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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (116)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Dec 20, 2018 02:37

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 116 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: Infiltrating the Cage

Last time we met Jin and Hayato,2 rather mysterious boys on a Mission,a Mission to find and lead the Grace Field Escapees to their Master and Savior James Ratri aka William Minerva. As the Kids were happy to finally find and meet some allies their happiness soon changes into despair as their good friend Chris Condition takes a turn for the worse and they have to act quick otherwise he won't even make it to Minerva alive. Hayato suggests to invade a Low Class Plantation and steal Medicine and Medical Equipment from it. Is it a Trap?! Or is it just kindness?! Well,i don't know yet but we're about to find out as we break down this Chapter so come along...

Emma expresses surprise and shock at Hayato's idea,the latter starts explaining his plan to the group and informs them that the Plantation they want to infiltrate is about 5 Kilometres to the west from their current location. He goes on to reveal that they've infiltrated it before to steal various supplies from them,he notes that there was several kinds of medicine and probably what Chris needs to survive as well. As he finishes the group expresses surprise and fear of the bravery it takes to go through with a plan like that,Oliver and Ray reply that it is a logical measure from Minerva as he cannot easily produce supplies for hundreds of people. Some of the Kids also voice doubts and fear as they are still planning to invade a Plantation,Hayato claims that they can be back before sunset if they go right now.

After a brief moment of silence Emma raises her voice and asks Hayato to lead the way as she is going to infiltrate the plantation with him,she goes on to mention that a small group is all they need as they don't go to fight but to steal medicine for their friends. Hayato supports that statement. Emma tells Jin to stay with the group in case they won't return before Nightfall to take the group to Minerva's place,before they can set out Emma wonders if they should take Zack along as they need someone with knowledge of Medicine with them. As Zack wants to agree to her invitation,suddenly Anna interrupts them asking to come along instead of Zack as he has the Most Experience,Skill and Battle Power to handle the Demons.

As the group expresses surprise and worry about her wish,Zack reveals that Anna knows more about Medicine than anybody else does and that even Lucas was surprised at her progress and intellect. Sandy confirms this by saying that Anna is a fast learner and has a good memory,as he and Zack finish their statements Oliver notes that if they are worried about Anna's safety they should take Ray along as well as he is not only skilled but also smart.
As they make their decision the group bids Chris and the others goodbye as they make for the plantation,they arrive at the Plantation and Hayato gives them a final Head's up. They should avoid any Cameras they spot and possibly not engage any of the Demons residing within it,there are a few but fighting raises unwanted attention.

Entering a secret door leading into the sewers below the Plantation Hayato leads the group into the Plantation,Anna slows the group down as they crawl up a pipe. Before they enter the Plantation Hayato informs them that there is a Camera on the right next to the entrance and that the Medicine Room is at the end of the Corridor they're about to enter,as everybody nods they climb down. 2 Demons are seen sitting in a Monitor Room,observing the Corridors,noticing that nothing happens all the time they're on duty the Demons wonder if it is a good thing or a bad thing. They continue conversating recent increase in thefts of Plantations and briefly mention James previous attack on another Plantation as well,their Leaders decided to increase their Security and that is why they have to work more.

Right as they finish Anna is spotted by a patrolling Demon,reacting with nothing but shock Anna is pushed towards Emma by Ray who proceeds to immediatly kill the Demon. Unfortunately Ray did so in front of a Camera and the Demons spotted him,they activate the Alarm,Ray starts running into the opposite direction of the Medicine Room and while he does 3 more Demons head out to find him. Hayato,although visibly scared,decides to aid Ray as he doesnt know his way around the Plantation and they need to return safely together. He tells Emma and Anna to get the Medicine and escape through the same route they came from before running off towards Ray. Admitting his own Weakness and Lack in Skill Hayato makes his resolve to return and thank Ray properly for saving him. Emma and Anna enter the Medicine Room and decide to find the item they need while Ray and Hayato buy them the necessary time.

Personal Thoughts:

This Chapter was pretty good,i honestly liked that instead of Zack and Sandy they took Anna along since it is a good way to give another side character some focus and spotlight again. Not gonna lie i was even a bit hyped about her impressive Medicine Knowledge,i'm curious as to what Ray and Hayato are going to do next now that they're separated actually. I don't know why but i fear that Hayato might die or get hurt in the process of saving Ray,this whole inner monologue of accepting his weakness and flaws feels like a deathflag to me. Hope he doesn't get caught while leading the way and Ray and Co. have to return without him,Jin would be shocked...I expect the next Chapter to focus on Emma and Anna finding the Medicine,and here and there some bits of Ray and Hayato's struggle.

I'd rate this Chapter a 7 out of 10. Until next time everybody!

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