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Chapter Review: Black Clover (183)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Nov 29, 2018 06:18

Black Clover Chapter 183 Review by Emperor Spriggan

This week's chapter starts with the Black Bulls members arriving at the scene of the battle, each of them arriving at the palace in their mobile base. From Luck to Charmy, all of them make comments that are relatable to their personality. Jack is visibly impressed by the entrance, and Yami shows visible elation at Henry finally showing up.

Noelle asks the members of her guild what kept them so long, and visibly flaunts about her new magic. Asta is in awe of her Valkyrie Dress, and Magna(?) states that they will be the one who protect her now. Inwardly, Noelle reveals she was lonely and scared the whole time without her friends there. Zora is surprised by the size of the base, and the Silva princess says that at that point nothing about the Black Bulls surprised her anymore.

The elves all charge at the base, boasting about how larger numbers would not increase the human's chances of winning. Luck uses his enhanced magic senses to determine what magic attacks the elves were firing at them, before coming up with appropriate counter attacks. The elves immediately regroup and prepare to fire off other magic attacks, but at this point Vanessa steps in. She uses her fate manipulation magic to ensure that the subsequent magic attacks do not hit their targets. Charmy is using her food to replenish the magic supplies of Gordon and Gray. Henry uses the base's mobility to launch a physical attack at the elves, and it connects brilliantly. Yami is proud of his guild members, bragging about them to Jack who jokes about ripping them apart.

Patri is watching all the ongoing from afar, and is visibly annoyed at the Black Bulls meddling in his plans for a second time. The first time they interfered was at the beginning of the series where we fought Yami. The de facto leader of the elves identifies Vanessa as the most annoying one on account of her magic plus her being a witch. An elf known as Rave volunteers to go on ahead to deal with the intruders. An elf behind her wonders whether she'll be alright since she had been asleep for centuries, and Rave reassures him she'll be alright.

Mimosa shows up with two other members and tells Asta and the rest of the Black Bulls that they need to hurry up or else the people possessed by the elves will lose their bodies forever. At this point, the Coral Peacock's Captain shows up in front of everyone there, stunning all of them. She has also fallen victim to the elf take over. This is the first time in the series we will see her in action, so what happens next should be pretty exciting. Immediately, the base of the Black Bulls is rendered unable to move. Henry can still sense the mana from those parts, but they don't exist anywhere. Vanessa, Magna, Luck, Charmy and Sally are also all gone. At this point, Dorothy's magic is explained as possessing the ability to transport other people to a dream world.

Suddenly, the guild base is demolished via one of Patri's attacks, The Imperial Sword of Condemning Light's Storm. Henry is visibly angry, and Asta shouts out Gauche's name. We spot him and Marie watching from beside Patri. The siblings state that they will take care of the rest, and Patri can go on ahead with Licht. In another area, we spot all the Black Bulls members who were whisked away from the base. Dorothy welcomes them to her world, and the chapter ends with thi cliffhanger.

Personal thoughts: First things first, I have to admit. I seriously love Dorothy's character design a lot. Most times before in the series when we saw her she was asleep so it was hard to appreciate her, but what we are seeing of her currently is just...wow. I especially love the detail they have given her eyes. In regards to her magic, I suppose it might be interesting? It reminds me too much of the Infinite Tsukoyomi though, as a Naruto fan. My guess is that we're going to have a group fight to deal with her while Asta and Henry fight Gauche outside. Yami and Jack will probably follow suit after Patri then, but I expect them to lose horribly this time round.

Chapter rating: 7.8/10.

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