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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest (9)

+ posted by XXEliteXXAceXX in Manga Reviews on Oct 8, 2018 00:15

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest - Chapter 9 Review by Nemispelled


Blue Pegasus & Jellal on the whereabouts of Touka

  • Jellal stops by the guild, Blue Pegasus, and is met by Ichiya, the Trimens, Jenny Realight, and Master Bob
  • After exchanging some greetings, Jellal informs them that he is searching for a girl and shows them a picture of Touka
  • Jellal tells them that he doesn't plan on staying long if they don't have any leads or information on Touka
  • The members of Blue Pegasus states that they haven't seen her, mentioning that they wouldn't forget such an attractive face, and tells Jellal that she is definitely not one of their customers
  • When Ichiya asks who the girl is, Jellal tells them to not worry about it, but warns them to stay away from her should they ever happen to cross paths

Gajeel, Juvia, & Pantherlily spying on Touka

  • Gajeel, Juvia, and Pantherlily notices that Touka is heading for the outskirts of Magnolia and states that it is very suspicious
  • Levy catches the group spying on Touka and tells them to stop following "their friends", implying that Touka is part of the guild's family
  • Gajeel retorts by saying that he'll decide if Touka is worthy of being their ally once he finishes his investigation to determine whether she has a clean record or not
  • Gajeel also mentions that he received worse treatment when he tried to join the Fairy Tail guild, but Levy reminds him that he used to be an evil person
  • Pantherlily tries to defuse the situation by telling them both to stop fighting with one another, but both tell him to shut up
  • Levy gives up on trying to convince them and walks away, while Gajeel yells for her to get lost since she is getting in the way of his deductions
  • Gajeel then tells Juvia and Pantherlily that he wants to make sure Touka is clean, otherwise she could put Levy in danger
  • Gajeel mentions that he would never let anybody hurt Levy, but Pantherlily reminds him that he had just hurt her emotionally

Touka at Natsu & Happy's house and Levy catching a Gajeel/Juvia moment

  • Touka fangirls in front of Natsu and Happy's house, pretending that she is a wife coming home to her family
  • She then hugs the sign in front of Natsu and Happy's house and calls it precious, prompting Gajeel to tell Juvia that Touka reminds him of someone, which pisses Juvia off
  • Gajeel, Juvia and Pantherlily then notices that she returns to town, goes shopping, and heads for the residential district where she lives alone in a house across from Lucy's residence
  • Touka then strips to take a bath while Gajeel and Juvia are spying on her through a window
  • Juvia tries to cover Gajeel eyes, but Gajeel tries to wrestle free from her, stating that he needs to observe the situation for his deductions, which causes them both to fall from the window and onto the pavement, with Gajeel pinning Juvia to the ground
  • Levy happens to see Gajeel hovering over Juvia on the ground, which gives her the wrong conclusions
  • Gajeel tries to explain to Levy that the entire scene was a misunderstanding while Juvia attempts to convince Levy that she only has love for Gray
  • Levy turns away to leave, telling them to do whatever they wish, but mutters the word "dummy"

The Water God Dragon's Palace

  • The Water God tells Team Natsu that someone has stolen his dragon powers, and that he must regain those powers before he dies
  • Gray questions if the Water Dragon God is referring to the Dragon Eaters, but the Water God replies that the Dragon Eaters are unaware that he has lost his powers
  • The Water Dragon God then states that if his powers were ever misused, it would cause a calamity
  • The Water God also mentions that the person who stole his power is known as "The White Mage", which seems to be opposite to Zeref's title, "The Black Wizard"
  • The Water Dragon God tells Team Natsu that he must regain his powers to turn Elmina back to the city that it once was
  • All of a sudden, the palace starts to fill with ash, and the Water God yells at Caramille to stay back and for everyone to evacuate the palace
  • The Dragon Eaters appear (Skarion, Madmorl, and Kyria), and they tell the group that they managed to overhear their conversation
  • Skarion states that the Dragon Eaters are planning to eat "The White Mage Woman", to steal the Water Dragon God's powers, but Natsu refuses and tells them that his team will give the powers back to the Water God

Touka's Identity Revealed

  • At the guild, Mermaid Heel, Jellal shows Kagura a photo of Touka
  • Kagura tells Jellal that the female wizard recently joined the Fairy Tail guild, and that she recognizes Touka through her last visit to Magnolia
  • Jellal is alarmed by the fact that Touka is at the Fairy Tail guild, which prompts Kagura to ask him who Touka is
  • It is revealed that Touka might be just as dangerous as Zeref -- a grand witch that has lived for over 100 years, and known as "The White Mage"

Chapter's Conclusion

A pretty decent chapter.

My outlook on this chapter wasn't as positive as the previous ones, mostly because I was a little disappointed about how Touka's character turned out to be. As I've stated in the past, I really wanted the 100 Years Quest to be as disconnected as possible from Zeref and Acnologia.

From the looks of this chapter, it seems that Touka is being compared to Zeref, which somewhat lowered my expectations. What is worse is that she is hinted as "the opposite of Zeref", which reminds me a lot of Mavis. I really hope that her character has no resemblance or similarity to either Zeref or Mavis since neither of them impressed me in the last arc.

Because of this, the "surprising factors/revelations" and "suspense" categories lost some points. The rest earned full points though.

As always, I found the plot with Team Natsu, the Water Dragon God, and the Dragon Eaters to be fairly interesting.

Once again, I have my highest expectations in Skarion, who I think has the greatest potential in the sequel to be a well-written character. The other Dragon Eaters are also unique in their own right, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the guild Diabolos is really made of.

It's also nice to see that the 100 Years Quest isn't just about killing Acnologia-tiered dragons after all. If sealing the Water God means giving him back his power to restore Elmina to its previous state, then I'm all game for that.

On a side note, I'm glad to see more side characters from the other guilds in Ishgar. So far, I'm quite impressed with the sequel, as it seems to highly resemble the original elements of Fairy Tail.

~ Nemispelled

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