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Chapter Review: Black Clover (187)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Jan 9, 2019 20:06

Black Clover Chapter 187 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Battle Between Heaven and Earth

Last chapter ended with the possessed Gauche gearing up for an attack. Now, he once again aligns his mirrors around Asta and the other Black Bulls, who tell him they already know how to deal with that spell. A mirror suddenly appears in front of Asta, and he finds himself being transported through different mirrors, similar to what Gauche does when he’s dodging attacks. The possessed Gauche realizes that with Licht’s demon slaying sword, which can sever the fate of all those around, Asta will prove to be a problem since he can negate Ecra’s spell, therefore they have to get rid of him first. Once more surrounded by mirrors, Ecra urges Asta to look at her, which he refuses to do. Gauche asks him if he can defend himself with his eyes closed, to which Asta replies he can defend himself by instinct, proving this by deflecting the attack Gauche had launched at him. Gauche is unphased and launches another attack, this one with multiple beams, making it difficult for Asta to counter.

The Black Bulls base suddenly appears below Asta, shielding him from the onslaught of Gauche’s attack but it is destroyed in the process. Asta shocks Gauche by suddenly reappearing from the wreckage in his partial demon form. Asta uses his speed to break all the surrounding mirrors before appearing in front of a surprised Gauche. His surprise doesn’t last long and he reveals a mirror in his left eye. Asta makes the mistake of looking into his eye and is caught in Ecra’s spell that binds him. He realizes he won’t be able to escape in time to avoid the attack that Gauche suddenly launches at him.

Out of the blue, Asta’s teammates arrive just in time to help him. Gordon launches Poison Magic: Violetter Schirm (Violet Umbrella) and Grey uses Magic Convert: Poison > Mirror to transform the umbrella into a mirror that reflects Gauche’s attack back towards the original mirror and shatters it. Asta thanks his teammates, with Gauche reluctantly impressed with their teamwork.

Henry laments that the current Gauche is on another level of strength but Asta, Grey and Gordon might be able to handle him. Henry thinks he also can still fight and vows that no matter what happens to him, he will save Gauche.

Personal Thoughts

I’d rate the chapter 8/10

It was a relatively short chapter this time, more action than dialogue. It’s always nice to see a team effort in battle. Gauche has a very unique magic so the showcase is always above average. I’m not sure how they plan to reach him, tbh I expected Asta to just whip out his new sword and free him. Marie is Gauche’s Achilles heel and since she’s possessed too, I look forward to seeing how they appeal to him.

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