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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (540)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Jun 21, 2017 11:24

Fairy Tail - Chapter 540 Review by XXEliteXXAceXX

Chapter 540: "Harmony"

The chapter was alright. It mostly served the purpose of building up hype for next chapter.


This week's chapter starts off with Acnologia trapping the 7 dragon slayers in the Ravines of Time, all of whom are encased in a crystal with the exception of Natsu Dragneel. He confronts Natsu and reveals his true goal which is to exterminate every single dragon. Meanwhile, back in the real world, Acnologia is seen heading towards Magnolia. Not too long after his departure, Anna Heartfilia and Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki were released from the Timelapse. Once freed, Anna realized that Acnologia has lost the ability to control his overwhelming power. As a result, his body and soul have split with the former being in Magnolia and the latter being in the Ravines of Time. Furthermore, she explains that Acnologia needs the dragon slayers in order to stabilize his own magic power and maintain "harmony". Upon hearing this, Mest teleports Erza to inform Lucy and Gray that Natsu is alive. Together, they met up with Makarov and the rest of the guilds. The ending of the chapter shows Natsu encased in a crystal as well but because everyone there had heard the voice of their friends, they were able to break out. Finally, the showdown has begun.


Not going to lie, there were high points and low points in this chapter.

"Harmony" - I'm still not exactly sure what is meant by this idea of "balance". Why would circulating the dragon slayers' magic power in the Ravines of Time stabilize Acnologia's magic power? It kind of makes sense that the power to slay dragons would cancel out with Acnologia's power since he is a dragon, but I'm still not quite satisfied with this interpretation.

Acnologia - With every chapter going by, it seems Acnologia is growing even stronger. The fact that he is immune to magic already makes him unbeatable. But now that he has time-space magic, I'm really curious how he will be defeated.

Dragon Acnologia vs Magnolia's Guilds - From what I understood, Acnologia is fighting on two different fronts. It seems everyone will have a chance to shine in this last battle. I am definitely looking forward to this fight.

Human Acnologia vs. 7 Dragon Slayers - Again, as long as there is teamwork involved and the outcome of this fight is reasonable, I will be pleased with everything that has led up to the ending of this series.


The problem with this chapter were really the usual problems we get in Fairy Tail.

Anna and Ichiya - It seems they are in fact alive. Not really too thrilled about this since they are minor characters but at this point, I really don't feel any emotions anyways.

Dragon Slayers Breaking Free from the Crystals - Nakama power at its finest... I don't see how they were able to hear their friends' voices. The two dimensions aren't even connected... Although, I'll let this one pass since it did allow an opportunity for the dragon slayers to fight alongside one another.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the chapter had a lot of potential. It was underwhelming but decent enough. Based on the title of the next chapter, it seems like we'll finally dive into the real battles. I think the main question everyone has right now is: Can Fairy Tail really end on a good note? I hope so.

Looking forward to Chapter 541: Magic of Hope!

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