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Chapter Review: Black Clover (179)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Oct 29, 2018 12:03

Black Clover Chapter 179 Review by Seraph


Attack on the Vermillion Residence!

  • The Chapter starts with a switch of scene to the Vermillion Residence,where a possesed Alecdora grumbles about being unable to do something about Kirsch's Cherry Blossom Magic with which he created a diversion so the Royals residing within the Mansion can be evacuated without any interference of the Elves.
  • Kirsch starts boasting about having the Locational Advantage,this is where he and Mimosa live.
  • He continues saying that his Magic is perfect for an Evacuation as it provides a safe cover and coupled with Mimosa and En's Magic's is simply outstanding. Mimosa's Plant Magic is used to cover and protect what seems to be furnishings,Kirsch's Cherry Blossom Magic is used to distract the Enemies and En's Fungus Magic is used to spread Spore that can weaken anybody that breathes them in or comes into contact with them.
  • Kirsch claims that no Blood will have to flow like this and that it is a truly beautiful sight to behold. Mimosa tells him to keep quiet so the Elves won't find them.
  • Mimosa silently vows to save her Friends and comrades of the Golden Dawn,as she finishes her thought one of the possesed Golden Dawn Members suddenly appears behind her asking if everything's going well on their end. Mimosa expresses Shock at this.
  • The Elf is revealed to have taken possession of a Magic Knight named David,as Mimosa calls him by his Original Name he quickly brushes it off by saying that his name isn't David but Baval.
  • En expresses shock and disbelief,he wonders how Baval made it through their Magic Defenses of Cherry Blossoms and Fungus Spore. As he does Baval tells him to relax and that there isn't any point in putting up a fight as the Elves are superior to the Magic Knights in all necessary aspects. However he says all this in a really cheerful manner,prompting Mimosa to wonder about his intentions.

The King must die!

  • Baval claims that it's futile to escape him and his comrades as no matter what they do,they will all end up being killed. Especially since another even more Powerful Magic can be felt from right next to the Castle,referring to Licht inside the Gravito Rock Fortress.
  • Baval tells them to surrender and reminds them that putting up a fight is pointless because not only is he himself incredible but his comrades are just as incredible. He expresses happiness at the thought of meeting all his brethren again.
  • Mimosa replies that they won't give up and absolutely won't allow them to harm nor kill anyone.
  • Baval ridicules her by saying it makes little to no difference to him,he informs the Magic Knights that the Elves will technically win this Battle once they kill King Augustus Kira Clover XIII.
  • Baval reveals that they sent a really Powerful and Crazy guy to the King's Location,he continues that said Man won't stop nor give up on his given task no matter who stands in his way and nobody will survive once he uses his Magic.

Langris Vaude

  • The Head of house Vaude is trying to fend off a Spatial Magic Attack but fails as he gets wounded and barely manages to protect the ground beneath his feet,he expresses shock at how Powerful this Spatial Magic is for him to be unable to offset or counter it.
  • The attacker is revealed to be a possesed Langris Vaude.
  • King Augustus starts screaming at Langris for his insolence,not only did he betray his Kingdom but he is also attempting to kill his King. The head of house Vaude and his Wife try reasoning with the King,saying that this has to be some sort of Mistake and that the real Langris would never do something so vile.
  • King Augustus starts grumbling,he expresses frustration and anger at the neglect of the Magic Knights and the Magic Emperor towards their duty.
  • The King reveals his Grimoire and threatens Langris with the Might of his Magic,the King is revealed to possess Light Magic as he uses a Spell called "The Holy Shining Absolute King!".
  • A gigantic brightly shining Figure appears that resembles King Augustus,as he finishes his Spell the King challenges Langris to come and attack him now. He claims his Magic is god given and that Langris should kneel before his Might.
  • However,the King turns out to be all bark and no bite as Langris easily destroys his Magic with a mere flick of his hand. He ridicules the King's Magic for being useless Light Magic.
  • As Langris attempts to attack the King once more he is stopped by Finnes,his promised future wife,she begs him to stop because if he continues with this not only the King but those precious to him will suffer as well.
  • Langris tells her to be quiet and pushes her to the ground,he tries killing Finnes immediatly but this time his Attack gets negated by the arriving Finral.
  • The possesed Langris wonders who managed to negate his Attack,Finral reminds him that he's his Older Brother. Finnes and his Father,the head of house Vaude,express surprise at his arrival.
  • Yami and Jack arrive at the Throne Room and reveal that they knocked out every single Elf inside the Kira House,as he hears this Langris questions just how they managed to do that.
  • Finral uses his Magic to create Portals for Yami and Jack to appear right next to Langris,ready for a swift surprise attack but just as they want to strike Langris Magic instantly fends them off. Destroying one of Jack's Arm Scythes and Yami's Cigarette.
    Langris challenges the Magic Knight Captains to entertain him more as his Magic won't allow them to attack him at all,Yami and Jack while smiling get ready to fight for their King.

Chapter Rating
I'd rate this Chapter a 7.5 out of 10.

Before giving my rating I factored in what this chapter delivered to me as a Reader and what it contributes to the story, Character Interactions as well as Characterization.

Personal Thought's

This Chapter was pretty good,i expected a switch of scene after Noelle's Fight but i didn't expect to see Yami and Finral again so quickly to be honest.
Since it had been awhile since we saw Yuno,and Zora had just joined Noelle's group before,i wanted to see what Yuno has been up to and how he defeats his Opponents considering that unlike Asta he doesn't have a Sword to just dispel the Reincarnation Magic. But that's my inner Yuno Fanboy speaking probably.

I think this Chapter was setting up an incoming Clash between Mimosa,Kirsch and En against Baval/David and Yami,Jack and Finral vs Langris next Chapter.
I'd like to see Mimosa and Kirsch fight together actually,they're a fun Duo and Kirsch's constant boasting always makes for fun entertainment in my opinion.
Using their 3 Magics to distract the Elves and evacuate the Royals from the Mansion was smart but i'm worried about what Baval said regarding Licht waiting outside for any Escapees. I wonder if we'll see him step onto the Battlefield as well now? I'd like it,if defeating the King means that the Elves win then defeating Licht means the Magic Knights win so we're definitely in for an all deciding Clash sooner or later.

Yami,Jack and Finral has me torn on it to be honest, Yami and Jack should individually be stronger than Langris and only Finral should come up short in a fight to the death but we're talking a boosted Langris here and he didn't even express surprise or shock at their Surprise Attack so maybe he actually can put up a fight against them.
Yami and Jack remind me more and more of Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach,that smile and brief surprise at Langris Defense gave me those vibes of a really thrilling and action filled fight like back in the day actually. Really hoping this fight will be just that.

To comment and discuss, please head to our Black Clover Section!

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