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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (106)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Oct 8, 2018 16:40

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 106 Review by Seraph


We have to survive at all Costs!...Easier said than done...

  • The Chapter starts with Emma and the Kids running through one of the Emergency Tunnels,simultaneously Andrew and one of his men observe the Entrance in front of them,
  • Andrew while seemingly nervous starts tapping with his Fingers again,while thinking to himself he reveals that one of his men informed him about the Number of Targets within the Shelter to be around 60 People which said Soldier found out by counting the amount of Toothbrushes in the Bathroom.
  • Andrew expected the Target Count to be around 60 People as the Grace Field Kids have teamed up with the Kids kept at Goldy Pond,he starts wondering how the Kids were able to evacuate so quickly despite their Surprise Attack at Night.
    He also wonders how the Kids found out about the Seven Walls,he ponders if not one of the Supporters or James Ratri aka William Minerva informed them about it.
  • He continues to wonder while looking at a Bullet that was stuck in his Armor from the previous exchange with the Kids,where and how they got their Weapons. He notes that the Weapons at the Shelter differ from the Weapons they've found at Goldy Pond.
  • He concludes his train of thought by pondering if there are Rooms in the Shelter that weren't on the Blueprints they've aquired,he also notes that the Information that the Supporters were protecting from them isn't perfect and thanks to that their Plan is being hindered now. He calls out to his Soldiers on Standby.
  • Switch of Scene to the Kids,Ray thinks to himself that if they allow the Enemies to surround them and reach their Current Location it is going be over for them as they'll be annihilated immediatly. He notes that the only way for them to get out of this is to take down all of the Invaders as they would only end up chasing them down if they made it out of the Shelter.
  • Ray hesitates for a moment as he reminds himself that their Enemies are Humans this time,he notes that including himself there aren't many within their Ranks that could actually go through with killing a Human being. Yuugo notes that if they don't do it,the Situation will get out of hand very quickly.
  • Nigel and Gillian note that their Enemy has the Advantage in Equipment and Mobility as they can't move quickly with their numbers,Emma ponders how they can get out of this Situation without having anyone else dying on them. Right as she finishes her train of thought,Oliver comes running from behind with Rossi by his side.

    The Getaway!

  • The out of breath and just arrived Rossi tells Emma and Co. about Lucas Position and his recent moves,he informs them that Lucas took down an Enemy Soldier and broke the Monitors and is planning to meet them later on. He hands over the Soldiers Radio that Lucas gave him previously and continues to inform the others about the Enemies next Move.
  • While Rossi was running to reach his Friends,he heard how Andrew informed the Soldiers that the Kids are retreating East from the First Emergency Exit. He continues to alert the "Surface-Team" to keep their eyes on the 2nd Emergency Exit and that the Soldiers positioned in the North and South Corridors as well as the West Central End should start moving. He orders all available Units to surround their Enemies.
  • After hearing Rossi's Report,Ray concludes what the Enemies Current Positions are.
  • As everyone makes out a way for them to escape Ray praises Rossi for a job well done and that this Information is a huge help for them.
  • Emma explains their next Move,if the only Enemy closing in on them from the Front is the Soldier in the North Corridor they can make it through a certain Pathway which by extension would ruin the Enemies Plan of surrounding them in the Tunnels.
  • Oliver wonders why the Enemy would have a gap like that in their Formation but right as he does so Rossi cuts in and tells him that Lucas is actually making sure that the Enemy doesn't discover the Secret Room with the Phone as well as the Armory below the Dining Room. Emma asks Rossi about Lucas current Position,the latter replies that after breaking the Monitors he was going to make his way to the Regular Exit and open it.
  • The Kids make up their mind,before the Enemy notices them they'll run through the armory and leave using the Regular Exit. Paula and Oliver went ahead to help Lucas and as they do so the Enemy starts searching the Tunnels as noted by Ray.

    Yuugo and Lucas: Adults in Action!

  • Lucas sneaks up once more behind a Soldier,this time it's a Member of the "Surface-Team",he takes him out with a clean shot to the head.
  • After taking the Soldier in the Monitor Room out Lucas put his Armor and Equipment on as Protection for himself,he opens the Regular Exit for the others.
  • Emma and Co. make their way out of the Shelter,a brief celebration over the feat accomplished follows. Some of the younger Children run towards Lucas and hug him,as they do Lucas calls out to Yuugo.
  • Yuugo questions if everybody made it out,and continues saying that if they did then they should all run away right this instant.
  • As some of the Kids wonder about his intentions Yuugo responds by saying that he and Lucas will stay behind to deal with the remaining 6 Soldiers,so nobody follows them while they run away from the Shelter and once they're done they'll catch up to them.
  • Ray,Gillian and Nigel protest against this and ask to be taken along,which Lucas and Yuugo forbid by saying that they should go on ahead without them and that that's final.
  • Yuugo recalls Ray pondering about who else but him and a few others would be able to kill fellow Humans,as he finishes he kneels down to the corpse of the previously killed Soldier and takes his Gasmask from him. As he does he tells them that there is no need for Kids to carry a burden like that and they should leave it to the Grown Ups while jokingly reminding them that only 2 Adults could fill in the 2 Empty Spots within the Enemy Ranks as the Kids won't fit into their Armor and Equipment. Lucas chuckles in the background.
  • As Emma tries to express concern over their safety Yuugo replies that this is the best decision they can make in this Situation,he reassures her that they'll catch up as soon as they can and that they should take the recently wounded Christy to a safe place and rest for a bit.
  • After they separate,Yuugo and Lucas who climbed back down note how Nostalgic this Shelter is for them and that it is the best place to become their final resting spot.

    Chapter Rating
    I'd rate this Chapter a 7.5 out of 10.

    Before giving my rating I factored in what this chapter delivered to me as a Reader and what it contributes to the story, Character Interactions as well as Characterization.

    Personal Thoughts

    I liked this Chapter,infact i'm liking the recent TPN Chapters a lot because they gave me this Atmosphere and Vibe of the time they left and escaped Grace Field back to be honest.
    We have Action,Nice Dialogues between the Protagonists,you can actually feel the stakes at hand and how serious this situation is for them.

    Lucas has continued to impress and surprise me,not only does he manage to subdue a trained Soldier with only 1 Arm he also manages to accurately aim and shoot with only 1 Arm despite most high Calibre Guns having a certain recoil to them when you fire them with 1 hand. It seems nonsensical in Reality but in a Fantasy Story you have to give him Credit for it,seeing someone do things you wouldn't dream of in Reality or don't think possible in the first place just has an impact on you.

    Yuugo has also done a fantastic Job at leading and protecting the Kids while in the tunnels,Emma and Ray were pretty good as well in this Chapter.
    Emma has been surprising me lately as well,actually ever since they first reached the Shelter she has continued to get better and better. She is doing what i'd expect and want from a MC in a Story like TPN,she took initiative and provided quick deductions of multiple Situations so far. She hasn't fallen into the common Shounen-MC trope by having her act like a total baboon or just outright dumb sometimes for me.

    I'm torn on Yuugo and Lucas staying behind,it is a Wise decision don't get me wrong but it is also a risky one as the Kids don't exactly have an experienced Leader around anymore and the younger Kids needing someone to look up to or feel safe with other than Emma and Ray.

    I wonder if they'll actually die here but with the recent developments and current Situation as well as their ending Words it seems likely,Emma said they know where they have to go and how they can meet the demon lord to forge a new Promise as well so i guess this will be their destination next. If they can make a new Promise that assures everyone's safety they can go and get the Kids from the other Plantations and also get Norman back from Peter Ratri. So it would seem logical to me.

    I think Lucas and Yuugo plan on taking out as many Soldiers as they can,but they'll most likely end up overwhelmed by their Enemies Forces and resort to using the Detonator for the Shelter and take them all down with them. As the Explosion occurs,Emma and Co. will look back and be shocked by it and afterwards break down crying. I could see this happen next,or at least i hope the Author focuses on Lucas and Yuugo and doesn't just follow the Kids leaving us wondering about their Fate.

    ~ Seraph

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