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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (108)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Oct 22, 2018 14:09

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 108 Review by Seraph


Yuugo and Lucas: Willpower and Determination!

  • The Chapter starts with Yuugo and Lucas continuing their struggle against Andrew and the rest of his men, Lucas beaten leg starts acting up as he tries running away from the bullet exchange between Yuugo and Andrew.
  • Andrew after silently cursing Yuugo and Lucas in his mind starts rationally analyzing his opponents, he wonders if they truly grew up in Plantations and how they developed such skill and accuracy with guns as they displayed so far. He continues to question how old his Opponents actually are since they're certainly not children anymore.
  • Andrew wonders if Yuugo and Lucas are Survivors of the Glory Bell Escapees from 15 years ago, he concludes that the Extermination of them wasn't completed.
  • He briefly shifts his attention onto Lucas of who he notes that he only has 1 Arm and is dragging his leg, feeling secure with his analysis, Andrew tells himself that any surprise attacks won't work anymore and that he's going to catch up to them now.
  • As he concludes his train of thought Andrew calls out to his remaining soldiers, as he does they show up from the two paths in front of Yuugo and Lucas, they're now surrounded because Andrew is charging after them.
  • Yuugo tells Lucas that they'll break through, he pulls out a Handgun and starts his attack on the 2 Soldiers in Front of them while Lucas covers his back by firing at Andrew who is seeking cover next to a shelf at the Entrance to the Emergency Tunnels.

    The Friendship of Two Men!

  • Yuugo continues his exchange of fire with the 2 Soldiers in front of him, while he manages to hit them he fails to deliver a deciding shot on either of them.
  • Andrew pulls out a Grenade and throws it towards Lucas and Yuugo, as the former notices this he throws his gun away and jumps towards Yuugo throwing him onto the ground. The Grenade explodes right above them.
  • The blast caused some bedrock to fall down on them,the tunnel hasn't collapsed entirely. A Soldier closes in on the debris atop of Yuugo and Lucas, attempting to confirm their Death.
  • As he does, Andrew tells him over the radio to keep his guard up and maintain a certain distance to the targets as well as to shoot their heads immediately to make absolutely certain they're dead.
  • Right as the Soldier confirms he is shot in the head by none other than Yuugo by his feet, as the Soldier falls to the ground Yuugo and Lucas emerge from under the Rubble. There are only 2 of the Intruders remaining now, Andrew and one of his Soldiers.
  • Yuugo who is now supporting the wounded Lucas continues his exchange with the Intruders, right in the middle of it he notes that his handgun is out of ammo and throws it away.
  • While running, Yuugo tells Lucas that the previous blast wasn't as powerful since the Enemies had to make sure they wouldn't be buried alive in the Tunnel. He continues to voice his optimism by saying that if they keep up their pace from before they'll be able to kill the remaining intruders and escape through the Emergency Exits like Emma and Co.
  • Lucas interrupts him and states that it is already futile for him to continue as his organs seem to have taken damage from the blast and he can't move his body properly anymore. He tells Yuugo to leave him behind and make a run for it as he is only a burden to him like this. This time Yuugo interrupts him and tells him that he won't leave his friend behind again as the regret from doing so 13 Years ago almost ate him up. They either live together or die together, nobody gets left behind by themselves.

    The Finale!

  • Lucas hands Yuugo his gun, and the latter starts putting up a fight once more by repeatedly firing at their pursuers who maintain their counter-fire.
  • The Intruders manage to hit Lucas with multiple shots, however, they only managed to hit his armor meaning the only thing he felt from the shots were the impact on the armor.
  • Yuugo tells Lucas to keep running and that they absolutely have to get into "That Room", Andrew says that this is the end for them and lands a shot on Yuugo which resulted in him spilling a bit of blood.
  • It is revealed that Yuugo and Lucas were making their way towards the Armory, the continuous fire from Andrew and his remaining Soldier resulted in them being totally exhausted and lying on the ground. It is also revealed that Andrew's shot on Yuugo only grazed his cheek,he does however have several shot marks at the back of his Armor showing how intense the fire of the Intruders actually was.
  • Yuugo asks Lucas if he is still alive, as the latter remains silent Yuugo repeats his Question.
  • Andrew arrives at the Armory and voices his awe regarding the amount of Weapons present in the Armory, he says that the amount of Weapons is only natural given who they were provided for.
  • He continues by ridiculing Yuugo's judgement, had he left Lucas behind and ran to the Armory by himself he might've succeeded in putting up a struggle against them and ultimately overwhelm them as they sooner or later would've ran out of armor whereas Yuugo himself would've had the entire Armory at his disposal.
  • Andrew says that Yuugo is most likely incapable of even holding a Gun anymore,which makes it even more laughable for him.
  • Yuugo replies by saying that the only fool is Andrew himself, he continues his speech by saying that Emma and her Friends are going to change the World even if he succeeds in killing them now. No matter how much Andrew looks down on the "Cattle-Children" they'll be the ones to end this 1000 Year old system of theirs and they'll put an end to this rotten world they currently reside in as well.
  • Andrew announces that after he kills Yuugo and Lucas he'll hunt down Emma and Co. to put an end to their plans and dreams for good,as he does so Yuugo thinks to himself that he won't let anyone die. He calls out to Lucas who is revealed to be alive.
  • Lucas while aiming his gun at Andrew announces together with Yuugo that the intruders are dying with them right here, as they do so Andrew notices gas flowing into the room and realizes that it is Combustible Gas.
  • As Lucas fires his handgun,Yuugo cracks a smile and they silently bid their Friends farewell. Another Explosion occurs, strong enough to burst open the Entrance of the Shelter.

    Chapter Rating

    I'd rate this Chapter a 9 out of 10.

    Before giving my rating I factored in what this chapter delivered to me as a Reader and what it contributes to the story, Character Interactions as well as Characterization.

    Personal Thoughts

    This Chapter was fantastic, I pretty much got what i anticipated and expected to happen.

    Yuugo and Lucas put up a final struggle before going out with a blast, I didn't expect they'd use Combustible Gas for it but it makes their efforts and struggles even more meaningful for me. They put up a fight and were outnumbered against trained Soldiers and a shrewd man like Andrew and still made perfect use of their available resources and their own intellect in the heat of battle.

    My previous grief with Lucas sudden mobility disappeared as the first thing we got in this Chapter was him having troubles keeping up with Yuugo and even Andrew noting that he has troubles with his leg. It showed me that the Author still factored in their conditions, skills and talents for this struggle and managed to produce such an exciting clash between Good and Evil. I do feel bad for the Kids as they most likely lost 2 of their most reliable supporters and friends in this race against time and the Ratri's. I'm pretty sure they're dead, but for some reason i doubt that Andrew is dead as well.

    I expect the Kids to hear/notice the sudden blast from the shelter and realize that they just lost Yuugo and Lucas for good, express their gratitude towards them and move on with their plan of meeting the Leader of the Demons and make a new Promise. I also hope/expect a switch of scene to Peter Ratri who could notice that his Soldiers died in pursuit of the Children and express his anger about that. I'd like for us to see Norman after all this time as well.

    ~ Seraph

    To discuss and share your thoughts on the manga, you can visit our Yakusoku no Neverland section.

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