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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (104)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Sep 24, 2018 17:05

Yakusoku no Neverland - Chapter 104 Review by Seraph


The Ratri Clan's Invasion of the Shelter!
  • The Chapter starts with Pepe entering the Room where Emma was just about to finish explaining to the others what they've found out about the Golden Water and the connection to the Temple,he alerts them that they're under Enemy attack!
  • Meanwhile on the Outside we can see a Soldier detonating a set of Explosives,simultaneously a blast occurs at what seems to be the Entrance to the Shelters Hallway.
  • Andrew gives the Signal for the Soldiers to move in and dispose of the inhabitants.
    The Kids after being alarmed by Pepe immediately started hiding in a Secret Room whose Entrance is hid by a Piano in front of it,the Room is filled with Guns of various calibers and Types.
  • Emma makes sure if everyone managed to get safely into the Room,Gilda reassures Emma by telling her that she counted the Kids present and that out of the 61 People that are residing in the Shelter only Rossi and Lucas are not with them at the current time.
  • 2 of the Kids while visibly scared realize that their Enemy is in fact Human and the Ratri Clan has come for them,as they do so Zack wonders how they could've found the Shelters Location without them realizing about it. Pepe showing Frustration over not having been able to spot them earlier reveals that they appeared all of a Sudden from the Darkness and that despite him observing their surroundings carefully.
  • As Ray internally wonders how the Ratri Clan might've slipped past their surveillance,Oliver tells Pepe to calm down and asks him how many Enemies there are with the latter telling him that there are 8 men in total. Yuugo starts sweating at the mere thought of having 8 armed men to deal with.
  • Pepe goes on reveal that Rossi went with Lucas because he was worried about the latter's bad leg and is currently with him in the other Secret Room that has their Phone for contacting their Allies in it. He goes on to say that as long as both remain in that Room they won't be found by the Ratri Clan.

The Resolve to leave
  • The Soldiers continue their search of the Children,they checked their Bedrooms,Kitchen and the Surveillance-Room.
  • Andrew concludes that not a single Person is inside the Shelter and wonders if the Kids could've noticed them coming and ran away beforehand,as he inspects a tea pot he notes that it is still warm. Shortly after he calls on a Soldier waiting on the Shelter's Entrance and questions him about any movements on the Surface which he negates.
  • He concludes that they were around until just a short time ago and that they're still inside the Shelter,hiding from them.
  • Ray notes that even if they hide it is only a matter of Time until they're found out,as he does Rossi asks Lucas what they should do next.
  • Emma tells everyone to run away from the Shelter as the Enemy is aware of their current Location,Yuugo supports her Statement by saying that given their Enemy Numbers the Ratri-Clan must be well informed about the Shelter.
  • Hearing this,some of the Kids express their Sadness over leaving their Home,Nat shows concern over them losing their only means to contact their Allies with.
  • Yuugo says that Surviving this situation is more important and that they've prepared for an Emergency like this,they've hid and prepared Supplies to bring with them in case they have to leave and they also hid Weapons in every Room. This gets confirmed as the previously unarmed Lucas hands Rossi a gun for self-defense in the other Room.
    a short Flashback occurs in which Yuugo tells the Children where the Escape Route is,as he does so he opens a hidden Door for them and tells them the number of Entrances in and out of the Shelter.
  • There are 3 Entrances to the Shelter,including the Original Entrance they've always used,Yuugo refers to the other 2 as "Emergency Exits". 2 of the Kids climb into a small entrance created by lifting out a Panel in the Wall.
  • Yuugo goes on to reveal that there are 7 ways leading to the Emergency Exits:

    1. From the back of the Armory.
    2. The North Hallway.
    3. The Monitor Room.
    4. The Archive Room.
    5. The Bath Room.
    6. The South Hallway.
    7. The Secret Room with the Phone in it.

When the Cattle strikes back!
  • As Lucas and Rossi enter one of the Hidden Tunnels,Emma and Co. mention that the Enemy made the Mistake of invading at Night since it is going to provide them the perfect cover. Don thinks to himself that they'll try to get to the Tunnels that Sonju was using before,whereas Ray notes that it is going to take them an entire Day of walking just to get back to the Forest.
  • Emma counts their losses and mentions that as long as they remain alive they'll manage to reach their goal one way or another,but survival is absolute priority.
  • The Group around Emma enters another one of the Tunnels,hoping to reach the Outside.
  • Andrew conducts another Status-Check this time it's the Soldier inside the Monitor Room that has to answer his call,the Children switched the Cameras from Real Time to another Mode and now the Monitors seem to only display "dummy" images. However,the Soldier is already at getting Real Time Footage back running. What the Soldier does not know is that Lucas and Rossi were eavesdropping on him giving a report to Andrew.
  • Andrew orders the Soldier as soon as Real Time Footage is back up and he can observe the current happenings outside he shall report to him immediately if one of the Children appears on the Monitors.
  • Lucas realized that the Soldier knows about the Dummies and that once they're taken down he'll be able to spot all their Friends while leaving the Shelter. Lucas makes up his mind,he has to take the Soldier in charge of the Room down quickly before he completes taking down the "Dummy" Images. He tells Rossi to stay hidden and that he'll take care of it.
  • Lucas sneaks up on the Soldier and jumps on his back,subduing his movements with his legs and starts to choke him until he loses consciousness. He tells Rossi to stay hidden and that he's going to break all the Monitors so they have no way of observing the Outside anymore. Before he does so he picks up the Soldiers radio and as he listens to it he shows shock.
  • Rossi starts running through the Tunnel,he wants to reach Emma and Co. Another flashback occurs in which Lucas tells Rossi to catch up to the group and warn them,the Message he heard previously was Andrew ordering the Soldiers to fortify all the Exits. As the Flashback ends Rossi wonders how the Enemy could've known about the Emergency Exits and that he has to let the others know before it's too late.

Chapter Rating
I'd rate this Chapter a 9 out of 10.

Before giving my rating I factored in what this chapter delivered to me as a Reader and what it contributes to the story, Character Interactions as well as Characterization.

Personal Thought's

This Chapter was great,one of the best since we've left Grace Field i might just say. It had you feel the tension and dramatic of the Situation the Children are in,it's nice to see when the Author can draw their Reader in like that in my Opinion.

I liked Yuugo and Lucas in this Chapter quite much they showed off their maturity and clear-headedness in face of an Emergency such as this,Lucas taking down the Soldier was rather unexpected from me but still definitely impressive given his missing arm and bad leg.

Yuugo leading and worrying about their safety was nice too,ever since they got back from Goldy Pond he has undergone quite the change and not for the worse i think. I actually find him much better with this kind and caring attitude than before,it suits him.

I do wonder how Andrew found the shelter and what exactly he learned from interrogating Phil,i think they knew about the Weakness of the Shelters because they fell for the dummy shelters that were set up by Minerva before. They most likely had the same Equipment and after multiple times encountering them they probably came up with some Strategy to counter the surveillance. And that might be how they knew about the Emergency Exits too.

The Kids having prepared for a Situation such as this one was impressive actually,i expected them to have met some precautions would've been disappointed if they had been caught by surprise just like this.

I'm definitely curious what the next Chapter will show us, I expect Rossi to not make it in time actually and the Kids running straight into Andrew's arms.

It doesn't seem likely but i can't see the Kids just get out of this Situation without any harm to themselves,i also wonder if Andrew uses Phil's Safety to pressure them into giving into his demands (If he has any).

~ Seraph

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