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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (117)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Dec 31, 2018 22:32

The Promised Neverland Chapter 117 Review by Emperor Spriggan

The chapter starts with Emma and Anna getting to the shelves with all the medicine. Emma is overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of medicine there, but Anna wastes no time in starting to look for medicine. She quickly manages to locate one type of the medicine they need. It isn't enough though, and they need more time. Ray and Hayato were busy distracting the demons so they needed to hurry up.

We switch scenes back to Ray. He is under siege by the demons who ran into them last chapter. Ray fires a few shots at them, before Hayato calls out to him from the front. The dark haired kid is shocked at Hayato's presence there, and he asks him why he is there. Hayato informs him that he is going to offer him information about the area. Ray tells him he is supposed to be ensuring Anna and Emma are safe, to which the head band kid states that leading the demons around as long as possible is another way of ensuring the girls are safe. He says this while shivering, something that Ray notices and points out. Nevertheless, he is impressed by Hayato's bravado to show up where he was.

Ray fires off at one of the demons, killing it. He tells Hayato to take care of the escape path while he would deal with the demons. As the two continue running, Ray sees something along the walls that surprises him. It's identity is unknown to us.

On the other end, Emma and Anna succeed in getting all the medicine they require. Anna is worried about Ray and Hayato, but Emma reassures her that they will be okay. The two girls are heading outside via one of the pipes in the building, Emma removes the lid above her, only to meet several demons staring at her. She immediately warns Anna below her and tries to retreat back into the plantation. The demons are too fast for her though.

While in their grasp, the demons wonder whether that is a human. One of the demons says that there is another one, judging from the scream that Anna made earlier after Emma was captured. They plan on reporting to headquarters, but as Emma squirms and tries releasing herself they notice the brand on her neck. This excites them since they realize her identity. She's from Grace Field which automatically means she is premium quality meat. Anna is in visible despair as the demons are about to devour Emma.

Suddenly, a masked person appears, and most of the demons are cut down. The masked person is using a sword to down the demons, a stark contrast from how Emma and the rest of the cast have been using guns so far. More importantly however, Emma is saved. She wonders who the masked person is. Surprisingly, the masked person brings a sword to her throat and Hayato calls out to him. Ray and Anna also appear, and the four are safely out of the plantation. Anna embraces Emma and cries in relief at the thought of her friend being safe.

Emma explains that the masked person is the one who saved her from the demons. Ray then asks if he's with Minerva. Hayato explains that the masked person is Zazie, and he serves under Minerva directly. Since Hayato and Jin took so long to return, he was probably sent out to get them back. That doesn't clear the doubts from Emma's mind. Still thinking back to how Zazie saved her, she genuinely wonders how he did that. The chapter ends with the gang deciding to head back to where Chris and the other kids were.

Personal opinion: The chapter was alright. Zazie's introduction is clearly meant to be the highlight, but at this point the manga is just introducing way too many characters for its own good. I assume Zazie might probably be some demon-human hybrid, which would explain the lack of the ability to talk fluently. Personally, I think the best part of the chapter was the part Emma was about to be eaten. You knew she wasn't going to die, but you could genuinely feel the tension in that scene. Also, I do wonder what Ray saw. But I guess that's for another time.

Chapter rating: 6.5/10.

To discuss and share your thoughts on the manga, you can visit our Yakusoku no Neverland section.

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