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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (535)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on May 15, 2017 06:52

Fairy Tail - Chapter 535 Review by nemispelled

Gray, Lucy, Happy, and the Book of END
  • The chapter starts with Lucy experiencing a sudden increase in body temperature after attempting to partially rewrite the Book of END
  • Lucy notes that something is burning inside her body, with Gray and Happy suggesting that it could be Natsu's demonic flame
  • Happy and Lucy come up with an idea to "rewrite the demon inside Natsu" with Lucy's new magical power
  • Happy continues to be worried about Lucy's condition as she is heating up, but Lucy replies that she is fine
  • Gray kneels down beside Lucy and summons an ice storm around her (to keep her cool)
  • Gray tells Lucy that they should go and save Natsu, to which Lucy happily agrees

FH Zeref vs. Natsu
  • Natsu gets back on his feet and stares angrily at FH Zeref, who is just steps away from the door leading to "The Ravines of Time"
  • Zeref is surprised to see the wounds on Natsu's body slowly healing and questions the location of the Book of END
  • Zeref assumes that somebody else is in possession of the Book and has already rewritten the demonic letters inside it to save Natsu
  • Zeref also notes that whoever changes the letters inside the Book of END will eventually become corrupted and fall into darkness
  • Natsu realizes that he heard Makarov's voice when he was consumed by darkness and regrets his actions
  • Last, Natsu explains to Zeref that the "thought of fighting for Fairy Tail" will be the guild's final and greatest power

Jellal vs. Acnologia
  • Jellal continues to charge against Acnologia with Meteor, much to Erza's worry and disapproval
  • Acnologia is struck by Jellal, but proceeds to eat the magic from Jellal's attack
  • Jellal is alarmed that magic is being sucked from his body and Erza desperately yells at him to abort the mission
  • Jellal continues to try to push Acnologia into the timelapse because he wants to protect Erza
  • Everybody inside the airship, Christina, braces for crash landing as it plummets into the ground
  • Dragon Acnologia finally catches Jellal in his claws and threatens to crush Jellal's body, much to Erza's horror
  • Dragon Acnologia tightens his claws, causing Jellal to scream and cough up blood

  • Natsu punches Zeref several times in the face and Zeref questions how long Natsu intends to stand in his way
  • Natsu replies that he doesn't plan to quit until the guild is safe, which angers Zeref
  • Zeref responds with a strike to Natsu's stomach, creating a large gash, while replying that he will never allow that to happen
  • Natsu claims that Zeref does not know the suffering of the guild since he has only paid attention to himself
  • Natsu powers up by using the power of the guild to strengthen his flames
  • Zeref powers up by mixing his curse, anger, sorrow, and darkness to amplify his attacks
  • Natsu and Zeref clash, creating a shockwave that will likely dissipate the losing side

[sizeptpt=4]Chapter's Conclusion

After 4-5 chapters of not reviewing (due to the poorly written and disastrous nature of previous chapters), I can finally bring myself to make another review.

To start off, this chapter began relatively fine. Lucy suffering from the effects of the Book of END was cool to see, mostly due to the design and artwork of the panels. It was interesting the way the demonic link was drawn.

I enjoyed the part where Lucy felt a burning sensation inside her body since it showed how Natsu's demonic flame was affecting her internally. Not to mention, Gray and Happy's support for Lucy was good to see.

Gray summoning the ice storm to help Lucy cool down was another panel that I wished to see more of, instead of the constant dramatic scenes.

Natsu vs. FH Zeref was not a bad part either.

As always, the most enjoyable aspect there would be the fight and artwork of each spell. Natsu's flames seem to match Zeref's attacks evenly, which is a good sign for the FT guild.

Natsu thinking through this arc's events and his actions while being consumed by darkness was quite surprising and honorable on his character, no doubt.

I also like how he mentioned Makarov, to show the impact of the master's sacrifice.

The clash at the end of the chapter didn't really add much suspense, but at least it showed that the plot is progressing and moving forwards. I would have preferred for the outcome to be determined this chapter, but I suppose waiting a few more chapters won't hurt.

The only annoying part of this scene was the fact that Zeref still could not make up his mind and decide whether he should walk through the Door leading to the "Ravines of Time".

But I knew he wouldn't do it anyways, so it didn't necessarily come as a surprise to me.

Him being a few steps away from the door didn't really add much to the plot either, but again, that was expected.

Last part of the chapter was Acnologia vs. Jellal.

To be honest, I really couldn't care less what happens in this section of the battle. Erza being all dramatic was nothing new and quite disappointing.

Christina finally crashing into the ground was nice to see, but a bit late for that.

And Acnologia crushing Jellal between his claws was, again, cool to see, but far too late to be redeemed...

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