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New Prince of Tennis Fan League II S4 - Round 2 Coverage

+ posted by Kaoz in Site News on Mar 14, 2017 09:18

Inoue (I): Welcome, tennis enthusiasts. This is Mamoru Inoue from Monthly Pro Tennis and today we are covering the Winter Cup second round matches. Joining me is the captain of the Excalibur team, Michiru Fukushi.

Fuksuhi (F): Good evening, Mr. Inoue.

I: Michiru, you are in the unusual position of being team captain without being registered as a player. Before we start with the match analysis, could you fill us in on how it came to that?

F: You see, the truth is that Coach Phil already approached me before the draft started and let me know that he couldn't think of anyone better-suited than me to captain his team. But unfortunately I broke my right leg and have been unable to play since.

I: Your right leg? Why is only your left leg bandaged then?

F: Did I say right? I meant left of course, haha. Yes, my left leg is broken. A-anyway, shouldn't we start talking about the matches?

I: Indeed we should. Let's first take a look at the match of your team versus the Spying Pirates then.

F: An overwhelming victory if I may say so myself.

I: The 3-0 set score would certainly indicate as much, but we can't forget that the other side rested their top players whereas you went all-out.

F: Please, Mr. Inoue! The result would've been the exact same regardless!

I: You seem quite confident about that, but aren't you underestimating the Pirates a bit? They have high-class players like Byoudouin and Ryoga Echizen after all.

F: Granted, those two aren't bad. But they can't hold a candle to our Camus and we would just win the first three matches regardless!

I: But what if Sea mixes up their positions the way he has done in the past?

F: W-well, in that case... we still... uh... ah, my sincerest apologies Mr. Inoue, but I have a horrible stomachache all of a sudden - if you'll excuse me for a few minutes!

I: He's quite fast with that broken leg of his...

???: How foolish.

I: Who was... oh, Seiichi! What brings you here?

Yukimura (Y): Does it matter? I will be filling in while our "captain" is absent.

I: V-very well, that's fine by me. Do you agree with his take on your match against Sea then?

Y: No, it's clear that we used more power than necessary. But in the end we won and they lost which brings us one step closer to the championship.

I: R-right. Well then, what about the second match of the day, Kaz's Gentlemen of Integrity defeated Anera's W.E.I.R.D.O.S. in some exciting matches with---

Y: Exciting? Excitement has no place in tennis.

I: N-now, now, Seiichi. T-three of the matches went to a tiebreak and t-to mount a comeback after being down 0-2 is s-surely---

Y: Only you would think so. It's obvious that Kaz only sacrificed the first two matches to break Anera's spirit.

I: ?!

Y: You seem shocked by this fact. Just look at Anera's post-match interview if you don't believe me. She already has no fight left in her.

I: [W-what is this?! I want to object, but my voice won't come out...!]

Y: In short, Kaz has done the rest of us a favor by effectively eliminating a team in only the 2nd round.

Y: Now for a short commerical.

I: [His mouth is moving, but I can't hear anything anymore?! Is it time for the commercial break? I-I have to get a hold of myself, otherwise...]

Faced with an overwhelming opponent? Don't hide yourself in the closest bathroom, switch to Kaz Company's new racket, the Super P2X. Keep returning your opponent's shots with innovative pong technology until they lose any will to continue. Netplay recommended.

Kaz Company is the official sponsor of the Winter Cup.

I: [S-such a devastating product... I don't want to watch anymore...]

Y: This is Seiichi Yukimura, continuing with the coverage of the Winter Cup. In the third match of round 2, German Precision Enginnering faced the Tennis Fighters from SPACE. Unlike in round 1, Hard relied on his data specialists to crush Coach Think. That boy sealed their victory, so he must be in a good mood. That won't change anything for our match with him in the next round though.

Y: In the final match of this round, Hawk beat Friss' team. Even Tezuka got defeated by that German pro, so we can't underestimate Hawk this season. He will have problems next round though since his top players need to rest whereas his upcoming opponent still has a lot of firepower - that's our chance to take the lead.

Y: That's all for today. If he has recovered by then, Mr. Inoue will be back next week to talk about round 3. If you want to waste time on his useless reports even before then, you can follow him on twitter @Samurai_inoue.

Boy, if you're watching don't even think about running away.

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