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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (88)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Dec 28, 2018 16:09

Dr Stone Chapter 88 Review by Emperor Spriggan
The chapter starts with Chrome in disbelief over the gang building a device that can fly in the air. He remarks that he never got to work on the car or the tank, but this time he was not going to be left behind. The scene shifts to Senkuu making several calculations, and he comes to the conclusion that for a test run, they need a hot air balloon that can hold 3 people.

Last week's chapter cover had Senkuu on the cover along with Kohaku. There's a difference this time though. Upon Senkuu's back are wings, and the title of the chapter is 'Wings of Man'.

Everyone is getting involved in the sewing of the cloth that's going to make the hot air balloon. Yo makes a mistake and accidentally injures himself with the needle. Magma mocks him, saying that modern people are useless at sewing despite doing nothing himself. Yuzuriha is making the most progress out of everyone there, continuing to display her excellent craftsmanship skills. Within no time, the hemp needed for the hot air balloon is completed.

Now, the tricky part comes here. They need to decide the three people who are supposed to test the hot air balloon out. Of course, the first name that goes without saying is Senkuu. Senkuu then states that they need a proper pilot to navigate the hot air balloon. Only one person fits this bill out of everyone else there, Ryuusui. Taiju immediately shouts his name, but Gen stops him. He intends on making money out of getting Ryuusui on the ship. To this effect, he decides that drawing lots is the best way to achieve his scheme. Whoever got the two jokers that were in his set of cards would be the chosen two.

Ryuusui seems to see through this plan, and tells Gen that he will charge him 1 million dragos for his piloting services. He draws a card from the pack, but it isn't a joker. Gen then states that when people lose something they think they had, they experience more stress and psychological pressure. The mentalist had hidden a card up his sleeve that he pulls out at that point. Said card is revealed to be a joker, which of course means Gen is one of the chosen two to go aboard the balloon. He laments getting the card, and this is where the fun part of the chapter starts. Senkuu realizes what Gen is doing, and joins him in lamenting about the joker he obtained. The pilot then offers to trade with Gen, a proposal that Gen uses to gain more money from him. Both Taiju and Yuzuriha are in awe of what happened, and Senkuu coolly states that they should have enough money to buy oil now.

The second person for the ride is acquired. Now we need one more person to volunteer, Chrome then immediately shouts that he wants to go, arriving at the spot just in time. All he's done is hear from Senkuu what the world is like, but he wanted to see it for himself. He moves to draw a card, and succeeds in obtaining a Joker.

Senkuu finalizes the hot air balloon, and they realize the weather currently is perfect to take off in. Chrome marvels at how they are rising in the air. Magma and the others on the ground are also amazed by the phenomenon. Kaseki then remarks at how even without wings, man found a way to fly with Science. While in the air, Chrome is surprised at how the earth is lit up despite it still being dark outside. The senior Scientist replies saying that they are seeing the sunrise from 7 minutes into the future, hence the lighting up.

The junioe Scientist realizes that the earth really is round from seeing the horizon. He breaks into tears, revealing that he wants to see everything about the world. Senkuu acknowledges his wish, stating that he intends on finding out where the petrification ray came from. Ryuusui boldly states the world is theirs, and the chapter ends with a view of the horizon as the sun rises.

Personal opinion: This chapter solidified why this is one of the best ongoing manga currently. The emotion evoked from this chapter was stellar. Kaseki as he watched the hot air balloon rising, Chrome crying as he witnessed the world, even Gen tricking Ryuusui into getting on the ship. Everything in this chapter was done brilliantly. Art work in the hot air balloon scenes was top notch.

Chapter rating: 9.8/10.

To discuss and share your thoughts on the manga, you can visit our Dr. Stone section.

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