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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (85)

+ posted by Kaoz in Manga Reviews on Dec 3, 2018 19:00

Dr. Stone Chapter 85 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: The King of Resources

The Chapter begins with Senkuu telling Tsukasa’s reporter that he needs a captain to sail them to the other side of the world. She guarantees she can find anyone. Nikki points out that they’re building a sailing ship as opposed to a modern vessel. The difference here is the modern vessels like cruise ships run on oil and fuel whereas the sailing Vessels are propelled by the winds. The reporter points out that it will be hard finding someone from their era who could operate one, despite all the training they would have done. She suddenly has a flashback of a man doing an interview in front of many reporters including herself and utters the name “Ryuusu…” but tries to stop before anyone has a chance to hear her. Kohaku asks who Ryuusu is but is quickly dismissed.

Senkuu and the others arrive at the site where the Nanami Academy used to be. This was an ocean based school that had sailing as part of its curriculum. The reporter thinks that if they revive one of the instructors they would know how to operate a sailing vessel. The “Gorilla” team proceeds to excavate quite a few statues. Kohaku wonders if they should revive them all but Senkuu unfortunately does not have that much revival formula since Homura destroyed the cave of miracles. While they’re deciding on whom to revive, the reporter suddenly notices the statue of Ryuusui. Kohaku remembers her mentioning the name earlier but the reporter frantically tells them to use anyone but him. Senkuu asks her about him and reminds her that what matters most in the end is his skill.

The reporter proceeds to give them background on Ryuusui. It turns out his name is Nanami Ryuusui and his family founded the sailing academy. They are hailed as the Kings of the Shipping Industry, but she considers him a debaucherous party boy. When he was younger he was into making model ships in bottles, and as he got older he turned his attention to making real ships. Ever since he was in middle school he built and sailed ships using his own ability, partying around the world. Kohaku, Taiju and Senkuu are sold on this impressive feat but the reporter tries to tell them that while there’s no one more capable of sailing a ship he also has the vilest personality. Nikki breaks it down, do they want a normal person with normal skills, or a psycho with top class skills? Senkuu doesn’t even bother debating and throws the formula at Ryuusui’s statue.

Ryuusui dramatically breaks out of his statue and declares the world is once again his. This shocks everyone with the reporter reminding them that she warned them about him. After establishing that it was Senkuu and his group that saved him, he arrogantly states that his butler Francois would write them a check for any amount as a thank you. Realizing that he no longer has his butler or money at his disposal, he proceeds to show off his “sailor senses” and breaks down what’s happened, from the end of civilization to his lack of funds. After Senkuu confirms this, Ryuusui excitedly states that if ownership across the world has disappeared he would acquire it all for himself now, much to the dismay of those around him. The reporter shoves some clothes at him, because up until now he was standing there naked, and he apologizes for being inelegant standing before three beauties. Magma with all the common sense of a fly, corrects him by saying there are only two beauties to which Nikki knees him in the groin. This was a surprising moment because it’s obviously pointing to a future Magma/Nikki ship, which I can actually see. Ryuusui also corrects Magma and states that even though everyone has their own types, every woman is a beauty. Yes I definitely like this guy.

Senkuu shows Ryuusui the ship they’re currently building. He likes what he sees and definitely wants it. Senkuu asks if he can get them to the other side of the world. Gen points out that Ryuusui is used to modern top class vessels, while their ship is primitive. I’m not sure if Gen was trying to use reverse psychology here but Ryuusui interrupts and tells them they’ll have to disassemble the ship and protect it before he could answer as to whether he could take them around the world. He then proceeds to show off his sailor senses once again by guessing the temperature which is confirmed to be correct. Senkuu uses a thermometer to test this and we’re given a quick tutorial on how to make a thermometer. Ryuusui continues by listing the different things happening to the weather including humidity, air mass, cloud speed, going as far as predicting a storm is coming, which it does a few minutes later. Everyone is once again in awe at his precise predictions and wonders who he is and if he was using science as well. This is a huge compliment to Ryuusui because they’re in effect, comparing his intelligence to Senkuu’s.

Ryuusui tells Senkuu that the trees they’re using to build the ship aren’t like the tress that humans culled and raised over centuries. The ones Senkuu is using are weak and it’s too much of a gamble to use them to sail across the world. Senkuu agrees saying they’ll need sails and locomotion, a hybrid motorized sailboat. Ryuusui realizes Senkuu was testing him to see whether he knew what he was doing or if he was just a yes man. Ryuusui asks him what his locomotion is, saying if he gets some real fuel he guarantees he can take them across the world. Senkuu tries to play dumb by asking him what he wants since Senkuu wasn’t good at science, but Ryuusui stops him and warns him not to play dumb. Senkuu laughs and admits he knows what Ryuusui wants since it’s the same thing The Kingdom of Science wants and that’s the King of Resources, a.k.a Oil. Gen is beyond shocked at hearing this and demands to know where they will find oil in Japan of all places.

Ryuusui says that no matter how much time has passed one thing remains the same and that’s “he who controls the oil controls the world.” He sinisterly states that even in this new world he will acquire everything. Chrome’s excavation squad prepares to find the oil.

This was a nice chapter. I’d rate it a 7/10.

A captain was acquired. I like Ryuusui for the most part, but towards the end I had to pause because he seemed to have his own agenda in regards to the oil they’re going to be looking for. He seems determined to control the world, and we know one thing for certain is that Senkuu cannot be controlled by anyone. I had flashbacks to when we first met Tsukasa and he wanted the revival formula for himself because his ideals were far from Senkuu’s. A friend with the potential to turn into a foe. That’s the vibe I’m getting from Ryuusui. If he was like what the reporter first said, a party boy that likes sailing, it would be fine. But he’s ambitious and he’s smart. He would make a good enemy for Senkuu, or bad depending on how one looks at it. For now I think he’ll play nice, because I’m pretty sure he’ll be taking them to the other side of the world. What happens afterwards is what I’ll be keeping an eye on.

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