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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (107)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Oct 16, 2018 16:33

Yakusoku no Neverland Chapter 107 Review by Emperor Spriggan

The chapter begins with a brief reminder of the cliffhanger last week, where Yuugo and Lucas parted ways with the kids. The cover chapter of the manga also features the two adults, and underneath them is one of the dead invaders. Perhaps a foreshadowing that Lucas and Yuugo will emerge victorious? Let's read on and see.

Lucas and Yuugo are walking in the shelter, and break out into a bout of nostalgia as they reminisce about the first days they discovered the shelter.There's a short flashback where we see young Yuugo and one of his old crew finally finding the place. The kids all seem happy, and at the end of the flashback we have Yuugo realizing how everything that has happened till now is the fault of the Ratri clan. Starting from Minerva's murder and ending with the hunting park. He thinks about his dead comrades once again, and a girl named Diana before promising to avenge them all. Lucas, as if seeming to read his thoughts tells Yuugo that they will destroy all the enemies in the bunker.

Yuugo remarks on how this isn't a bad way to die for the two of them, but before that the enemies must die. Because if they fail to stop them here, they will go after the kids next.

The scene then cuts to Andrew and one person walking behind him. He uses his communicator to contact the guys in the above rooms, but gets no reply. The person behind him decides to go ahead and check what was the matter. The monitor room is found to be empty. Before he can go back and regroup with Andrew, the door closes behind him and Yuugo ambushes him. Andrew then asks through his communicator what happened to the guy who went ahead, before Yuugo picks up on the other side. He proceeds to address all the invaders in the shelter informing them that three of their comrades are already dead. His parting shot is that everyone else there will also die, and taunts Andrew and company to come at them and see how hard they can bite.

Andrew looks pensive for a moment, before instructing his men to switch frequencies so as not to get interfered with. He then deduces that Yuugo is probably a distraction, to keep them away from the kids, something which of course means that the kids managed to escape. That changes nothing however. They would deal with the ones inside first before pursuing the escapee kids. He offers some more instructions to his men, before finalizing them by saying they would take out everyone together. His men affirm to this positively.

Lucas realizes there are 5 people remaining. He then shoots around haphazardly in one of the corridors of the shelter, clearly using himself as bait to draw the enemies there. Andrew realizes that this is an obvious trap, and warns his men to be on stand by to wait for his arrival. One of the vanguard responds, but just behind him stands Yuugo who quickly dispatches of him. Andrew manages to get there in time to find a retreating Yuugo who he shoots at. None of the shots hit their mark, even one that was designated as a head shot. Yuugo manages to regroup with Lucas. Lucas fires at Andrew and one of his comrades, then the scene cuts to a flashback again.

There's a small girl seen with Yugo and Lucas this time, asking them if they were fighting again. The two boys then play together and work on teamwork, reminiscent to how Ray and Norman were in the chapters after Krone's introduction. Lucas watches Diana and tries to approach her, but he sees Yuugo blushing as he looks at her. He then tells his dark haired friend to man up and confess to her, but Yuugo turns that on him and tells him he's one to talk. Again, reminiscent of how Norman loves Emma, except this time the 'Emma' of the past is adored by two men. A book drops to the ground and the kids in Yuugo's shelter plan to escape. Another parallel to how Emma and her friends plotted to escape from Grace Field in the beginning of the story. Just then, the flashback ends and Yuugo delivers a killing blow to another of the enemies. He thinks back to how many times they have fought in the past, all the enemies they have encountered before emotionally declaring that him and Lucas's lives were not the play toys of the Ratri Clan.

The chapter ends with Lucas and Yuugo finally coming face to face with Andrew. The man in glasses seems shocked at how well the two are doing, wondering to himself how they are this good despite being mere cattle.

Overall, this was a pretty solid chapter. Both emotion wise and action wise. It was really remarkable to see Yuugo's resolve the entire chapter. From wanting to die last chapter to finding his will to live and fight on, ironically this was much like Ray's character development earlier in the story. The part about Diana was really heart warming to see as well. I don't think both of them will survive the fight against Andrew, but we'll see what happens next chapter.

I rate this chapter a solid 8/10.

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