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Chapter Review: Black Clover (181)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Nov 13, 2018 22:31

Black Clover Chapter 181 Review by Seraph


The Chapter starts with Yami and Jack attacking the possessed Langris at once to deal a deciding blow,as they're about to reach him Langris thinks to himself that their combined effort will be in vain as he possesses superior Magic,Skill as well as Speed compared to his Opponents and the only thing they'll achieve will be to die by his hands sooner than he anticipated. Finral lost in thought as well mentions that the People attacking him are not any Ordinary Magic Knights but Magic Knight Captains,with Langris getting ready to guard against their Combo-Attack he ends his thought.

Langris creates a Spatial Orb and aims for Yami who is about to deliver his attack,however to Langris shock Jack slices through the Spatial Orb and even manages to graze his Cheek with his Scythe Magic at an incredible Speed. Yami,with nothing left to stop him,goes in for his own Attack and strikes Langris with his Dark Magic: Dark Shrouded Avidya Reverse Blade Strike!. As Yami connects with his Strike it looks like Langris has lost consciousness with Finral looking on in what seems to be concern for his Brother and yet shock from the Captain's well coordinated Combo Move.

Langris seemingly collapsing gathers his Strength once more and activates his Spatial Magic again,unable to comprehend how "mere" Humans were able to deal such a Blow to him Langris sends 2 Big Spatial Orbs towards the Magic Knights,as they dodge his Attack the Orbs continue to obliterate the Entire Throne Room and with it the Roof of the House of Kira. Langris claims that he will Erase all Humans from existence,his Spatial Orbs are surrounded by what seems to be Dark Mana which is recognized by Yami to be filled with a Sense of Malice and Pure Evil,the Magic Knight Captain questions if there is anything they can do to defend against their Opponents next Attack.

As Yami voiced his worry about the incoming Attack the wounded Finral stands firm replying that there is nothing more left to do as it is already over,with his Brother in a state where he can't remember anything about himself nor his Older Brother there is no chance that he realized said Brothers Magic being activated now either. As Finral remembers a Young Langris telling him about the perks of his Magic the former starts a surprise attack on his own by creating 2 Portals,one next to him and one behind Langris,Finral shoots an Transportation Orb through the Portal to his left and hits Langris through the Gate behind him which results in the latter being transported right in front of Finral who is ready to punch his younger Brother.

As his Fist connects with Langris face,the scene switches to Langris Mind World.
Finral says that despite Langris always being better than him at everything he was much more of a trouble maker than him,as Finral reaches out to his younger Brother he briefly laments his weakness but reassures Langris that said Weakness is the Reason he'll always be close to him even if that means running after him all the time. As the scene goes back to the Real World Langris lies defeated on the ground with Finral collapsing from his wounds pain and probably blood loss. As both Brothers lie next to another their hands touch and they look like they would be shaking hands in an apologetic way.

The scene switches again however this time to the Gravito Rock Fortress,where Patri makes his Arrival.
As Patri arrives he is immediatly greeted by a possessed Gauche who is revealed by Rhya to be possessed by an Elf named Drowa,Gauche's Sister is also revealed to be possessed by an Elf named Ecla. As Rhya concludes greeting his Comrades he is immediatly questioned by Patri about Licht's whereabouts and Condition to which the former replies that it might be because of him having used the Reincarnation Magic but he seems to have lost his Memory and is currently resting.

The Elves start discussing their next move with everyone being back together now,as they do they express their belief in Latri,the Elf who possesed Langris,to have killed the Enemies King and is currently unleashing all sorts of terror onto the Humans of Clover Kingdom.
The only thing left to do for the Elves is for them to insert the Final Magic Stone into the Pedestal that lies within the Castle and they'll be freed of their "Wicked Hearts",which seems to refer to their Hosts Souls still residing within their Bodies and them not being fully reincarnated yet,which Patri refers to as a side effect of the Reincarnation Magic and its one fatal Weakness. Once the Elves fully reincarnate they're going to eradicate Clover Kingdom entirely.

As the Gravito Rock Fortress approaches Clover Castle both Jack and Yami notice the Strong Presences inside the Fortress,Yami wonders where the Black Bulls and the other Magic Knights are at the moment and claims that if they don't show up soon he'll have defeated them all by himself with Jack challengingly replying that he'll rip them apart. The Chapter ends with both Magic Knight Captains getting ready to fight once more for their Kingdom.

Chapter Rating
I'd rate this Chapter a solid 8 out of 10.

Before giving my rating I factored in what this chapter delivered to me as a Reader and what it contributes to the story, Character Interactions as well as Characterization.

Personal Thoughts

I really liked this Chapter,less for the action than the Conclusion to the fight. Finral finally managed to save his Brother and if we go by the panel where they hold hands in a reconciling manner it seems to me like once Langris wakes up and is finally himself again he'll have no choice but recognize his Older Brothers Efforts just to save him. I'd like for them both to develop a proper Brotherly relationship now,both were more or less at odds with another just because they had to show results and got forced into competing with another through their Parents marrying one of them off to Finesse. A relative of the King.

The overall fight was alright,decent action panels and impressive displays of both Yami's and Jack's Magics and Skills. Dialogue wasn't really outstanding but it doesn't have to be in a fight for Survival and saving their Friends,the entire Arc has been heavily battle focused so far and this Chapter was no exception of that either yet i'm loving it as the previous and this recent bout managed to develop and furtherly flesh out the involved Characters,be it the Silva Family or the House of Vaude the Author comes true to our wishes for them from before and isn't forgetting about any of them. Definitely the biggest + Point for Black Clover for me at this Point apart from the Story itself being loveable as sin. I expect a switch of scene to either Yuno or Asta and the Black Bulls,personally would prefer the former but expect the latter to come true actually since i believe that Yuno will be some sort of a Surprise Factor as the Final Battle goes down before us. I doubt we'll see him before Asta and Co. but i'd be open for it.

Looking forward to the next Chapter as always and see you next Time!
~ Seraph

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