But here you are writing a news about it...
Please get a brain. Or a memory.
#10. by Naihonn ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
In case of Naruto, in our country for sure, VIZ Media = shitty translation + even much much more shitty dubbing. If someone try to see czech version of Naruto, only one episode, even the most unshakable Naruto fan almost puke!!! Death to VIZ. This is so stupid. I hope someone will still do Dattebayo's work. This world is really rotten, just like Yagami Light, quite stupid main character of my favourite anime, said. :0/
#11. by r3born ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
I love that producer starting to put animes on to sites like Hulu, crunchy, etc. with newest episode along with English subtitle.
#12. by Godaime_Raikage ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
i see no problem with VIZ doing the subbing as long as the quality is as good as dattebayos. But I will miss Dattebayos Trolls ;(
#13. by Haynes ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
At first when I read the title I was like "HA Yeah Right!!!" Then when I read the article I was like =(

I'm glad that now it's gonna be legal and all, but the reputation for legal quality isn't that great. Especially with Anime. Manga has a better reputation but not much.

So I have mixed feelings about this. That means we all gotta wait a while to start seeing new and most likely poor quality subbed episodes. But hey! At least it's legal!!
#14. by Meromorphe ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
Very likely, anime studios, copyrights owners and streaming websites started dialoguing way before this Otakon convention. It needs months for such a deal.
#15. by wade69 ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
Online streams suck, Viz sucks, this idea sucks. I really hope someone will end up taking over DB roll in subbing Naruto since I don't really want to wait a extra week just for the episode.
#16. by emer ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
FREE fansubs from viz, WTF? Really a great step in the reight way to deal with pirating : D

Genious, and no, not a sarcasm.
#17. by waruikitty ()
Posted on Nov 22, 2008
This would be a really great thing for the anime industry IF they give us quality translations. It's always confused me as to why people who do it for free do a better job than the people who are actually getting paid to do it.
#18. by Axass ()
Posted on Nov 23, 2008
Paradoxicon, this time it's serious, you can tell by the tone of the post on Dattebayo's site and by what they said at Otakon.
#19. by shrimpy ()
Posted on Nov 23, 2008
...if you can't understand japanese, how can you tell if the subs are bad in the first place? LOL. Comparing them to other groups doesn't make them right, you know...

On a more serious note, this is likely the start of the latest era of anime industry. I can't wait to see what will happen. But hey, if you don't like it, start learning the language before your favorite shows loose their subtitles. That's what I did! (runs for cover)
#20. by Hollow Kurono ()
Posted on Nov 23, 2008
Realy?Well this should turn out well...

..I think we should be thankfull for what dattebayo did,I know I am.
#21. by Jinoh ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2008
@Wade69, naruto isnt even worth watching lmao.
#22. by Bomber D Rufi ()
Posted on Nov 24, 2008
This is awesome and all, especially since I think Gintama was in dire need of the attention (It kicks soo much ass, and TV Tokyo seems to know that, since they often talk about it and Naruto in the same breath.) But I'm kind of wary, since this doesn't mean we'll get Gintama DVD's, which is what I want. Either way, I'll probably join up seeing that I want to support Gintama. I just hope that the swag will start to come our way too...
#23. by sinister55 ()
Posted on Nov 25, 2008
will DB still sub the movie?
#24. by RenQian ()
Posted on Nov 27, 2008
This isn't another troll is it?

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