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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (520)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Feb 4, 2017 12:14

Fairy Tail - Chapter 520 Review by WithYouInSpirit

After 3 weeks of abstinence from reading this manga, it manages to redeem itself in the span of a single chapter. Needless to say this week’s chapter was fantastic! Some of this week’s highlights include:

  • Wendy’s comfort and Erza’s acceptance of the death of her parents.
  • The dispelling of the World Reconstruction Magic
  • Natsu forsaking both the path of Dragonslayer and Demon
  • Natsu’s awakening

The chapter opens with Erza being comforted by Wendy for the loss of her birth mother. Erza tells the young slayer that despite everything, Makarov was the only real parent she had ever had. Wendy then remarks on the fact that she could no longer sense the Master’s life force. Erza then begins sobbing and brings Wendy into a deep embrace. With Irene’s death (?), the Universe One Spell is rendered invalid, and the country of Fiore returns to its original state. Both Zeref and August muse over her passing, and things return to normal.

In my eyes, one of Erza’s redeeming features is her ability to be very empathetic. You always know what she’s feeling or thinking and she doesn’t try to hide it. That being said, I didn’t expect her to just brush off Irene’s death like that. I still hold out hope that this will be realistic and that Erza will be affected by her death for some time to come. With the end of Universe One, things should be a lot easier for the Ishgar forces, and for Fairy Tail to return to its guild. However, one enemy remains. The General of the Spriggan 12. The man we all knew would be the last man standing, right?

We then switch scenes to within Natsu’s Heart, where Igneel is explaining the situation to him. The two seeds within him, Dragon and Demon, cannot coexist and the internal conflict is killing Natsu. Igneel tells him that in order to continue living, Natsu must choose one or the other. Demon or Dragon. Natsu then goes on to defy expectations (Choosing the Dragon Seed) and instead forsakes them both, choosing his own Humanity. Igneel praises him, saying that who would have known that his son would immediately choose the correct path and bids him farewell. Natsu then wakes up at last…

Oh boy… Natsu did something smart. Am I seeing things? I’m with Igneel on this one. Who really would have thought? I find it interesting to discover that we may never actually see E.N.D in action. A little disappointing, yes but now the course of the series has changed drastically in my eyes. What is going to happen to his magic? Will he retain the ability to use Dragonslayer Magic, only giving up the option to become a half dragon like Irene and Acnologia? Or will he lose it all together? Only time will really tell in this scenario. It seems that Acnologia will be facing a very different opponent to what he will be expecting, in any case.

Natsu wakes up next to Lucy and Happy as the World Reconstruction Magic unravels around them. He states that he is better than ever, and inquires as to where Gray and Erza are. As he walks out of what is now Lucy’s Bedroom into the normalized Magnolia, a fire seems to flare up in his heart as he goes forth to seek out Zeref at last.

Well well well… Natsu’s up folks. With all obstacles removed Fairy Tail can finally come head to head with the King of Magic himself. I find myself excited for once, and I like it. Next chapter we will undoubtedly see August in action again, as I think that the 521 title: “The Strongest Mage” refers to August as opposed to Zeref or Natsu.

I give this chapter an 8/10 for a fantastic pick up from the last few weeks, huge leaps in plot advancement and a fresh start for Natsu.

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Tiranofrome, Brandish, WithYouInSpirit

#1. by Nemispelled ()
Posted on Feb 4, 2017
I think you meant "absence" in the first line of your review, instead of "abstinence".

Abstinence typically refers to keeping away from contents such as sex or alcohol, while absence is probably what's in the context of your post.

As for Erza's sympathy for Irene, I actually believe that it is more realistic for Erza to not emotionally break down.

Considering Erza never knew her mother throughout her whole life, and only just met her for 20-30 minutes, it makes sense that she doesn't really share any feelings.

And considering Irene's evil actions and intentions in the past latest chapters, I don't think blood relation can really salvage the broken pieces.

I would prefer if Erza just remained the way she is now, but only time will tell to see which direction the manga will take. As of now though, I see it as a realistic scenario.
#2. by Spirit (Certified Sensei)
Posted on Feb 4, 2017
Abstinence is the practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something, typically alcohol or sex. Typically, but not soley.
#3. by Nemispelled ()
Posted on Feb 5, 2017
Well, abstinence is usually only used for bodily activities and has a specific context to it. Whether that be sex, alcohol, or food. But people don't use that word when they refer to reading a manga, since it has a different connotation to it.

So they may be confused when reading it.

Plus, from the looks of your context, it seems you meant "absence" since you said you were gonna take a break from it.

You technically didn't take abstinence from it because you did participate in the discussion of last week's chapter.

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