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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (92)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Feb 4, 2019 21:29

Dr. Stone Chapter 92 Review by Belserion

Chapter Title: Desire is Noble

Last week’s chapter ended with the group’s dismal failure in bread making. They realized that they needed a chef to make their food edible and this week set out to acquire one. First they needed revival formula in order to do that. Ryusui accuses the reporter; whose name we now know is Hokutozai Minami, of having a secret stash since she was in charge of reviving him last time. She initially tries to deny this but then Gen comes up with one of his schemes where he made it seem like Senkuu created something she specifically wanted. We’re not told what this something is but she falls for it and gives up the small amount of formula she had hidden away.

It doesn’t take the group long to decide on whom to revive, and no it’s not Gordon Ramsey. It’s Ryusui’s butler Francois, who he assures them was also his personal chef. They head to the place where Ryusui was revived since he and Francois were together when the petrification happened, so they found her immediately. Ryusui continues to praise her skill assuring them her cuisine is to die for.

Francois is revived and thanks the group. She immediately asks about Ryusui. Yuzuriha tells her not to worry about Ryusui but Francois dismisses that she’s worried stating worrying doesn’t solve anything and it’s strictly about her work. I like her. She gets to the point and can’t be bothered about much else.

While Ukyo and the others try to mentally figure out Francois, we learn that Ryusui doesn’t know what language his butler speaks or what gender she is for that matter. This was a bit far-fetched to me because we learned in the past chapters that Ryusui is a lover of women. He thinks all women are beautiful, yet he doesn’t know if the person that served him faithfully is a man or woman. He justifies this by saying none of those things matter when it comes to sheer talent. I’m still not buying it though.

Francois asks to be directed to the bread she’s supposed to bake. This scene is actually hilarious because we learn Francois and Gen have been walking nonstop for two days looking for Ryusui and Gen looks about ready to die while Francois isn’t even winded. They show her their previous attempts at baking bread and she is appalled, asking if they served that industrial waste to hungry people. When Ryusui confirms they did, she gets right down to business and asks what type of bread they want. When Senkuu is vague about what he requires, she asks for a specific number, so he tells her they need it for a lengthy sea voyage. Ryusui decides on something to last them ten months and she decides to bake Goat’s Gift Stollen, which Ryusui confirms is basically just fruit cake.

The group sets about gathering ingredients. They make butter out of goats’ milk, and soak fruits and sugar in alcohol. It’s noted that bacteria can’t grow without water, so the fruits sucking up the alcohol will make it so they won’t spoil. Francois sets about making the dough for the bread. Senkuu and Ryusui attempt to help but they end up doing it all wrong and Francois scolds them like the dictator she obviously is. Senkuu shows her the oven which has two separate fires, above and below, to regulate the temperature, something Francois loves since she strives to provide exemplary service. She says it is her duty to fulfill the guests’ every last desire because desire is noble.

Now we get into the science of baking bread. We learn that the first nine minutes are crucial to the texture of the bread. It is during these first nine minutes that the dough rises. It is essential that the oven be airtight so that as much energy as possible can be transferred to the dough. Senkuu as usual has a shortcut and instead of relying on the air, adds some steam to the oven. Steam is scientifically simple but has a lot more energy than dense air.

Francois informs Ryusui that as his butler she has every intention of reviving the Nanami Corporation. She also informs him that if it is to succeed in the new world then she desires Senkuu. Ryusui is already ahead of her as he’s already figured out he needs Senkuu on his side. She presents the baked bread to the villagers who end up crying after the first bite. That’s how good her baking is. Now that they know how food is supposed to taste hopefully they never allow Senkuu to cook for them again. They all compliment Francois on her top tier bakery rivaling bread. Gen states that just a bite has him desiring more. This pleases Francois because like she said before Desire is Noble.

Bread Acquired!

I liked this chapter. 8/10. Dr. Stone has been really consistent lately. This is world building at its finest. Now that I’ve set aside my disappointment that they didn’t skip right to the voyage, I can really appreciate the steps they’re taking to prepare. I’d say next up would be finding the oil but there’s always another step or two in between my predictions, so I’m going to just wait and see what they come up with next. One thing I know for certain, it will make sense and will be necessary for the endgame, which is building and fueling the ship.

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