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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (109)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Oct 30, 2018 18:19

The Promised Neverland Chapter 109 Review by Elusia


Last chapter ended with an unexpected end in a fight between Lucas and Yuugo versus Andrew by an explosion from combustive gas. While the fight was going on, the remaining kids escaped, and went to an underground cave that the Grace Field kids passed and explored through. The cave from then on would be their shelter hiding from the Demons and the Ratri Clan, and they would proceed with the initiation of going to the entrance of the Seven Walls on the next day.

While the kids are asleep, Emma contemplates on recent happenings, from the deaths of some kids and the fate of Lucas and Yuugo. Overwhelmed with negative thoughts that are going on in her head, Yuugo suddenly showed up besides her, well and safe. Emma asked about Lucas’ safety, he replied in a kind manner, and asked about herself and everyone else’s. While she, and most of the kids are safe, one kid was injured while others died. Engulfed yet again in misery, Yuugo reassures her that it is not her fault and tells her that despite unforeseen outcomes, it’s better to make the best of it, and whatever happens, good or bad, the kids should keep moving forward. Worried, she immediately asks why come out with such statement, only to realize that It’s just her imagination.

Meanwhile, a flashback ensues as Yuugo walks away from Goldy Pond, pondering over the loss of his friends and a slow burn to his insanity. Years have passed, yet he’s still as lonely. He said it himself, he wanted to live in the back of his mind, but couldn’t and is on the brink of suicide, up until the arrival of Emma and the other kids. He was grateful for them, was able to meet Lucas, took down Goldy Pond, and had an opportunity to finally be free. In his last moments, he wanted to live to experience the rest of his lifetime, and see others grow as well. He regretted not training enough, but was satisfied enough in saving the kids. The explosion happens while Emma stood and watched in horror.

Yuugo finally woke up with Lucas, his wounds and injuries gone, and sees his old friends. For the first time, Yuugo and Lucas found their peace with their friends in the afterlife.


I really like the chapter. But, I was quite skeptical about the chapter that whether or not Yuugo or Lucas survived in the explosion at first. All the build up to their characters, especially Yuugo, since the manga focuses on him, until this point of the story. Well, looking at the account that his death was eventually going to happen, it still left a hard and a powerful impact on the reader.

He wasn’t an ordinary or forgotten character in the face of many individuals in the manga, he was an important figure in both shaping the plot and developing other characters. He and Lucas are outstanding characters, and while their deaths are tragic, I hope that the characters would be able to move on and keep going in their plans to go the human world, as they have always wanted.

Emma was also great in this chapter, showing more to her character and see her perspective. It shows how much burden she always has on her shoulders, but needs to know that it is never her fault that bad things happened and also has to keep on moving in spite of the outcome. The development that’s going on with this character is amazing.

Overall, I give this chapter a solid 9/10. It was excellent in bringing a wonderful conclusion wrapped in tragedy.

To discuss and share your thoughts on the manga, you can visit our Yakusoku no Neverland section.

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