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Chapter Review: Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest (11)

+ posted by XXEliteXXAceXX in Manga Reviews on Nov 11, 2018 01:14

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest - Chapter 11 Review by Nemispelled


Erza, Lucy, & Wendy vs. Kyria

  • Erza bows down to Kyria and begs for forgiveness
  • Kyria further taunts a shaken Erza and steps on Erza's head, forcing it against the floor
  • Wendy enters Dragon Force and charges towards Kyria out of rage, but Kyria easily dodges her attack
  • Carla changes into her human form and tries to kick Kyria while she is distracted by Wendy, but is unsuccessful in landing a hit
  • Lucy creates a pitfall using Virgo's Star Dress form, which successfully captures and traps Kyria in the ground
  • Kyria casts the spell, "Blade Dragon's Rending Roar", which sends a series of slashes in all directions, slicing the entire palace in the process
  • Mercfovia uses his body to shield Caramille from the incoming slashes, which causes him to sustain heavy damage
  • Kyria's attack inflicts major cuts and bruises on Lucy, Carla, Wendy, Happy, and Erza's bodies
  • Kyria seemingly emerges victorious in this fight stating: "I told you. There's nothing I can't cut."

Gray vs. Skarion

  • Gray uses "Ice-Make: Lance" and "Ice Make: Hammer", both of which are easily turned to ash by Skarion
  • Gray enters his Demon Slaying form and freezes the sea, before blitzing Skarion with "Ice Devil Zeroth's Long Sword"
  • Skarion is encased in solid ice, but immediately turns the surrounding ice into ashes, mentioning that he can turn anything with a form into ashes
  • Skarion casts "Bone Dragon's Absolute Ash", which produces a large cyclone in the sea that turns the ocean into ashes
  • Gray mentions that the cyclone has the ability to wipe out Elmina, causing the town to decay and disappear
  • Gray counters Skarion's spell by casting "Ice Make: Silver", which which freezes the entire cyclone of ash into ice
  • Skarion tells Gray that he will turn any ice into ash; however, Gray responds by saying that he will just reverse it and freeze the ash again
  • Skarion notes that Gray has Devil Slaying Powers and states that he only feeds on dragons, not demons
  • Skarion tells Gray to "forgive him for leaving the table without eating" before casting "Black Ash" which turns Gray's entire body into ash and causes him to disappear
  • Skarion seemingly emerges victorious in this fight calling Team Natsu: "Trifling fools."

Aftermath & Jellal's Encounter With Touka in Magnolia

  • Madmorl stands over a defeated Natsu, who was likely beaten by motion sickness
  • The rest of Team Natsu seems to be incapacitated by the hands of the Dragon Eaters
  • In Magnolia, it is raining because of Juvia since Levy caught Gajeel pinning Juvia to the ground during their spying mission
  • Juvia insists that it was not her fault, to which an annoyed Levy replies that "It's fine."
  • Upon making eye contact with Gajeel, Levy simply turns away in a defiant attitude, prompting Pantherlily to deduce that their relationship will remain complicated for a while, which seems to annoy Gajeel even further
  • In the streets of Magnolia, Jellal catches Touka strolling along the pavement and calls her "Touka, the White Witch"

Chapter's Conclusion

I'll be honest, I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter. Obviously, my favorite part was the fight between Skarion and Gray, but there was nothing in this chapter that I disliked.

All categories received full points for me. The plot, battle, and dialogue portions of this chapter even exceeded my expectations. There were also numerous cliffhangers and suspenseful fights throughout this chapter, which I'm very interested to see how it turns out. I can say with certainty that I give this chapter a 10/10.

In my opinion, Kyria has pretty neat abilities and Skarion is proving to be a powerful Dragon Eater. Overall, I was glad to see that Wendy, Lucy, and Carla actually played a role in fighting Kyria, instead of the fight solely focusing on Erza and her speeches. It also seems that Caramille is not a fighter, considering that Mercfovia had to shield her from Kyria's attack.

In regards to Gray vs. Skarion, I was pleased to see Gray's DeS form as well as his classic spells. Even though they didn't have much of an effect on Skarion (as expected), I thought it was still worthwhile to see some action. Skarion is definitely living up to his hype so far, and hopefully, that will continue to be the case in future chapters.

As we all know, it's quite a safe bet to say that Gray isn't dead. Nonetheless, I'm still curious to see what the next few chapters holds in store for us.

If I were to take a guess, I'd say that Gray's DeS form has something to do with his return/"revival", mostly because I don't see Skarion being beaten any time soon.

~ Nemispelled

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