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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (111)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Nov 14, 2018 21:43

Yakusoku no Neverland Chapter 111 Review by Emperor Spriggan

Oliver and Emma are discussing the note that Lucas left behind,and Oliver thanks Emma. He then tells her that he was planning on telling the rest of the group about the note on the following day. At that moment, Gilda appears and tells Emma that Alicia and Dominic went missing. Theo adds on that their things are missing, including their guns. The two kids in question had gone out to look for Lucas and Yuugo at the shelter, a realization that Gilian came too in shock. All around her, the other kids seem to have the same reaction. Ray immediately asks the kids to split up and search for Alicia and Dominic. At this point, all the kids move out into the forest.

Once in the forest, they hear gunshots. Panic spreads among the group, and they all rush towards where they heard the sound of the gunshots. At this point, they run into Dominic. He is standing by himself in the middle of the forest, with no weapons on him. Alicia is nowhere to be seen. There is a look of terror on his face, and when two of the kids call out to him, he immediately tells them to run. One of the kids who called out to him immediately gets shot in the head, dying immediately.

Dominic gets shot in the leg as he tries escaping, and he cries in agony. Andrew appears at this point, with a classic Negan-esque appearance. In his arms, he holds Alicia, who is terrified out of her mind. Andrew's face is bloodied up in a horrible manner.His right eye ball has popped out of his face, and the right side of his face has been burned horribly. It's a wonder how he hasn't passed out from all the pain. Goes to show how loyal he is to the Ratri cause, and he intends on carrying out his mission at all costs. That, or he's a lunatic who's clearly lost his mind. Or both.

Emma and the other kids are shocked to see him alive, something that confirms their worst fears. Emma immediately realizes that Andrew being there means that Lucas and Yuugo are probably dead. The mad man points his gun at Alicia, and orders all the kids to get on their knees. Again, similar to what Negan did in his first appearance in the Walking Dead. Though in this case, Andrew seems intent on killing all of them. Not making a single example out of one.

All the kids present sink to their knees, with their arms raised above their heads. There was something they had up their sleeve though. Ray looks at something beside him, where Zack and Oliver are crouched behind a tree. Andrew hasn't noticed them yet, so the key to saving Alicia would mean blindsiding Andrew in a fast attack and disarming him before he can shoot Alicia. At this point, Andrew is shouting to himself about how he has to exterminate all the pests.

Suddenly, without warning, Andrew mockingly calls them clever, before shooting at the position where Zack and Oliver were. He seems to have noticed their presence. The older man then states about how they always use clever tricks and they should just stop since they were just meat for the demons. Raising his foot, he steps on Dominic who's just next to the ground beneath him. The younger kid cries out in agony, and at this point Emma can't take it anymore. She rushes for the gun just ahead of her, and Ray plus the other kids also do the same. Suddenly it turns into a showdown, with Andrew and 4 of the kids pointing guns at each other.

Andrew mocks Emma, saying she can't pull the trigger anyway. She is shocked about how he knows her name, and Andrew tells her that Phil told him all about her. Clearly meant as a ruse to shake her up emotionally. It works on Don though, who asks what he did to Phil. The older man shoots at Don's arm (?), before calling the kids stupid due to how idealistic and naive they are about living together in peace.

There's a short flashback about how the group of kids that had left in the previous chapter to go scout out for Lucas and Yuugo ran into Andrew. Which would explain the current circumstances with how only Alicia and Dominic were left alive. Andrew then tells Emma that the three kids who were with Alicia and Dominic are dead.There's another flashback about how he brutally murdered the three kids, and this is probably the most disturbing panel of the chapter. The kids were unable to shoot at him, so he took the chance and instead turned the tables on them despite being outnumbered.

He doesn't stop there, continuing to mock about how the kids probably thought in their final moments about how Andrew was a human so they couldn't shoot at him. Next, he talks about Lucas and Yuugo, confirming that the two adults were indeed dead. This seems to stun all the kids there, who are too shell shocked to say anything. Surprisingly, he compliments the duo, admitting that they were good. Though, their stupidity at the end was what ultimately cost them their lives. Andrew laughs menacingly, stating that he was still alive and the two were dead. Which meant that their efforts all proved for naught.

Emma raises her gun at him again, and he mimics what he told her earlier about her being unable to pull the trigger.

The chapter finalizes with the sound of a gun shot. From who's gun it is, we have no idea.

Personal thoughts: This was a pretty good chapter. The ultimate reunion with the devil was expected, and it was executed brilliantly. Everything about the art this chapter was done excellently. From the kids's dead bodies, to their looks of horror, and even to Andrew's mangled face. I have to admit, it is pretty hard to like him as an antagonist. He just seems cut out of a different cloth from the other human antagonists we had seen before. The gun shot sound at the end, I think at this point it is obvious that it is Emma who shot it. Then again, seeing that Andrew was able to survive from a point blank explosion, I'm not sure a gun shot would be enough to down him.

Overall chapter ranking: 8.5/10

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