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Chapter Review: Nanatsu no Taizai (286)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Oct 24, 2018 17:12

Nanatsu no Taizai - Chapter 286 Review by eefrit

Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 286: Flash


Our chapter continues where 285 left off, with the Assault Squad facing off against Zel and the Masters. Aside from Escanor and Zeldris, everyone seems to be all smiles, anticipating this fight. Gilthunder and Hendrickson respectively take up space and cheer-lead while staring at the 6. Hendy takes the time to stop kissing Ludociel's ass to comment on the strength of the 6, noting that they are currently the mightiest warriors on Earth.

As if on cue, Escanor opens up the fight with a swing from Rhitta which seemingly strikes Chandler. Zeldris ducks with a simple head tilt, while Cusack takes to the air. The glancing blow sends a large shockwave to the right of Escanor, though Chandler remains unharmed. However, that wasn't Escanor target. Despite being the Sin of Pride, Escanor sure likes the art of misdirection, revealing that his actual target was Mel's cocoon. Chandler loses his cool and screams at Escanor, only for Merlin to take advantage of the situation. She casts an offensive spell, Double Impact, which seemingly has no effect on the trio of demons. Both Masters express disappointment in Merlin's display, commenting on how they can't believe she tricked both the Demon King and Supreme Deity, with the recognition of the latter implying some semblance of respect for her strength. The two charge at Merlin while she contemplates on their strength; 173000 for Chadler and 168000 for Cusack.

Escanor jumps in their path and manages to fend off the blows meant for Merlin, however, he is blown back by the might of the two. Merlin is seemingly about to be caught off guard, but with a snap, she blows the two back with explosive force, likely the true effects of Double Impact. She notes that numbers aren't the defining features of fights, a common theme repeated in this series, as Chandler and Cusack wonder what just hit them. While they are still regaining their barrings, Ludociel attacks from behind. In a dazzling display of speed, he knocks both Masters away into the walls. Despite that, the two seem no worse for wear as they comment on Ludociel and their aging bodies. Merlin once again notes that, while numbers aren't everything, Ludociel's level of strength, 201000, will be invaluable in this fight.

Ludociel then confronts Zeldris and comments on his famed speed with his sword. The two proceed to have a speedy duel, the initial result ending in one blow from Zeldris and two from Ludociel. The two snip at each other a bit before Hendy pulls a Leeroy Jenkins and runs in to push Ludociel out of Cusack's path, injuring himself in the process. Ludociel berates Hendrickson, but acknowledges his efforts and heals him. Zeldris goes in for an attack, but Ludociel strikes back with an attack of his own. However, it's ineffective as Zeldris possesses the Demon King's magic, Ruler, which, as previously revealed, allows one to turn any damage towards them into their own strength. As Ludociel points this out, Zeldris takes up a stance, which causes the Masters to distance themselves from Zeldris. They express surprise and note that they wish Zeldris would've told them about it. The chapter ends with an ominous image of Zeldris taking a battle pose and emitting a dark miasma, stating that he is about to show his original magic.


Chapter was alright. At least, I'm softer on it than I was when I initially read it. The power level aspects are mainly the only issue I have with it. Although I expected levels to rise, when you apply these levels to previous fights and/or events, they don't make sense in hindsight.

That being said, everyone was rather impressive in this chapter. In terms of the Assault Squad, we get bits and pieces of what they'll bring to the table against the demons. Merlin has her tricks, planning multiple steps ahead to keep up with the Demons, as seen with the Double Impact technique. I'm also guessing she added something else in their as well, but we'll have to see. Escanor, of course, has his high power, which, while ineffective, did show he was able to keep up with the two Masters while not being at full power just yet. And, of course, Ludociel, fully demonstrating the power of his Grace, Flash. I'm slightly disappointed that Flash is light based, seeing as how Ark and Sunshine were basically that, but I'll reserve judgement until we see more. Mainly because I'm dead set on wanting Flash to control time.

While they were more on the receiving end this week, I'm assuming we'll be getting more from the Demons in the next chapter as Zeldris shows his magic off. I do think it would've been more effective for the narrative had we'd seen this chapter before we found out what the Demon King's magic actually did. But that's a small nitpick.

I wouldn't say it's a strong start, but it lays a decent foundation. There's a lot of different things to look forward too in this fight, so we just have to hope it turns out better than the Mael chapters. At the very least, we won't be bored seeing as how we have more antagonists to go around and don't have to focus on a single one for long span of chapters.

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