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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest (7)

+ posted by XXEliteXXAceXX in Manga Reviews on Sep 8, 2018 18:22

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest - Chapter 7 Review by Nemispelled


Team Natsu vs. Kyria and Madmorl

  • Kyria asks Natsu & Lucy if they are also going after the Water Dragon God, to which Natsu answers with a "maybe".
  • The vague answer from Natsu angers Kyria and prompts her to attack Natsu with a long-range cutting technique
  • Natsu attempts to retaliate by using a fire spell, but the flames quickly disappear because they are underwater
  • Lucy, who is in her Aquarius Star Dress form, combines her power along with Aquarius' residual power to cast Aqua Metria, aiming it in Kyria's direction
  • Much to Lucy's surprise, Kyria instantly cuts through Aqua Metria and proceeds to slice off Lucy's clothes
  • Lucy changes back into Virgo's swimsuit form while Kyria dashes towards Lucy, but she is "cut short" by Gray freezing her in a crystal made of ice
  • Kashima is surprised to see that the prisoner (Kyria) had escaped and that Team Natsu was still roaming the village
  • He asks Gray where they had been hiding, to which Gray indirectly explains that they had been fooling him the entire time with a transformation spell
  • Kashima laments the death of the Lord Water God's Servant (the serpent), and comments that the Water Dragon God will be furious to see his servant killed
  • Kyria, who had been listening in on their conversation, suddenly breaks out of the ice as Gray loses his clothes due to his stripping habit
  • A shocked Gray blames Kyria for cutting off his clothes, but Kyria responds by saying that she definitely did not cut that
  • Erza appears above Kyria and attempts to slice her with her sword, but is blocked by Madmorl's head, who is a Dragon Eater known as The Armor Dragon
  • Kyria insists that she could have handled Erza, but Madmorl explains that "Skarion" has called upon her to return

The Water Dragon God's Entrance

  • All of a sudden, the sea of water around the group begins to gravitate upwards towards a levitating figure, who resembles a human being
  • Kashima exclaims that it is the Lord Water Dragon as a massive whirlpool surrounds them
  • The group is shocked by the Water Dragon God's sudden appearance as the Water Dragon God himself notes that "his sea seems quite stormy today"
  • Natsu is surprised and mentions that the Water Dragon God is a human

Chapter's Conclusion

Another chapter with a perfect score.

Like the preceding chapter, this one also showcases a lot of suspense as new characters are being introduced - most notably, Madmorl, Skarion, and the Water Dragon God.

I enjoyed the fact that Kyria is revealed to be a Blade Dragon Eater and Madmorl is the Armor Dragon Eater. To me, it would seem that they could make a formidable duo, if they worked together. I wouldn't be surprised if they are even somehow related, like a brother and a sister.

Aside from all the humor in this chapter, it was nice to see that the water serpent was actually the Water Dragon God's servant. That was an interesting twist to the plot and it makes a lot of sense since worshipers usually don't see their own "god". Offerings are usually given to Gods through their subordinates.

My only question is whether the WDG Servant was the female human that we saw several chapters back.

And as usual, the Water Dragon God seems to be unaffected by all the commotion, which means he has good control over his emotions. I expect nothing less from someone as powerful as him, who has to keep their anger in check in order to avoid unleashing mass destruction.

The last thing that I'm curious about in this chapter is the identity of Skarion (mentioned by Madmorl). He seems to hold some sort of leader-type position and is most likely a Dragon Eater as well from the guild Diabolos.

My guess is that he is either Diabolos' guild master or a strong Dragon Eater who commands a certain group within the guild.

~ Nemispelled

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