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Chapter Review: Black Clover (182)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Nov 21, 2018 08:47

Black Clover Chapter 182 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The Followers of Sephirah

The chapter begins with Rhya greeting newly reincarnated Fana and Vetto. After reminiscing about the last time the two were reincarnated, Rhya proceeds to explain that this time around he only had time to clone and reincarnate them up to the age of 15 years with the exact same mana thanks to Sally who unfortunately is deceased.

Fana mentions that unlike last time she has all her memories intact and her mind is clearer, but notices to her dismay that Salamander, the spirit of fire, is no longer with her. Rhya is surprised by this but guesses that while Fana’s soul was gone Salamander found a new candidate to bond with. We will remember a few chapters ago this was confirmed as Salamander chose Fuegoleon Vermilion as its new partner. Rhya reassures Fana that even without Salamander she’s plenty strong. Fana agrees with this and confidently states that at the very least she wouldn’t lose to a human.

Elsewhere, a possessed Klaus stares at the floating heavenly tower and states that it’s time for the fabricated Royal Capital humans created to come to an end.

On top of the tower, the followers of Sephirah have gathered. They stand in some sort of formation on top of a magic circle. Some of the followers consist of the captains Dorothy and Rill, Gauche from the Black Bulls, Rhya, Fana and Vetto. Rhya and Patri stare at Licht, who stares ahead blankly. Rhya reassures Patri that even though Licht looks vacant he’s in there somewhere and would return to himself when the reincarnation is complete.

One of the elves asks about Yuno, but Rhya explains that he managed to retain his personality despite the fact that he was supposed to be reincarnated. This shocks the other elves, but Rhya dismisses their concerns and says he sent someone after him already so it’s fine, they would wait. After basking in the current destruction of the Royal Capital, Rhya calls for them to begin. Using the power of the Gravid Rock they plan to unseal what’s been hidden in the Clover castle and open the Gate to Hell/The Realm of the Dead. Here we see what appears to be the silhouette of a castle hidden in the shadows of the ruined Clover Castle.

Yami and Jack are stunned as they see this. Noelle, Zora, and Mimosa are also shocked at the sudden appearance of this shadow castle. A possessed David informs Mimosa that a long time ago the elves made a pact with the humans that they would safeguard the magical space that connects the current world to The Realm of the Dead. This space is called The Kingdom of Shadows and only the ten followers of Sephirah who have received revelation from their God are able to open it. Once they put the final magic stone on the pedestal in the castle the reincarnation would be complete and the original owners of the possessed bodies would be sent to hell in exchange. This basically means the elves would have complete control of the bodies they’ve possessed and the residents of Clover Kingdom who have been taken over would be sent permanently to The Realm of the Dead.

Kirsch exclaims that he’s too beautiful to allow such a thing, and launches a cherry blossom attack at the possessed David. David counters by rolling his Dice Magic, this magic lets him produce an effect proportional to the amount he rolls which in this instance is a 2. Even so, Mimosa comments that the effect was too strong for having rolled just a 2, which shows the difference in power between elves and humans since she would have only seen this magic at work when used by human David. The possessed David tells them it was useless for them to try but taunts them that they should keep at it as he flies away.

Jack wonders why there is a magic dimension spreading, to which Yami replies that he doesn’t know what’s going on but they can’t allow it to get bigger. Jack is excited and wants to take a look but Klaus suddenly appears before them with a group of possessed angel looking elves, stating they would not let them interfere with or hinder the Followers of Sephirah. While Jack is ready to fight Yami cautions him saying that without Finral they would have a tough time with that many opponents.

Noelle and Zora are also dealing with an onslaught of enemies, with Zora venting his frustration that they just kept on coming. While Noelle wonders what they could do, the Black Bulls base suddenly appears in the midst of the enemy, with Asta and the other members joining the fray. The decisive battle is about to begin.

Personal Thoughts:

I’d rate this chapter 8/10.

The chapter in a nutshell is basically the Elves not only plan to destroy Clover Kingdom, but after collecting the final stone from Yuno they plan to kill every single person they're in possession of in order to complete their reincarnation. It's a mass murder giving way to mass resurrection. Humans for Elves. That's the big plan and it's up to the Magic Knights to put a stop to this. If Licht is reincarnated completely it's going to be 10 times harder than it is now and it's already an uphill battle for our heroes.

While there wasn’t a lot of action, we at least finally get an explanation as to what the elves are up to. The reincarnation magic is a very dangerous magic and they definitely need to be stopped from obtaining the final stone. Hopefully Yuno is strong enough to fend off who’s been sent after him. Also the fact that Yuno has been able to retain his own personality has been a mystery since it was revealed. I think we’ll be getting some background on who/what Yuno really is. There seems to be some sort of biological connection to the elves.

Next chapter will most likely be the gathering of the human allies. I like the slight foreshadowing of a possible Fana vs. Fuegoleon fight as the two masters of Salamander. Fana seems confident that she can’t be beaten by a human but she doesn’t realize one of their opponents is the new partner of Salamander, so that will be interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing the upcoming match ups. The arrogance of the elves is starting to get annoying so it’ll be nice to see them cut down a bit.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to compliment the artwork this chapter. It was better than usual in my opinion. 10/10 for detail.

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