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Chapter Review: Black Clover (186)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Dec 18, 2018 22:06

[sizeptpt=4]Black Clover - Chapter 186 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Eye in the Mirror

This Chapter starts with a step back in Time as we rewind it to shortly after Dorothy took Magna,Vanessa,Luck,Charmy and Sally into her Dream World.
The remaining Black Bulls are falling towards the ground as their moving Base got destroyed before,Gordon and Grey make sure to cushion their fall as Gordon casts his Poison Magic: Dwelling of the Poison Cloud!. As he casts his Spell a poisonous cloud appears below them,Grey uses her Magic Convert to turn the poison cloud into a mass of cotton to make a safe landing. As the Bull's get back on their feet,Patri leaves to reunite with Licht on top of the Gravito Rock Fortress and tells Droite to take care of the remaining Black Bulls. Droite is the name of the Elf that has taken possession of Gauche's body.

Valtos and Rades go after the Eye of the Midnight Sun by connecting to their Dimension with Valtos Magic,meanwhile Henry falls to the ground as his Mana reserves seem to be exhausted and Charmy isn't around to refuel it for him with her Magic. At the Silva Residence Noelle and Zora watch on as their Comrades made their landing,Noelle's Valkyrie Armor dispells itself as her Mana reserves seem to have run out as well and she experiences sudden exhaustion. Zora tells her that her body needs to get used to the strain of the Magic before she can use it over longer periods of time while lamenting his own lack of Mana and Stamina.

Yami noticing this from the remains of the Kira House screams at the Black Bulls that they have to surpass their limits today,accepting their Captain's Order the Black Bulls prepare to take the possessed Gauche on and tell their Captain to leave the situation at the Castle to them so he can go ahead into the Realm of the Dead. Yami while bickering with Jack makes his way towards the entrance. Gauche tells his also possessed Sister Mary to play some hide and seek with their Enemies,as he creates several Mirrors around the Magic Knights he tells them that no matter how motivated they get they can't save themselves from their incoming defeat.

Gauche and Mary are revealed to have casted a Combination Magic,comparing Gauche's Mirror Magic and Ecra's(The Elf that is possessing Mary) Eye Magic with another to use their Combination Magic: Reflect Iris!. Mary's face appears in all of the mirrors with her Iris glowing thanks to her Magic,all of the Black Bulls as well as Kirsch and Mimosa notice that they cannot move their Bodies anymore nor use their Magic which is revealed to be the effect of the Eye Magic by Gauche. Asta,shaking and sweating,realizes the threat Mary poses for the Magic Knights despite not wielding a Grimoire yet. As he finishes Gauche prepares to defeat all of the Magic Knights at once as he uses 4 of his Mirrors to blast them with their Magical Beams.

Asta refusing to fall while being unable to move manages to break free of the binding thanks to his Demonslayer Sword negating the Magic,but not just on him,as Asta breaks free the Sword emits Dark Anti Magic towards Gordon and Grey immediatly dispelling the binding on them as well. Recognizing Asta's Sword to be Licht's Gauche starts his attack while telling Asta to die,according to him the Sword is far beyond someone like Asta so he should just give it back. Preparing to counter Gauche,Grey throws some debris into the air while transforming it into more Mirrors with her Magic Convert. Throwing some of the Beams of their initial trajectory Gordon uses his Poison Magic: Verbotene Frucht! as Henry is about to be hit by a stray magic beam Grey throws a rock in front of him to take the attack.

Asta taking his Anti Magic Broadsword out reflects an incoming magic beam back towards Gauche using the additional Mirrors created by Grey and even manages to graze Gauche,acknowledging his Comrades magic to be very powerful Asta notes that he won't lose to it no matter how much stronger it has become. The Black Bulls reminiscence about the Original Gauche's bad habits,be it his manner of talking or his constant swooning over his Sister,concluding that the real Gauche may not be the ideal or normal Magic Knight he is still their comrade of the Black Bulls. Hearing this Droite/Gauche acknowledges their Efforts but claims that they'll be in vain as he and Ecra/Mary have yet to reveal "That"!

Personal Thoughts
This Chapter really went along with my expectations once again,It was clear that we'd either get the conclusion to the Bulls vs Dorothy fight or move onto another Battle,what i did not see coming is that we'd go back a bit in time but i guess like this it'll make sense that when the other Bulls come out of the Dimension that nobody stops them from their attack since i expect Asta and Co. to defeat the possessed Gauche here and now.
It's surprising that little Marie can use Magic without having a Grimoire but i guess this proves the stronger connection to Mana of the Elves,and she used Eye Magic went well with the Mirror Magic of Gauche and it reminds a bit of the Gorgon Eyes that turn you to stone after looking into them while Marie's just makes you unable to move. Asta already demonstrated how he plans on beating Gauche i think,knocking back the Lasers and close the distance step by step to one slash him with the new Sword to dispel the Reincarnation Magic so i'm currently not expecting all too much of this fight to be honest but we'll see how it goes. It was a bit disappointing that we only got 14/15 pages this time but i'll take it for what it's worth.

I'd rate this Chapter a 6.5/7 out of 10, Until next time everybody!

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