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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (102)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Sep 9, 2018 07:12

Yakusoku no Neverland - Chapter 102 Review by Seraph


A typical demonic everyday scene
  • The Chapter starts in a Demon inhabited Town, a Marketplace, and some of the Demon Citizen's are discussing a recent attack on a Plantation called "Bayon's Mass Production Plant 2".
  • One of the Demon Citizens mentions that the recent number of thefts on Mass Production Plants has been increasing, as the other Citizen hears this he wonders why they would attack Mass Production Plants as the attackers seem to only be satisfied by High-Quality Meat. The Former replies that this is due to their fear of the security that the High-Quality Plantations possess, he goes on to say that the attackers most likely stole from the Mass Production Plants as a means of venting their anger on the Bayon Family which he labelled as a Noble Family. The latter voices dismay over the Bayon Family's fate as Lord Bayon has "vanished" for a Year.
  • It's September 2047,1 Year and 7 Months have passed since the Destruction of the Hunting Ground "Goldy Pond".
  • The Conversation continues with one of the Citizens mentioning they really want to taste High-Quality Meat at least once someday,a Demon Child visits one of the stands and orders "Meat". The Products sold on the Demon Market are bottled up Human-Limbs and Organs such as Heads, Legs,Thighs, Arms and Feet.
  • One of the Citizens wonders if the Escapees from Grace Field are still on the Run to which the other replies that they've been a topic for people for 2 Years and that they've been dead for "Ages".

The Walking Dead
  • The Scene shifts to the Shelter Watchroom, Nat and Sonia observe the Outside of the Shelter and give the "Ok!" for Oliver and 2 other Kids to go Hunting.
  • At the same time, we're reminded that the Escape from Grace Field has been 1 Year and 8 Months ago subsequently mentioning that all of the Kids are in fact alive contrary to the Demon's Beliefs.
  • The Kids expanded on their amount of Crop Fields to give them the option of staying inside sometimes instead of Hunting daily, brief interruption as the Kids mention that they always make sure to stay Hidden and alert as well as that they're protecting the Shelter.
  • Due to the Kids maintaining awareness of their surroundings and precausions the Ratri-Clan has a hard time finding them.
  • The Kids supporters have still not contacted them,regardless they're keeping watch on the Phone. They're still trying to find out about the "Seven Walls" as well.

A recount of Events
  • A Flashback to July 2046 occurs, approximately 4 Months after the kids set out for Cuvitidala. After they returned from Cuvitidala they start looking for the Temple-like building that Emma saw as well as the Golden Water.
  • Ray wanders through the Library of the shelter and starts looking for a book with a description of where the Temple could be,at the same time Gilda converses with 2 of the Kids about clues they've found.
  • Ray orders Mark, Alicia and another child to get a few books which he believes to have information on the Golden Water out of one of the shelves, however he does so in a very detailed and specific manner prompting Nigel to point out that Grace Field is scary as the former 3 attend to their given task.
  • As the kids complete the search for the books, Ray starts his research immediatly with Emma and Don agreeing to his suggestions of narrowing down the Location of the Temple based on it's shape versus the topography and cultures they've encountered to that point in time.
  • Half a Month passed and the kids set out to explore the Eastern Side for clues. It took 7 Months to conclude their journey back and forth however the only information they aquired was that the entire Eastern Side was ruled out.
  • Right as they return they decide to set for the Western Side, they've marked 7 possible Locations for the Golden Water and 3 possible locations for The Temple. Each of the 3 locations for the Temple are Demon Towns.

Back to the Present
  • The Group of Emma, Ray, Don, Violet, Gilda and Zack have camouflaged themselves as Demon Citizens and are now passing through a Town.
  • Their disguises cover Demon-like Clothing as well as Masks, their clothing covers everything from the Head down to their feet, nothing about them stands out.
  • They pass the 2 Demon Children from the beginning of the chapter and see that they're carrying a Bottle of Hands, the one carrying the Bottle lifts it up and points out that this is more of the Mass Produced Stuff. He also mentions that he hasn't seen much less eaten any of the High-Quality Meat and wonders how much better it must taste.
  • As he finishes, the other Demon Child notices that one of the people passing them has weird feet as the clothing covering their feet lifted briefly. He does so in a rather loud volume though easily alerting the Undercover "Demons".
  • They quickly vanish from the Street and rush through some back alleys and finally out of the Town.
  • Heading to a close by Forest they take off their disguises and point out that this was a close call from being found out, Gilda immediatly scolds Don as it seems to have been his way of walking that gave them away and while she does so Zack tells her that it's nothing to be worried about subsequently Emma and Ray praise the Grand Valley Kids for their great job on the Masks and incense they gave them for this Trip with Ray pointing out the amount of First Hand Research on the Demons they have to create such real disguises is scary.
  • Emma and Co. returned to the shelter and after greeting another and confirming everyone's safety she announces proudly that they found the location of both the Temple and the Golden Water.

Personal Thoughts

I'd give this Chapter a Rating of 8 out of 10.

This Chapter was pretty good,i wasn't exactly sure what to think about the previous TPN Chapters as they sort of felt underwhelming and didn't really give me much development for the Story itself as they either just skipped mention worthy amounts of time with no switch of scene or any explanation on what occured during the trips or simply cut off at parts where i personally would have liked to get more focus on such as Andrew visiting Phil.

We may have gotten another Timeskip, even more time had passed than in previous skips, but we at least got a for me proper recount of what has happened during the passed time or at least mostly what they've been up to.
Ray leading the research and narrowing down the possible locations of the Water and the Temple was as usual nice to see,he has proper intellect and finesse for these things and i think that makes him one of the stand outs in most chapters as he doesn't need much advice or help as he knows many things on his own or just reads himself into the subject he has an interest in. That makes him quite an accomplished character, given his age and background.

Not just that but we got back to the current happenings as well, short but enough to show us the struggles they've taken onto themselves just to prove their research right and to reach their Bigger Goal of going to the Human World together.

I was impressed by the On-Point disguises made by the Grand Valley Kids,they fit in just nicely in the Demon crowds and if not for the Clothing lifting up briefly they had not been noticed it seems.

I always have a hard time making a good guess as to what happens next with TPN, I say it goes right and it goes left, which doesn't mean it went a bad direction for me not at all quite the contrary infact as it usually surprises me with not following down one road but walking on the other as well.

I'd say we can expect Emma and Co. to tell Yuugo and the others about their Journey and possibly what the Temple means for the Demons and where exactly the Golden Water lies and comes into play as well, I mean it's the obvious thing to do after on travels Non-Stop for their Plan. They just have to bring the others into the Picture of things.

I could also see a Switch of Scene to the Ratri-Clan and how they haven't managed to find the Kids after all this time, which would also mean we'd get a glimpse of Norman after all the time that has passed and see how he's been doing and if he has changed after being with Peter for such an amount of Time.

~ Seraph

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