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Chapter Review: Nanatsu no Taizai (187)

+ posted by Gallon in Manga Reviews on Oct 31, 2018 06:55

Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 287 Review - by Arjuna

The chapter cover is ominous this time We have Zeldris and Gelda standing opposite to each other.The line says even if they won't meet he pushes on without waiting.

I hope this isn't a foreshadowing that Zeldris and Gelda will never be happy and able to live together.

The Actual chapter
The first words of the chapter is what Meliodas was whispering to Zeldris in Camelot earlier.The dialogue itself continues in first 2 pages along with different actions happening.

Zeldris is preparing for his magic attack which alerted Ludociel and others and scared Gilthunder.

It is revealed by Meliodas that he didn't actually kill Gelda in Edinburgh 12 years ago but instead sealed her waiting for the right moment.

This is the reason why Zeldris is cooperating with Meliodas.

We have a small flashback of Zeldris and Gelda when he sealed the Vampire Clan and Gelda asking him not to blame himself.

We now come back to the present.

On being mocked by Ludociel that GC will win the Holy War Zeldris replies that he doesn't care for "petty" things.Indicating at once that he is not much different from his older brother Meliodas and both care for their women the most.

This statement earns a clenching of teeth from Cussack.We now see the similarait between Cussack and Chandler,both of them want their students to be invested in war and potentially hate their lovers.It is not known at this point whether Cussack knows about Gelda but Peronia once whispered something to him and left.There is a possibility that he might have found about Gelda and might done something to her though the chances are pretty low because Cussack shouldn't know where Gelda's seal is.

Zeldris activates his spell named "Ominous Nebula" which like a true black hole behind begins to suck everyone towards Zeldris.This immense power made everyone completely helpless.As they were very close to Zeldris an unknown attack completely pushes them all back into the wall severely.

He again activates the magic which again sucks everyone but somehow this time Ludociel and Escanor managed to hold ground.We see Henederickson's unconscious body towards Zeldris which prompts Ludo to scream but Merlin teteports and saves him.Chandler comments that she is using teleportation continuosly to keep her safe and it can only be done by someone with infinite magic power.But Cussack says that they cannot evade it permanently by this.

Ludociel gets cocky and rushes at Zeldris at full force.But an unknown impact forces him in the wall.Margarwt's body started bleeding from the mouth and Ludo drops the sword he was holding in Margaret's hand.He starts falling to the ground but Escanor catches her behind his back.

At this point it's pretty clear that Zeldris is far superior to Ludociel in a human vessel.Though it is not know how much this might change if he is in his real body.But anyway Zeldris proved his hype.

Ludociel and Escanor bit quarrel when Merlin interrupts them.
She reveals that true nature of Zeldris's magic power.

With Zeldris as a centre it attracts everything towards but it cannot attract non-living things and no physical attacks reach him and they are hit by unknown attack.In addition all the attacks that Merlin and Ludociel made on Zeldris before he activated Ominous Nebula made no effect due to Dk's power.Simply no magic works on him virtually making him invincible(as he is immune to both physical and magical attacks).Kind of reminds us of Mael situation when no light or dark abilities worked on him when he absorbed the Commandments and he regained his Goddess powers.

Ludociel then orders Escanor to lend him his aid.Escanor calmly says no,this is a pretty funny part of the manga.Escanor gives no importance to anyone and it's pretty humourous.

Ludociel is naturally shocked at this.Escanor replies that he doesn't take orders from anyone and giving him is a wisecrack(meaning a joke), surprising even Chandler and Cussack.

Ludociel goes complete nuts at this and screams at him calling him "a presemptous human" once again proviing how much he really cares for his allies.In the heat of the moment his true nature came out.

Escanor without even caring bends which forces Ludociel towards Zeldris once more.But Merlin orders Escanor to save Margaret/Ludociel.On being saved he asks why Escanor saved him after saying so previously he replies that all he follows Merlin's orders.

He asks Ludociel that he has a plan right,if not right he will send him flying.

Ludociel says that he has a plan but only if he listens to his orders indicating mutual cooperation is needed to get out of this situation.

Pretty good chapter and I really enjoyed it, Zeldris maintained his hype,chances of Gelda surviving and Ludociel's bickering really made this chapter great.

Also as the next chapter title is "Operation God" I mean this refers to the plan to take Zeldris down.In Military "Operation X" means an operation to take down X,so as God is the ability of Zeldris it is a plan to take down Zeldris.But how much will that be successful only next chapter will tell.

Overall,I give this chapter 9/10.

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