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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (103)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Sep 17, 2018 18:40

Yakusoku no Neverland - Chapter 103 Review by Emperor Spriggan

This week's chapter starts with an owl being spotted. In the context of the story, the owl is used as the royal sigil of House Minerva. But in real world applications, in some cultures an owl is often looked upon as a bad omen. An omen of death to be exact. Does that mean something grim is about to happen in the chapter? Let's read on and see.

The scene then shifts to Emma and the other kids in the bunker. She tells them about their adventures, and how upon their third try they successfully managed to find the temple that Emma saw in her vision in Cuvitidala. We get an amusing snippet of Gilda hugging Emma in glee while both of them are still in their demon disguises, while in the background Violet tells them to calm down and Ray wonders whether they've succeeded completely. As the kids head up the stairs, they spot someone already there clad in a black cloak, feeding some birds. My guess? It's probably the same person we saw at the end of Chapter 98 who told the kids to remain safe till he meets up with them. The only outlier for me would be that the cloak colors are different. He doesn't try to make contact with them, which is weird all things considered. Could he be a watchman of sorts to the entrance of the temple?

Ray and the other kids realize the entrances to the temple are all sealed off via bars. But they can still manage to see what's inside the building. There's a statue of a feminine demon holding someone in her arms, a portrait that has flowers around it and a stone that has drawings of demons on it. In the middle of the portrait, Ray notices the eye which they also saw at Cuvitidala and which Musica's amulet is shaped after. Violet draws the group's attention to something she notices. It's a carving of a female demon seated in a crouched position. Above the demon is the eye again, and all around it there seem to be food offerings. The whole setting itself seems to hold some religious significance to it, something which makes Emma wonder whether it's the leader of the demons, He Who's Name Cannot be Spelled. Ray looks upward to the sky and notices that there's a day and night painting in the sky. In another section of the building, they find a painting of the golden waters. And in yet another section of the building, they find a painting of demons, much like the stone slab they first saw when they got there. The paintings in the sky all seem to connect, something which makes Emma figure out something. She thanks the kids and says all of this would not be possible without their help, and then tells them the key to finding the place with day and night is golden water. But just before she can divulge more details, something terrible happens.

Pepe suddenly rushes into the vicinity from the control room and tells everyone to run since the enemy is just outside. This eerily connects to the beginning of the chapter with the sighting of the owl, and the bad omen comes to happen. The entrance to the bunker is blown off its hinges, and.....it's Andrew on the other side! Does this mean Phil finally caved in and confessed where the other kids were? Or is this a red herring and Andrew is there to help? Personally, I want it to be the second one, mostly because it would be unexpected. I had expected the bunker to be attacked as Emma, Ray, Don and Gilda went to Cuvitidala the first time round, but having it attacked as all of them are there? Certainly an unexpected development. What will happen next?

Final chapter rating-7.5/10

Overall, this was a pretty decent chapter. We received more information about the demon world of Neverland, and we're almost about to find out how the kids can get to the place of Day and Night in order to redo the promise. The real meat of the chapter of course, was the cliffhanger with Andrew raiding the bunker. It was a place that was supposed to offer security, so there are a billion questions about how he managed to get there.

I expect there to be some sacrifices next chapter, in the form of decoys. Possibly Yugo and Lucas, who sacrifice themselves in order to allow the kids to escape. But after seeing how the Goldy Pond arc concluded, it's possible everyone might be safe and sound once this assault is over. I do hope we learn more about what happened to Phil, and that he hasn't been befallen by anything grim.

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