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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (114)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Dec 4, 2018 19:36

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 114 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: One thing at a Time

The previous Chapter ended with Emma,Ray and Co. bidding farewell to their fallen Comrades and deciding to meet Mr.Minerva at the Lion's Jaw,led by the Coordinates written down by Lucas. This Chapter picks up right there,the group decides on which route they should travel towards the Lion's Jaw and thinks of taking the same route they used to reach Cuvitidala but will head towards west at some point. Ray informs the group that their Journey will probably take about 10 Days.

We do a short skip ahead in Time to their 3rd Day of travelling,the entire group seems to experience exhaustion from their travels on foot the entire time.
Don and Gilda silently express concern over their condition and pace at which they're travelling,it is to be expected since they're not a group of 5 or 6 anymore but 55 so their pace is naturally slower than before. As many of the smaller Kids haven't been travelling much so far their stamina is naturally lower and the size of the group makes it hard to hunt for everybody to get their fair share as well. They're also suffering from the Stress and Fear of their opponents that are not just Demons anymore but also Humans.

The Kids get alarmed by the faintest noises and are also keeping their eyes open for any of the Owl-Cam's scattered by Peter Ratri,some of the Kids are too tired to walk and have to be carried by some of the Teens in their group so they won't have to rest or leave someone behind.
Nigel and Violet tried gathering some Food for the group but only returned with a few mushrooms and berries,as they express frustration over it Emma tries cheering the group up by volunteering to gather some more Food and as she is about to head out she is asked by some of the smaller Kids to come along with her.

Don and Emma while gathering some Mushrooms wonder about which are edible and which aren't,some of the Kids reassure Don that while some may be poisonous there is a trick to make them edible by taking out the poison with a certain herb found in the forest. Visibly shocked by the Kids experience and knowledge Emma and Don are told to look for food in various places rather than one spot together to make sure they gather plenty,Gilda questions Yvette about her next Move as she is seen kneeling down inspecting the ground. She replies that she is looking for footprints. Suddenly a loud noise cries out and the smaller Kids alarm Don and Emma to follow them as there might be Monkeys nearby. Yuugo taught them that Monkey's and Human have similar tastes and preferences for food so where Monkey's are Food can only be close by.

The Group reaches the source of the noise and is actually met by a group of monkeys,currently busy eating some fruits,as they see the Kids they get ready to leave but before they do they leave behind a few fruits for them. After a short time their bowls are filled with several kinds of fruits and mushrooms,Emma,Don and Gilda express shock at the amount gathered and even more at the skill and knowledge of their younger companions that plan to make a Soup with their gathered ingredients. One of the Kids jokingly says that gathering food should be left to the young ones as they seem to be more efficient and knowledgeable at it due to their 2 years at the shelter with Yuugo and Lucas.

A short Flashback occurs where we see the Kids reflect on their time together with Yuugo and Lucas,teaching them the basics about survival in the Wild.
As the flashback concludes the children around Emma reassure her that they can handle this Journey and that she should rely more on her friends and take a rest here and now as well. Emma silently acknowledging the Children's growth in her mind concludes that this Journey can only be a successful one if they all work together. They proceeded with that pace for the next days,we make a short skip ahead in time again and are now at the 8th Day of travelling.
Ray says that they might not make it within 10 Days from the looks of it,Emma agrees with him.

Emma starts telling Ray that she has been worrying the entire time,be it about the wounded Chris and Dominic or just the dangers they might face on this Journey. She continues by saying that she felt terribly frustrated over losing their Supporters,the Shelter and their comrades to Andrew,Phil whose fate is still unknown. The more she thought about it the more anxious she became but she realizes that the Children taught her something really valuable,that being that no matter how tough things are now more than ever do they need to take things slowly. One thing at a time.
Suddenly a loud roar surprises the Kids. Ray,Emma and Don head into the direction of the sound and are convinced that there are Demons ahead.

Their guess turns out to be true as they find 4 huge Low Rank Demons attacking 2 Children defending themselves with Spears and wearing medieval-like clothing. Ray is visibly shocked to meet Humans in the middle of the Demon World.

Personal Thoughts

This Chapter was pretty good,it proved that the side characters developed and experienced growth on their own while we were following Emma and Co. on their Journeys. It's always good to know that the side characters haven't been forgotten entirely and not everything depends on the Main Members of the Cast. Emma reflecting on their losses,their fallen comrades and Phil was a nice moment since i had thought that after Andrew revealed his "interview" with him and nobody reacted to it the whole time that he was forgotten but he wasn't. She seemed really rational,caring and reasonable in that Moment and that is definitely praise worthy aspects/characteristics for a Main Character. Emma has been getting better and better,i'm satisfied with her developments and i feel like she is close to Ray and Norman for me lately even. Definitely looking forward to how she continues to grow,as for my expectations for the next Chapter:

I expect Emma and Co. to help those new Kids out,i feel like they could either be a very clever trap of Peter or are actually People living under the extreme conditions of fighting demons day in and day out. Their Clothing implies that they're either Orphan's that lived in the woods for a longer time and got used to their environment or they're actually Humans living in the Demon World since Ancient Times. I'd like the Trap-Theory to come true though. We'll see where this goes. Until next time everybody!

I'd rate this Chapter a 9 out of 10.

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