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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (530)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Apr 9, 2017 19:44

Fairy Tail - Chapter 530 Review by Nemispelled


X777 - Capital City of Crocus
  • The chapter starts with ordinary civilians staring at a lunar eclipse, with some noting that it looks weird and creepy
  • Kid Princess Hisui stands on the Mercurius' palace walls and notes 5 shooting stars in the sky, which are headed upwards
  • A nearby guard states that those stars are odd because shooting stars usually fall instead of rise
  • At the Eclipse Gate, Layla opens the doors of time with her Celestial Spirit Magic, while being accompanied by the King of Fiore, Toma E. Fiore
  • Anna emerges and questions the absence of 5 children, to which Toma replies that they must've crashed through the ceiling upon exiting the gate
  • Anna reveals that she and the 5 children were from 400 years in the past and travelled through time with a specific, but secret agenda
  • Layla explains that it was her family line's duty to open the Eclipse Gate since a book was passed down through generations for that purpose
  • Anna tells Layla that she wrote that book for her descendants since the current world was overflowing with magic power compared to the past

Christina Ship and Acnologia
  • Anna and Ichiya reveal their plan to destroy Acnologia, which involves "The Ravines of Time"
  • Due to the opening of the Eclipse Gate in X777, time was slightly distorted, which created a ravine of "nothingness"
  • Nobody can live or exist inside "The Ravines of Time", and that even includes someone as powerful as Acnologia
  • Throughout the past several years, "The Ravines of Time" was intentionally hidden by Anna herself
  • The plan to defeat Acnologia involves using the airship Christina to take a detour around "The Ravines of Time" and wait behind it
  • Acnologia, who should be following the ship at that point, would be caught inside "The Ravines of Time" and disappear

Gray, Lucy, Happy, and the Book of END
  • Lucy calms down from her sadness and worry while sitting with Gray and Happy on a bench in Magnolia
  • Lucy tells Gray she doesn't want to hear him talk about destroying the Book of END anymore
  • Gray replies that he doesn't have any intention in doing so at this point, stating that he had no idea END and Natsu were the same person before
  • Happy suggests that they should open the book, but Gray remembers Zeref's statement about his desire never being fulfilled as long as Natsu is around
  • Choosing to ignore it, Gray agrees with Lucy and Happy to open the Book of END

Zeref vs. Natsu
  • Zeref and Natsu continue fighting at the guild hall
  • Zeref states that E.N.D. has betrayed him because the demon has failed to kill him, up to this point.
  • Zeref reveals his plan to reset time through Neo Eclipse, which requires two keys; the first being Mavis and the second being "The Ravines of Time"
  • Zeref wants to turn back time to the point where Natsu was still a human and before Zeref became immortal himself
  • He attacks Natsu with a black wave of magic, which seemingly causes rips and tears in Natsu's body
  • Natsu responds that they've been working too hard in the current world to let all their efforts go to waste

Chapter's Conclusion

It's such a disappointment, but I am no longer expecting anything from Acnologia from this point forth. He can pull off any miracle he wants, but he will no longer return to my list of favorite characters.

As I previously suspected last chapter, he spent several panels chasing after a fodder ship like Christina. Not only is that preposterous in my opinion, but it is just plainly unacceptable.

There is no excuse for that ridiculous amount of effort; therefore, I have lost all expectations from him and he will be officially dropped.

The rest of the chapter was beyond unfortunate, which is why this chapter deserved a score of 0. From the whole Eclipse Gate deal to Zeref's real intentions, nothing even triggered an ounce of excitement.

Starting with Anna and Layla's moment, the entire event was incredibly unrealistic. The fact that Toma E. Fiore was present during that whole situation, but never mentioned anything about it in GMG just shows how much of an asspull it was.

The storyline at this point is completely filled with plotholes... I don't know why everybody has kept their mouth shut about something so important before, but as of the recent chapter, it is apparent that many characters have just started to reveal these crucial events for pure convenience.

Acnologia was made too powerful to begin with and the storyline is being forcibly rushed to an absurd level.

It's obvious why nothing makes sense..

Creating a three-way war between Natsu, Zeref, and Acnologia should never have even existed in the first place. The power gaps between those three fighters are drastically far apart.

It's no doubt irritating at the very least, but the way I see it, it's practically an impossible feat to satisfy that kind of three-way war without being illogical.

It's a real shame, but the plot has to be accepted the way it currently is...

As for Zeref vs. Natsu, I have no opinion towards it. I'll wait to see where their battle heads, but the Neo Eclipse deal along with "The Ravines of Time" plot have really set a disappointing atmosphere for it.

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