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Chapter Review: Tower of God (S2 328)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Nov 24, 2018 17:19

Tower of God S2 328 Review by Tux

This week's chapter opened with Rak, Hwaryun and Hockney attempting to escape through the rear of the Last Station under cover of all the fighting taking place outside. The trio are attacked by the Sorceror Levy, who believes the unconscious Khun to be important. He strikes Hockney down with one of his curses, but Rak was having none of it this chapter. He utilised his newfound elemental powers to bombard Levy with rock formations until the sorcerer admitted defeat. The scene switches over to Baam and Androssi, who are engaging with the Ranker named Charlie. Yu Han Sung warns Baam that he isn't yet ready to fight Rankers, but Baam activates his first Thorn Fragment and attacks Charlie with a Shinsoo Orb. The Ranker holds his own with ease, taunting his attackers by showing them the clear and massive gap between the Regulars the group had been fighting up until now, and the Rankers of the Tower. When Charlie stuns Baam's senses with his technique, Yuri attempts to intervene with the battle, but Commander Cheonee shields her, warning that if Yuri were to protect the regulars, she would be directly defying Zahard's will. The chapter ends with Baam being saved by Yuri's use of the Green April to dispel the technique, and throwing Black March straight to Baam!

This chapter nicely introduces the next stage of Power Scaling within the Tower now that our protagonists are fighting Rankers. Despite Baam's monstrous growth and potential, Charlie almost landed a solid blow on the incapacitated Baam. From what we've seen of Baam so far, that is no small feat and yet Charlie accomplished that very easily. From here on out, Baam will truly enter the hard yards if he plans or has to fight more Rankers in the future. It was really refreshing to see Rak fight with his old tenacity and impatience, especially paired with the line, "I don't negotiate". That was the Rak that we all have known from the beginning, and yet there's a much calmer aura around the crocodile these days. It has the potential to make him much more frightening in future dire situations. Levy is a bit of an annoying character all around if I'm honest. I'm curious about his Spells and Curses, since we've only recently been introduced to these sorts of abilities, but come on. First he was almost curbstomped trying to get in Baam's way (He couldn't touch the guy), and now he's been humbled once again by Hwaryun's team. I don't see his purpose in the Battle of the Last Station in all honesty.

Yuri has now gone over the point of no return. In front of a whole Squadron of Zahard's Army, she has openly assisted a Regular deemed to be a thread and a criminal by the King himself. She won't ever be able to return to being a Princess after this. Baam now has the Black March in his hands once again, for the first time since the Floor of Tests. One of the all-powerful 13 Month Series, we already know that he is one of the only people able to Ignite her. I'm really looking forward to people's reactions when he unleashes her power upon Charlie. While I understand that as a Ranker, Charlie is very powerful compared to a Regular, Baam is going to be ousted as an Irregular with the display he is about to put on here.

The chapter was fantastic. I'm so excited to see Baam and Black March's reunion, and hopefully see more from Jinsung vs Kallavan next week.

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