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New Prince of Tennis Fan League II S4 - Round 3 Coverage

+ posted by Kaoz in Site News on Mar 23, 2017 09:10

Yanagi (Y): Good evening to the coverage of this year's Winter Cup. This is I, Renji Yanagi...

Inui (I): ...and Sadaharu Inui...

Y: ..."filling in for Mr. Inoue who called in sick", is what Sadaharu is going to say.

I: ...filling in for Mr. Inoue who called in sick. The probability that his absence is connected to last round's coverage is 87%.

Y: Today we are not only discussing the results of round 3, but also which transfers took place during the trading period.

I: Given that this is a 900 second program, we have used up 41 seconds on the introduction and the commercial break is 30 seconds long...

Y: ...we can spend an average of 103.625 seconds to talk about each of the four matches and four transfers to finish punctually.

I: Let's not lose any time then. The first match of the round was between teams Excalibur and German Precision Engineering. Despite his boasting before the match, Coach Phil ended up throwing the round.

Y: In a post-match interview, Coach Hard commented that he had predicted Phil's bluff, but in the end he used most of his better players anyway. Still, I am happy that Akaya could have a good match as a result.

I: Since Hard faces our team next, this development was advantageous for us. There is a 19% chance we are going to win as a result of Shiraishi being unable to play.

Y: At the same time the Excalibur top players will all be well-rested for their upcoming match against Kaz's GoI, who have taken the lead in the league after their narrow win over Hawk's Synchro team.

I: Despite going the distance, Kaz's victory was ultimately inevitable since Hawk couldn't draw on any players capable of competing with Kaz's singles line-up.

Y: Still, unlike Coach Phil, Kaz needs to rest several of his players in the next round, including his newly signed star player Franz Becker.

I: Since he only needs one more win to essentially guarantee himself the points required to advance, it would be in Kaz's best interest to hold his best team back against Team Excalibur.

Y: However, "I won't let anyone tarnish my perfect record without a fight", is what Kaz would say.

I: There's still more to this match though. In exchange for letting go of Leopold Camus, who ended up at the W.E.I.R.D.O.S., Phil has acquired two of Kaz's former players in Zeus Irioporos and Kanata Irie.

Y: The probability that this is going to be a heated battle...

I: ...is 99%. We will be able to gather lots of data.

Y: Now, please enjoy this 30 second commercial.

Ever wanted to sport the same outfit as your favorite pro. As a limited offer, Kaz Company is now selling gear from Jürgen Borisovich Volk and Johann Amadeus! Caps, shirts, rackets and much more - get yours before we're sold out!

Kaz Company is the official sponsor of the Winter Cup.

I: What an unusually normal product. That said, welcome back to the Winter Cup coverage.

Y: Still sitting in for Mr. Inoue, we will continue with the match between Coaches Anera and Think.

I: Both teams were hungry for their first win of the season.

Y: Despite that Coach Anera decided to hold back her no. 3, Duke Watanabe, and put her trust into team captain Becker instead.

I: However, Becker was unable to best Spain's Medanore. Had Watanabe played, their chances of victory would've increased by 83%, so Anera must be fuming right now.

Y: It remains to be seen if the W.E.I.R.D.O.S. can make a comeback with Camus as their new captain in the remaining four rounds.

I: Coach Think on the other hand will want to build on this success and start a winning streak against Hawk's Synchro team.

Y: Hawk's top players are all rested again, so Think will have to challenge him with his strongest line-up to stand a chance.

Y: The final match of this round was between our team and Coach Friss' freshly renamed Sharks. You had a good match against their captain in doubles, Sadaharu.

I: We played evenly with them at first, but were unable to prevail in the end. But Omagari, Ryoga and Byodoin tuned the tides into our favor.

Y: In other words, the matches developed exactly as we had predicted.

I: Like we mentioned earlier, our next opponent is Coach Hard.

Y: He has a number of data players on his team as well, so it will probably turn into an intelligence battle.

I: But with you, professor, Akuto, Kimijima and myself, we will surely prevail in the end!

Y: Well said, doctor. We have also acquired the former All-Japan No. 4, Motoshi Kiritani, during the trading period. Since we were unable to gather precise data on him, he will surely give us an advantage.

I: The Gentlemen of Integrity are in first place after this round.

Y: Following them, Coaches Hard, Hawk, Phil and Sea are fighting for the remaining playoff spots.

I: The Sharks, W.E.I.R.D.O.S. and Tennis Fighters from SPACE are trailing behind, but they still have a chance to qualify if the second half of the group league goes well for them.

Y: "We can't let our guard down", is what Kunimitsu Tezuka would say.

I: And with that, we have reached the end of the program. After the concluding section, exactly 900 seconds will have passed. Just as we predicted.

Y: Let's finish up then. For more Winter Cup coverage, you can follow Mr. Inoue on twitter @Samurai_inoue.

I: And there is a 91% chance he will be back here next week.

Y: With that, this has been I, Renji Yanagi, and... hm? My cellphone? Yes, Akuto? You have gained information that Mr. Inoue has caught the flu and want us to help you prepare a special medicinal juice? We're going to head back right away.

I: Wh-what?! He couldn't come because of a common flu?! That's inconceivable!!

Y: ...Also, this phone call was outside of my expectations. Now we will finish 3.4 seconds late.

I: We can't allow that!! Quick, end the program, we are skipping the outro!! Goodbye!!

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