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Heads up: VIZ streams Naruto Shippuden free @ Naruto.com!

+ posted by njt in Anime News on Apr 9, 2009 07:48

Just a heads up, VIZ media is doing a simulcast of Naruto Shippuden 103 at Naruto.com on April 9th (North America only though ^^; )!

What this means is, you'll be watching the same episode that has aired the same day in Japan with official subtitles!

If you're not exactly caught up to date with Naruto, you can check out the previous episodes while there too!

If you'd rather watch the previous episodes at other sites you can check them out at Hulu or Joost (US & Canada) who are both partners with VIZ.

Just in case you don't know who Viz media is, they are the company responsible for getting fansubbed anime a legal portal. What do you guys think of the way VIZ is listening to fans and allowing them to get access to content like this?

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0 members and 1 guests have thanked njt for this news
#1. by Monz ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
Pretty sweet... I don't watch anime anymore I just read manga... but I guess it's a good way for all those Narutards to get their fix lol
#2. by Bastille ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
It's definitely a fine leap towards making the world a better place for the English educated anime fan, though I'd much rather Viz get their head out of their ass and focus on pushing out the more obscure content they have sitting around and doing nothing with while the fans of it can only sit there and send e-mails regarding yet receive no response... Come on Viz, do something with your Shakugan no Shana light novel license already. It's almost 2 years now and nothing.

Putting that aside, it is like I said a fine effort, and will certainly stop quite a lot of the fansub downloading because the average Naruto viewer will latch onto the quickest sub of it that is available without regard to quality, and if it is being a simulcast, then you can't get any better than that really so it is quite the effective move by Viz. It's overall effects regarding the business aspects of everything though remains to be seen. Maybe they're hoping for getting some nice ad revenue out of it or something since they'll also be including the commercial break in the simulcast.
#3. by Feanor ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
I guess it's a nice thing of VIZ to do. But I don't really like streams, I like to have something on my hard-drive. So I hope, fansubbers will still continue to do their job and release the series for us the normal way.
#4. by Raffulus ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
Damn!!^^ Not my region... :(
#5. by pr0master ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
Me 2!
#6. by pr0master ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
Me 2!
#7. by den_lim ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
What about us who don't live in the great US of A?
#8. by slove ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
I tried crunchyroll but the quality was very poor until the end and they don't have enough subs for me to want to subscribe for nearly what I pay for 'The Anime Network' as a cable channel where I get 70 chapters a month (but a lot of repeats over the years) for $8/mo. HuLu's quality on Viz is just awful.
#9. by Alterno ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
Good one from Viz media... I really like their spanish dubs, is excellent and reflect pretty well the characters...
#10. by bezna4alo ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
ammm cruncy roll releases this for free also for every one exept france and japan,
and if you pay 6 bux per month you can see episode 104 as well.
#11. by HisshouBuraiKen ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
If you don't live in north america there are still ways to see it. This is the internet people!

Of course if Viz REALLY listened to fans they'd have hired Dattebayo to handle this endeavor XD
#12. by fosskers ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
It shows VIZ has finally caved to the inevitability of data access via the internet. At least by streaming it themselves then can ensure a safe fan-base under their wings as a company.
#13. by blai (Corporate)
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
I kinda wish i lived in the states now... for once...
#14. by njt (Last Boss ♪~( ̄。 ̄))
Posted on Apr 9, 2009

Seems like they are showing 103 as well :p (I mean how can they show 104 when it's not out in japan yet even :p
#15. by bezna4alo ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
njt, 103 and 104 was a duble episode,or some other recent episode was a double. crunchy roll was messing around cuz one week they didnt give any episodes, but now if you are a member you can watch 103 and 104.


and crunchy roll has been subbing naruto offcially for a while, there was a thread here on MH actually.


well 104 is out, its allready on torrents. (ppl rip it right out of cruncy roll its called horrible subs :S [the ppl would comment on the horrible subs site, "WOW this subs are amazing! etc etc crunchy roll sucks" :S ])


i just controlled my self one week and didnt get it from torrents, and now i just legaly watch it weekly, even if its last weeks episode. Its all good.
#16. by anonym9191 ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
The idea is good.

Only problem is that it only works in the US.

Yes: With some effort you might get it to work but even then there might be a problem with the transferspeed in the end.
#17. by Tsuchikage ()
Posted on Apr 9, 2009
@ Feanor
that's why you use downloading software that allows you to download it to your hard disk, altho albeit, the quality usually isn't great
#18. by Feanor ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
I know that. That's what I do, although I havent seen a shippuuden ep in a long time. So that's what I'd do when I want them.
What I'm saying is that I hope this step won't stop people from fansubbing. Because if they stop because of this, it's not as easy to download anymore.
#19. by promfret ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
Bah... where can the rest of the world see it then? Not everybody is from N.A.....
#20. by Toschu ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
Hotspot Shield ...
#21. by bezna4alo ()
Posted on Apr 10, 2009
"Bah... where can the rest of the world see it then? Not everybody is from N.A..."

"The idea is good.Only problem is that it only works in the US.
Yes: With some effort you might get it to work but even then there might be a problem with the transferspeed in the end. "

look at post #10 and # 16
#22. by Patouri ()
Posted on Apr 12, 2009
It's a pity, this won't be avaible in Brazil.
#23. by Cooper ()
Posted on Apr 13, 2009
Fuck streams/Viz, fansubs ftw! It always was, is and I hope will be.

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