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Chapter Review: Tokyo Ghoul:re (114)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Feb 26, 2017 07:26

Tokyo Ghoul:re 114 Review by WithYouInSpirit

Chapter Title: “Dear”

[WARNING: If you are easily disturbed by sexual or mentally disturbing themes and images I suggest you don’t read this review.]

As many would or should know, Tokyo Ghoul is a rather confronting manga. It is always either assaulting us readers with unbelievable sights or taboo topics. While I can say with honesty that I am rarely disturbed by anything I read or see anymore, this chapter was very impactful. Some of this week’s highlights are as follows:

  • The flashback to the time when Tooru met Sasaki
  • Tooru’s confession of love for Kaneki/Sasaki
  • The mutilation of Uta’s body
  • Tooru attempting to make love to the false Sasaki
  • Kuro and Takizawa vs Amon
  • Takizawa’s new Kakuja

The chapter opens with a flashback to the time when the Quinx Squad met with Haise Sasaki for the first time. It turns out that Haise was also a part time instructor at the CCG’s Academy, a fact previously unknown to us which is interesting. While attempting to shake his hand, Haise is turned down when Tooru refuses to touch him. The flashback then moves on through their daily interactions at the Chateau, and even at :re where Haise cries at the taste of Touka’s Coffee. As Sasaki gets comfort from Touka, Tooru is having an inner battle as her heart beats wildly. She doesn’t know what the feeling of Jealousy is. In her mind she imagines Touka being sliced up into unrecognizable pieces.

Yet another piece of the past is now know to us. I love the way in which Ishida always subtly fills in the gaps of events far gone in the past that can still be relevant to the current story. Tokyo Ghoul as a whole and all the things that transpire within are all connected by a hidden intricate network. Mutsuki and Sasaki’s relationship has always been even more tragic than I thought and it almost makes me sad. They both deserve peace but I doubt that kind of miracle will ever come into their lives… More than anything I think Kaneki as he is now, and Haise if that persona were still around would both be repelled by Tooru’s actions. Speaking of which, that brings us into the next part of the chapter.

Tooru has pinned Uta down but the slippery Clown Troupe ghoul No Face has put on yet another false face. This time, that of Haise Sasaki to try and throw Mutsuki off of his tail. Only… this elicits a very different response as to the one he must have foreseen…. As Uta (As Haise) tells Tooru to let him free, she agrees and proceeds to stab him in the throat. This is so that he would “never leave her again”. She then proceeds to confess her love to Sasaki while mutilating Uta’s body over and over again before admitting she’s a woman and removing her clothes, attempting to make love to it.

Okay…… If you’re still able to keep reading after that you should come discuss it in the chapter thread I’m really curious as to what people think of this. Any hopes of a Mutsuki x Urie ship has just bitten the dust. With the sheer insanity that she’s just displayed, I don’t think she even has any chance of a happy ending anymore. She’ll need to be put down in the end, like a rabid dog…

The chapter moves back over the Lab side where Takizawa and Kuro are battling Amon, who’s beserk Kakuja looks just like Kuzen’s. He is easily dominating the pair of SS Rated Ghouls and things are looking bad after Kuro is badly injured. Hoever Takizawa steps up to the plate and actives his new Kakuja, in a more sane and stable from than back in the Auction arc. Ending the chapter with him telling Amon that he would “Paint the walls with him”.

Takizawa has always been a bit of a hit and miss character for me in :re but damn I must say he’s gotten a lot better at fighting since he regained his sanity of sorts, and while his new Kakuja is a little confusing (I can’t see or find where his head is), I love the design. I feel like he has the upper hand over Amon now. That is, until those pesky V Agents arrive.

I rate this chapter 8/10. Solid. Nothing amazing, but wow was it a shocker.

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