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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail (543)

+ posted by Kaoz in Site News on Jul 8, 2017 16:19

Fairy Tail - Chapter 539 Review by XXEliteXXAceXX

Chapter 543: "Hearts Connected"

The chapter was disappointing to say the least. However, I liked the nostalgic feeling and the flashbacks that were implemented into the story.


This week's chapter starts off with a moment of hopelessness as the ships were set ablaze in the port of Hargeon. Realizing what had happened, Gray Fullbuster decides to make an ice ship with the help of Lyon Vastia and Juvia Lockser. Meanwhile, everyone gathers in preparation for Fairy Sphere as Erza Scarlet and Mirajane Strauss lure in Acnologia. From afar, Lucy Heartfilia is also seen traveling at high speeds; however, she notices her surroundings and suddenly remembers that this was the place where she met Natsu Dragneel. Trying not to lose hope, she continues with the plan and finally arrives to help.

Switching back to the Ravines of Time, Acnologia is seen standing above the other dragon slayers after defeating them. He tells them that he wishes to eliminate every single dragon, but Natsu gets up and laughs at it. The two begin arguing about the nature of dragons when Acnologia suddenly blows up and reveals that everyone he loved was killed by them. Seeing the irony, Natsu retaliates as Wendy Marvell enchants all the dragon slayers' magic power into him.

Towards the end of the chapter, Erza is seen using every single one of her weapons to knock Acnologia from the sky and onto the ship. As the guild casts Fairy Sphere, the battle seemingly enters its final stage.


Although the logic wasn't there, a feeling of resolution did seem to have an impact on me.

Fairy Sphere - Although I wasn't fond of this magic back when it was used in the Tenrou Arc (because I saw it as a plot device), I do see a purpose behind it now. The part that really got to me was when Sherria wasn't included but then invited by Carla moments later. It's interesting how the idea of the One Magic influences this. I think seeing Fairy Sphere for the second time really adds some significance to it as well. I'm still not sure if this plan will happen or work though. Wouldn't the spell trap them inside with Acnologia? Or could it be placed at a different location?

Plan to Defeat Acnologia - Contrary to popular opinion, I was mostly satisfied with how this was done. Acnologia is already overpowered as it is. The only way I see him being defeated is by taking advantage of every single weakness he has. Some may view motion sickness as a plot device, but at least it makes sense.

Lucy's Flashback - Easily the best part of the chapter, in my opinion. To think that the series had come a full circle by starting and ending at the same place (Hargeon) was very special. It gave me memories of Fairy Tail's beginning and a lot has changed since then...


Pretty much the same old problems again.

Dragon Slayers - When I read how all the dragon slayers transferred their magic to Natsu, I was a little frustrated. This isn't really the teamwork I was expecting. And to make matters worse, it seems Wendy's enchantment powers is slightly inconsistent. The whole scene seemed out of character for me.

Erza knocking down Acnologia - This wasn't as bad, but I would have preferred an alternative scenario. To think that mere swords can push Acnologia is a little absurd. I mean a titan, ship, or meteor is understandable, but tiny swords? Brandish playing a part in this would've made it better.

Acnologia's Backstory - I have not watched Dragon Cry yet so this may be a little ignorant on my part. But I agree with others that Acnologia's reason for destroying humanity is a little contradicting. His hate for dragons is justified. But for worldwide destruction? I feel this is the same with Zeref as well...

Final Thoughts

Overall, the chapter wasn't great because of the way things were executed. I admit there were parts I liked but it wasn't enough to compensate for all the parts I disliked. Next chapter seems to be the end of Acnologia and all I can hope for now is the epilogue to tie things together.

Looking forward to Chapter 544: You're the King!

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#1. by GB (The OMO King)
Posted on Jul 9, 2017
nobody fucking cares

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