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Game Review: SpeedRunners on Humble Bundle

+ posted by njt in Game News on May 18, 2017 07:13

SpeedRunners is a 2-D hyper-action side-scroller game produced and created by DoubleDutch Games and published by tinyBuild Games. The goal is a need for speed! If you're fast enough, why not try to test your game against the fastest runners in this universe!! Do you have what it takes to keep up?

Choose from a variety of characters from male to female to even fire-born bred alike, whatever your flavor of speed is of the day. The variety of stages are as difficult to compute as much a college exam but once it's been decided it's time to put your dukes up and game with best! SpeedRunners delves into its unique gameplay of obstacles that can impede from your destination, cool tricks and an array of gadgets that help you get to your destination, all the while knocking off your adversaries as winner takes all. The controls, you create what's best for you! If you want to shoot a grappling hook with the ease of pressing a key with your pinky or you want to use a speed boost with your right index finger the power of control is in your very hands!

Gameplay: The world of SpeedRunners allows you to jump right into fast-paced racing battles where you compete and survive to be the first one get to the goal. The controls, as stated above, allow you to maneuver which key is for jumping and which key is for using an item. If you fall behind the screen? It's game over! Get the itch for a need for speed!

Graphics: If not the tensity of the races that gets your blood pumping, then the graphics might do the trick. SpeedRunners has a clean 2-D look that gives you the older vibes of our classic side-scrolling RPGs, but with a futuristic tone. The blend of vibrant colors from the contenders isn't too shabby as well.

Sound: SpeedRunners' music and sound effects gives the gamer beat-by-beat of what currently transpires in the game, for example if you jump and slip you'll get the corresponding effects; SpeedRunners' collection of music simplicity is top-notch.

Entertainment: Mixing all these components, from the vibrant coloring of the uniquely designed characters to the surplus wacky contraptions to seal your opponents' fates to the beautiful collection music effects, the game has one the best replay values I've came across on Steam. Truly engaging once you get a hang of the controls.
In conclusion, for non-competitive and competitive people, for the slowest of the century or the fastest of the millennium, SpeedRunners has a little something for all parties involve!

Score: 9.1

Get it on HumbleBundle (A portion goes to MH for your support <3)

Review by Doughboy

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