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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (525)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Mar 7, 2017 06:02

Fairy Tail - Chapter 525 Review by XXEliteXXAceXX

Chapter 525: "Why Was His Majesty's Child Not Loved?"

It was somewhat of an underwhelming chapter. The content was okay, but the writing could have been better.


This week's chapter starts off with the battle between Gildarts Clive and August. Once again, Gildarts initiates the attack, telling August that he would have the worst experience of his life if he were to harm his daughter. But to no surprise, August blocks the attack and slams him into the ground. In a second attempt, Gildarts lunges towards him but this time, he is hit by a magic spell. Cana Alberona, who was watching from a distance, decides to protect her father by using card magic but August easily dodges it. Looking at his opponents, he asks, "Why was his majesty's child not loved?". Then the scene changes. As Larcade Dragneel makes his way towards the guild, Zeref Dragneel and Natsu Dragneel continue fighting. It wasn't long before Mavis Vermillion's voice was heard to which she informs Gray Fullbuster and Lucy Heartfilia of her plan. Following her orders, Gray and Lucy leaves; however, Larcade suddenly appears. The next page shows a brief flashback of the events that happened in X697. While conducting his research, Precht Gaebolg (Hades) finds life in Mavis' body and is faced with the decision on whether he should let it live or let it die. The chapter ends, back in present time, with Zeref putting a hole through Larcade's body and telling him not to intervene in their fight.


The chapter had its positives and negatives but nothing really exciting happened.

Gildarts and Cana vs. August - The fight itself was decent. However, I feel like it could move a little faster considering not much has happened in the past few chapters regarding these fights. So far, this match seems promising since August is holding his own against Gildarts, proving that he is truly the strongest Spriggan. I just hope that this hype will be consistent in the upcoming chapters.

Natsu vs. Zeref - The progress of this fight seems to be building up. I like how we're getting more action from both Natsu and Zeref. But one thing that caught my attention was Mavis' words. What did she mean about Natsu's fate being dependent on everybody else? Also, why did she order Gray and Lucy to leave, knowing that Natsu is fighting one of the strongest mages alive? Power scaling wise, it doesn't make sense for Base Natsu to keep up with Zeref or for Zeref to disperse Natsu's attack when he could just tank it. But since neither side is serious, I won't put too much emphasis on this.

Hades Finding "Life" Inside Mavis - I have to admit, this one caught me by surprise. Part of it is because this was never foreshadowed. But even so, I am curious as to how this connects to the story. What was Precht's decision? Was the "life" inside Mavis referring to Larcade? If so, was Mavis alive herself? And how did Fairy Heart consist of so much power?


I really only have one major criticism for this chapter.

"Why Was His Majesty's Child Not Loved?" - I particularly did not like the title of this chapter mainly because it felt a bit redundant. Usually, the title of a chapter is explained by the events that happened in it. However, this one seemed a little less obvious. Not to mention, it really ruined August as a character. Anyways, I feel like the answer to this question will be revealed in later chapters.

Larcade's Character - This isn't really a criticism. I'm just disappointed by him as a character. He was defeated and brought back just to be defeated again. Aside from that, I'm fine with what happened.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I thought it was an average chapter. Nothing really happened as it was mostly a set-up for future chapters. For now, I will reserve my judgement and wait until more things get cleared up. With that said, I'm genuinely interested as to how it will play out.

Looking forward to Chapter 526: My name is...!

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