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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (521)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Feb 12, 2017 06:12

Fairy Tail - Chapter 521 Review by XXEliteXXAceXX

Chapter 521: "The Strongest Wizard"

Personally, I liked the chapter. It had just enough action and suspense to keep the hype going.


This week's chapter starts off with the aftermath of "Universe One" being dispelled. As it turns out, Mirajane Strauss finally takes out Jacob Lessio while Elfman and Lisanna Strauss forces Ajeel Ramal into what seems like a lost cause. With the defeat of Irene Belserion and the other Spriggans, Fairy Tail begins their last counterattack. Behind them is Fairy Tail's first master, Mavis Vermillion, who is seen commanding the remaining forces. August, being the last remaining Spriggan, starts destroying the town of Magnolia as he stands atop Kardia Cathedral. However, before realizing what happened, Gildarts Clive intervenes and stops him just in time. As the two clash evenly, Natsu Dragneel and his team leaves, making their way towards the final villain. Meanwhile, Zeref Dragneel sits in Fairy Tail's guild hall and sees a shadow approaching from the entrance. Much to his surprise, the man standing at the entrance is Gray Fullbuster. The scene ends with Gray confidently challenging Zeref to a duel, as he reveals his trump card.


I was very pleased with the development of the story in this chapter. In my opinion, it was a good chapter for the most part.

Laxus and Makarov - It was pretty nice to see Laxus care for Makarov. Not only did it add development to Laxus' character as a whole, but it proves that their grandfather-grandson relationship is still strong.

Mirajane vs. Jacob - I was a little surprised to see Mirajane struggling against Jacob who was fighting with his eyes closed. However, it should be noted Mirajane had fought in Base Form for quite a while and then used "Satan Soul" towards the end. Not to mention, Mirajane was worn out from fighting Irene's subordinates. Plus, she was weakened as she took critical damage from August in their previous encounter.

Brandish and Dimaria - Brandish being able to shrink Dimaria should be a wake-up call that "hax magic" can go either way in a fight where both opponents are ready. In other words, just because Dimaria has the ability to stop time, that doesn't guarantee her the win. I was a little disappointed though since Brandish is no longer a threat in this war. Originally, she only refrained from attacking Natsu and Lucy but now, it seems like she has given up on fighting everyone else.

E.N.D - At this point, I think E.N.D was actually the one to take down Dimaria. After all, we see a quote from Brandish saying, "I am sure it happened when she tried to kill Lucy..." which sort of hints at Natsu's transformation. I'm not sure if this is the end of E.N.D, but I hope we'll get to see a fully transformed version sometime soon.

August vs. Gildarts - Of all the Spriggan fights, this has got to be the one that I'm mostly looking forward to. Although, contrary to most people, I don't buy into August's hype. That is, I think Gildarts can take him down in a solo fight. One thing that we need to stop doing is making the same mistake of hyping the Spriggans. That will only lead to further disappointment. I'd rather low-ball the fight and expect FT to win than to put all my hopes into the fact that the Spriggans were supposed to be "dangerous".

Gray vs. Zeref - Aside from Spriggan fights, this has got to be the best fight we'll see in this arc. At least I hope so. Gray wanting to kill Zeref has always been a goal and now he has the chance. I don't know whether he can defeat the black mage or even cause damage but I just hope the fight won't be ruined. With Natsu also heading towards the FT guild hall, I'm wondering if this will be similar to the fight they had with Mard Geer. We might see a team fight from Natsu and Gray or one of them might switch sides. I highly doubt there will be a 3-way fight though.


In terms of power ranking, there were a few inconsistencies in this chapter. Regarding Elfman, Lisanna, and Ajeel, I was a very disappointed with how it turned out. Ajeel, who is supposedly one of the more aggressive Spriggans, was taken out by the Strauss siblings. Even though no magic was seemingly used throughout the fight, Ajeel losing a physical match against Elfman and Lisanna is not expected. Aside from this minor incident, I don't think the chapter was that bad.

Final Thoughts

To be honest, I wasn't quite sure who the strongest wizard was in this chapter. I believe it was August; however, Zeref did make an appearance as well. Nonetheless, it was a good chapter. Based off of next chapter's title, it seems we will finally get to see Gray's trump card. Whether it will affect Zeref or not remains to be seen. I hope we won't be disappointed though.

Looking forward to Chapter 522: Gray's Trump Card...!

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