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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland

+ posted by Holt in Site News on Oct 12, 2016 16:51

The Promised Neverland - Chapter 10 review by ProGoddess


The chapter cover is very interesting - we have the children trying to escape through the spiral of stairs like going through a labyrinth. Is this a foretold of the plot, that this is the escape route? Or there may be some hidden secret buried underground, while awaiting for the children to find out?

No one knows what lies beyond the farm. What will the children discover while in their home - Grace Field House? What will they encounter when they escape? Is the House safer, or the outside? What if the outside world is more dangerous than where they are now?

The story continues with the kids playing tag, just like what they have planned - to train their "escape" skills like physical and mental agility, gaining stamina, alertness, endurance, strength and strategic-planning. The division of their tag-team is a good plan, so that majority, if not all, of the children will be able to escape safely, and with minimal casualty. Ray even comes out with ten methods of team formations. Wow! :super No wonder Mama keeps emphasizing that her children are special. They are truly gifted kids and they are on survival course.

Don and Gilda have been mentioned in the past chapters and they will be given some used later on. If the two join, there will be five leaders to lead five teams. In this way, they will be able to split into smaller groups containing 6 or 7 children which will then make the escape easier and hopefully smoother.

Ray and Noman are quite the scary ones, while Emma is more innocent. If they are plotting to kill Krone and Isabelle, they probably can start with Krone since she is closer to them, in term of her being part of their tag game. However, as much as it may seem logical, the main threat appears to be Isabelle. By separating the two adults will probably be the best way to tackle them individually. It may not be advisable to kill them since they are closely monitored by the demons. This is pretty obvious. They do want to know how their products are processing and when they will be delivered.

Looking at a different point of view, Isabelle does not hide her true intention of "hiring" Krone and tell her outrightly on her face. She also shows off her superiority over Krone by belittling her. However she does offer her a promotion to "mama" level if she obeys her. I guess this could be a trade-off if Krone is able to swallow her pride and goes along with Isabelle. Though Krone may not have displayed her discontentment in front of Isabelle, she is secretly resenting her. I suspect that she may lose it sooner or later, and kill Isabelle instead. For some plot twist, it will be interesting to see how the two "sisters" go against each other and try to get rid of one another. Who knows at the end, one of them may turn out to side with the kids.

The idea of having a spy in the midst of the children looks like a good development which then allows the three kids to check and see if they can find out who that is. It can be anyone or even the ones they decide to recruit - Don or Gilda, or both. Of course it can be one of the little kids who spills out info without knowing, just like what is speculated.

If Mama has already known who her targets are, then the ten days will be very crucial for both parties. Mama wants to weed them off while the kids want to destroy her. I wonder where does Krone stands, or where does she wants to stand? If she intends to take over Isabelle's current position, then she has to get rid of her. Or she can help the children to escape so that the higher-ups will get furious and punish Isabelle. At the same time, Krone can play as a "double agent" role. On one hand, she sets Isabelle up, and secretly helps the children, then once the demons get to know that the children escape, she will then turn around and go after the children. When she finally captures all the kids, she will be able to ask for promotion to run Grace Field House and be the new "mama." To think about it, if Krone ever has this thought, she probably will not succeed, or unlikely so.

The ending pages seem to show how "unadjusted" Norman is. Is he going to lose it or is he just thinking of new ways to counter Mama's plan? The concluding conversation to carry out the escape plan seems to have been overheard by one or some of the kids. Are the main trio in danger that their plan will be reported to Mama? Perhaps this will be a great chance to explain to the older kids, and get them to assist in their plan.

Though the plan is to escape on the tenth day, but I doubt it will be so smooth sailing with just training with tag game. Krone and Isabelle are also on the move. The only thing is, what are they plotting? Are the demons going to get involved? Is someone going to die?

We shall see.

This is really a good chapter with a reasonably good pacing. A lot of information pertaining to the different characters and how the various parties plan and carry out their plan are given. Everyone seems to be very confident in whatever they are doing. However as they move along together, their paths are going to cross and the incoming events may cause a huge commotion among them. There may even be bloodshed. How are they going to tackle their individual problems? What if the demons intervene?

With such great chapter, it gains a rating of 8/10. All thanks to the authors for planning the story well and with good illustration. Thanks to MS for the scanlation too."

To discuss and share your thoughts on the manga, you can visit our Yakusoku no Neverland thread

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