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Demon Prince Poro's Diaries- Chapter 1 Summary

+ posted by Holt in Manga News on Feb 21, 2017 12:53
Demon Prince Poro's Diaries, written by Hitsuji Kondaira, debuted in Weekly Shounen Jump #12.

Demon Prince Poro Kurokami is ranked 1st overall in the Demon world, a place where only power matters. The Demon King is to retire in one year, and the tradition is for the Number One ranked demon to take over and become the new Demon King. For his 2000 years, Poro has constantly been challenged by numerous demons seeking to defeat him in order to boost their rank and attain the Number 1 spot. Despite his immense strength, Poro simply wishes to kick back and read, only resorting to violence in self-defense when attacked.

Poro is completely fascinated with the human world and spends his time reading and collecting items related to the human world. He is particularly interested in Nippon (Japan) and in an attempt to escape the detestable Demon World and its violence and destruction, he decides to move to Nippon. With his fancy dreams of the human world, he finally arrives at his class, but soon finds that he is rather nervous. He botches his introduction by destroying the wall by grabbing the door with too much force.

He concludes that he has made a mess and believes it's too late already. While miserable in the fact that he will need to return to the Demon World, Class 2C Student- Yuta Hitoyoshi introduces himself and offers to give Poro a tour of the city. They soon become friends and spend time visiting different places to Poro's delight. Things seem to take a bad turn when Poro bumps into Kensuke and his gang from Meian High but it is revealed that Yuta is a well-known delinquent in Tenchi City nicknamed 'Yuta the Brawler'. He is able to single-handedly take down most of the gang but when Kensuke pulls a weapon, Poro reacts and goes a bit overboard. Unknown to Poro, two demons he initially defeated in the demon world have trailed him to the human world and wish to take revenge.

After this encounter, everything seems to go well until the two demons abduct Yuta and try to use him to force Poro into submission in order to defeat him. Unfortunately for them Poro gets extremely angry that his friend was attacked and proceeds to completely defeat them, and then punches a hole in the space-time fabric before forcing them to return to the demon world. He is once again depressed that his time in the human world have come to an end due to Yuta finding out the truth about him. In stark contrast to this, Yuta doesn't react to this and decides to continue being friends regardless.

Poro is inspired by the incident and resolves to keep a record of all the good things in the human world in his dairy and in one year return to the demon world to take up the mantle of Demon King and then use his record of the Human World to effect a revolution in the Demon world.

The Art of the manga is very commendable and there are some well placed comedic scenes to keep the manga light-hearted. Lovers of this genre will feel at home with this new series.

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