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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (110)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Nov 6, 2018 14:19

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland Chapter 110 Review by Seraph


The Chapter starts with a terrified Emma,Gillian and Nigel looking into the direction where the smoke rises from and come to the conclusion that it must be from the shelter's location and that something must've happened to Yuugo and Lucas. What will Emma and Co. do next? Are Yuugo and Lucas really dead? Who will keep the group together and who might lose their cool here and now? So many questions and only one way to find out,let's break down this Chapter until we've got all our answers shall we?

At the end of the Day neither Yuugo nor Lucas had returned,as all signs point to them having most likely died in the Explosion the Kids express sorrow and regret at their Friends possible demise. Gillian wants to help Yuugo and Lucas,she doesn't want to think that they met their end in the shelter and claims that they could make use of the darkness and get close to the Shelter to look for them. As she finishes a frustrated Ray tells her that it's useless,as there could still be Enemies in the Shelters vicinity that could continue the hunt for the Children. He finishes by saying that Yuugo and Lucas sacrifice will be in vain if they allow themselves to get caught now.

Gillian replies to him by claiming that the Enemy would already be after them if Yuugo and Lucas had failed in taking them down,she continues that they might be stuck under debris and can't get out. Ray counters that they both could be dead as well and that the Enemy is actually looking for them at this moment,if they lose their new hiding spot then the deaths of their Friends will have been in vain. As Ray realizes he might've gone too far with that Oliver intervenes and tells them both to stop their argument. Sandy tries to calm the situation down by saying that they can't say anything for certain at the moment,Gillian knows they can't leave their hideout and Ray wants to look for his friends as well. With the situation at hand it can't be helped that everybody feels scared and frustrated.

Emma and Gilda take care of the wounded Cristy,while doing so Emma starts recalling what Yuugo from her hallucination said to her.
She starts wondering about what she can do to help and protect everybody,she too wants to look for Yuugo and Lucas but she also understands their situation.
Going to the Seven Walls appears too risky for her as well,the Ratri Clan will keep chasing them and if they're attacked right now they'll most likely die so the best course of action right now is for her to make sure everyone stays in good spirits and healthy.
She calls everyone for Dinner as Adam,Pepe and Don carry the food to them,Emma concludes her train of thought by reminding herself of her resolve to protect everyone just like Yuugo and Lucas protected them.

After Dinner,Emma is approached by a seemingly troubled Oliver who hands her a note from Lucas that he handed him before they made their escape from the shelter. Oliver reveals to a surprised Emma that Lucas received a call from one of their Supporters right before the attack happened,Oliver recounts what exactly happened:
When Lucas picked the phone up the first thing he heard was a loud noise,quickly after a tape started playing with a Voice Record of William Minerva aka James Ratri. James claims that he wants to start a revolt,a revolt to reach the Human World and to end the Neverland and to forge a new promise. He tells all listeners to leave their plantations and come to a certain Place where he'll be waiting for everyone ready to take their fate into their own hands.
A set of Numbers got mentioned after the tape was over,Lucas wrote them all onto his note and they're most likely coordinates.

Both Emma and Oliver wonder how much they can trust this recording as well as the Person behind the call since the attitude and words of this recording don't exactly match with the one from the Minerva Recording they heard at Goldy Pond. Emma claims that it could be a different Person but whoever it is might not necessarily be an Enemy to which Oliver replies that it could also be a trap set beforehand by the Enemy. Emma wonders who isn't an Enemy of them,has the means to contact them and would claim to be William Minerva.
Oliver mentions that no matter who or what it is,their current location puts them at the same disadvantage as the Shelter did before and if they want to have a shot of reaching their goal they need to team up with whoever spoke to Lucas. He wants to send a small group to check who their Ally is and if they can trust him/her to which Emma agrees.

Oliver reveals that Lucas only wanted him to show the Note in case they wouldn't be back after a day,the former knew that he couldn't stop the latter and that they were planning to die for them and that Lucas told him to protect everybody.
Oliver says that they need to protect their friends no matter the cost for both Yuugo and Lucas,as he finishes a group of 5 Children makes their way towards an entrance determined to search for Yuugo and Lucas despite the risks connected to that course of action.
As they run of a severely wounded Andrew appears from behind a tree while looking very grim and says that he finally found his targets...

Chapter Rating

I'd give this Chapter a 7 out of 10.

Before giving my rating I factored in what this chapter delivered to me as a Reader and what it contributes to the story, Character Interactions as well as Characterization.

Personal Thoughts

This Chapter was alright,nothing out of anybody's expectations i think. The Kids reflected and expressed their feelings over their Friends possible demise and also expressed their wish to help them or learn if they really met their end at the shelter.
However i did not expect for Lucas to actually have made contact with any Allies before the attack,with all the time it took them to contact the shelter this seems so...unexpected and planned at the same time. I liked Olivers take that it could be a Trap, what i did not like is that he was basically willing to send a small group to meet with said "Ally" to make contact without any proper Information on them. They could walk straight into their deaths, even though to us readers it may seem obvious that the Caller is an Ally it shouldn't look that way to them. Emma's collecting herself this chapter was nice too, really hoping for her to stay on that road and become more calm and rational. Andrew will most likely start an assault on the Kids next Chapter,but we'll see. Looking forward to it for sure.

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