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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (118)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Jan 13, 2019 20:50

The Promised Neverland Chapter 118 Review by Elusia


The chapter begins with Zazie showing himself before the kids. Some of them are terrified by his presence, but they are not too imitated to approach him a little. The other kids check up on Chris, whose health is getting better thanks to the medicine they got back from the nearby plantation. Emma was relieved, Gilda thanked Anna for her efforts, and then scolded Emma that she needed to rest for a while. Emma told everyone else to spend the night, sleep and continue on in the morning.

Two days later, they stumble across a strange part of the forest where the trees are unbelievably big. It is a huge sign that Minerva’s hiding place is near, so they keep going. Ray is a bit skeptical; deep in his mind, he thinks that while the woods are safe from any demon villages, it could contain wild demons, wondering of how such a hiding place exist to shelter a lot of people was built there in the first place. The hike suddenly stops, as Hayato went ahead of the group, and all of them note how fast he is, up to Ray thinking that he might not even be human. Then, after a little while, they finally got to see the hideout, described as an entire town built inside a tree. Jin asserted them that the hidden area was once a village for an ancient demon clan and that other demons don’t know about that place, so they don’t come and investigate. The injured kids were sent to the infirmary while the others checked the whole place.

The kids are amazed by the sight of the place, not only containing food, water, shelter and other things that are needed, but also by the number of other kids who are very happy and well. The kids are welcoming towards them, showing hospitality and friendliness, which as seen as unsettling in Ray’s skeptic eyes. Nonetheless, the others embrace the warmth of all the kindhearted kids. Hayato then calls Emma as he said that Minerva wants to see her. She happily nods and proceeds to go, with several thoughts coming into her mind. The person, who she and her several friends have searched for far too long, is definitely going to reveal himself in front of her. She feels a great gratitude towards him.

Hayato and Emma enter his room, waiting for a quick response. The man answers, letting Emma go inside, and her expression changes. The man addresses her, leaving Emma more shocked. Tears run through her face as she speaks the name she hasn’t uttered in a long time.



This chapter was good, no denying how good the buildup was until the end. It was surprising how it turned out, but in general, it was satisfactory.

I’m quite pleased about what they did regarding Anna last two chapters ago and hope we get more of her, even if it was little this time. All the others were in their usual antics, but it was nice to see them get their peace. Ray, however, has his doubts thrown in, about the place and the people living in it, and I understand why. It might be seen as a red flag to the kids, but we’ll see more about this in the upcoming chapters.

The “Norman is Minerva” reveal is the best thing about this chapter, but like Ray, I have some doubts about it. There are some things that don’t add up to why Norman is the way he is now. For me, he could be just another person who, despite eerily looking like Norman, presents himself as Minerva, or perhaps the theory of cloning humans like animals in real life is possible. Either way, I doubt it is the same Norman we know from the first arc and from the Lambda plantation.

Overall, I give this chapter an 8/10.

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