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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (93)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Feb 11, 2019 16:30

Dr. Stone - Chapter 93 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The First one goes to you

The Chapter kicks off with Francois,after having blown everybody's minds with her incredible bread making skills,explaining to Senkuu and Co. that there isn't anything difficult for her about making Bread. As long as she has wheat she can easily create bread,she explains her bread making process which is:
Mixing Water with wheat flour while keeping it at a Temperature of 30 degrees Celsius,since it's Summer she is going to take full advantage of the warm temperatures in their environment,then let it rest for a few days. If you follow those quick steps then bubbles will form and effervesce by themselves.
Gen cuts her off by asking if she doesn't need yeast fungus bacteria if she does plan to make bread,to which Senkuu replies that there is plenty of that within the plants and the wheat itself. Francois adds that it is also to be found in the peels and skins of fruits though that could end up changing the Bread's flavor.

Anyway,the more water you add the softer your bread will turn out but also get bad faster so a ratio of 1:1 between Water and wheat flour should be sufficient for their ideal bread. Francois ends her explanation by saying that if they can manage this simple bread then making the more fancier kind of bread and delicacies isn't out of reach for them either. Just as she finishes another Lady graces them with her attention as Minami,the Reporter,calls them to ask if they even know who to thank for this delicious bread they're eating to which everybody replies while almost completely swooning over Francois that it is the baker and not the Reporter who is to be thanked here. Minami,naturally,get's very angry about this and tells them without her and her Revival Formula flask they'd be without their delicious bread right now. She wants Gen to keep his promise to her and the Mentalist,while sweating,asks Senkuu to help him out.

The Scientist happily agrees to help Gen out and mentions that they'll need real delicate but complex craftwork for this Job,there is noone else but Old Man Kaseki to take on this Job,Kohaku worries about the Elders condition if he has to walk all the way from Ishigami Village to them which the Artisan brushes off by saying that it's been quite some time since they parted ways and they shouldn't underestimate him.
And right as they lay down the phone Minami comes driving in with Kaseki in their newly created Steam Gorilla II! In a cliché Gangster Boss manner at that,Kaseki gets out and is revealed to be wearing a High Quality Suit which he claims to be his new Outfit as it makes him look Badass. This seems to be confirmed as everybody looks at him in awe.

As the Artisan is done making his badass entrance he asks what his new Job is and right as Senkuu finishes whispering the particulars into his ears he literally bursts into zest,as Kaseki gets started on his job Senkuu and Chrome get started on their own to which Senkuu lets the King of Resources know that while Kaseki handles the craftsmanship they are going to do the Science behind the Job which is for them to deal with Sodium Hydroxide,Silver and Ammonia once more. They mix the 3 ingredients together and add some Grape Sugar taken from Raisins to it and next they'll put a Glass plate into the liquid and Whoosh the Glass suddenly possesses a reflecting surface,you guessed it,Mirror aquired! Chrome is naturally shocked by this invention and looks on as Senkuu applies some Paper to the Mirror to make it usable for Daily Life.

As some of the Villagers express their Happiness on finally seeing their own faces,Ukyo wonders if Minami wanted a Mirror so badly to which Chrome while swooning over his own beauty replies that it must be so she can check on her own from time to time. Ryusui replies that it's only natural for a Woman to wish for a Mirror as they are all beautiful and would want to look at their beauty. Minami cuts in saying that a Mirror is indeed important but it's not what she actually asked for but a necessary part of what Gen promised her. Senkuu agrees and states that the Mirror is nothing but film for their end goal,Kaseki crafted a Container for the Mirror to be put into and through a hole in the design they clean the Mirror with saltwater and pour it out again and like that the Film is loaded. Everybody looks on in high anticipation as Senkuu reveals that they were making a Camera.

He calls it "Senkon" which is a reference to the Japanese Corporation "Nikon" that focuses on producing Cameras and the like,it is a Daguereotype. The First and Oldest Camera created in the History of Humanity. As he hands it to Minami she remembers how thousands of years ago when the Petrification happened she lost and broke her Camera as she turned to stone,she breaks into tears vowing to make Photos of every Step this new Civilization takes in the Future. However,her emotional moment is cut short as Senkuu comes rolling in with a cart full of Cameras for everyone announcing that they'll take plenty of pictures as well even from the Skies, Aerial Photography. Senkuu claims that a Picture can say more than 10 Billion words and that's why he made the Cameras,Gen asks him to be a tad more sensitive as he makes Minami look like an idiot after her heartfelt vow from before.

The Reporter at least wants to be the first to make a Picture, Ryusui throws some Money her way claiming that he'll be buying the rights to be in the first shot. As Minami asks why he would have to be on the first picture Ryusui responds that it won't be him but Senkuu because this is the start of their Scientific Civilization,as he pushes Senkuu into the Balloon he claims that they'll show the shot of him in the Nanami Museum of Natural History someday.
Francois tells Minami that she has the wrong idea about Ryusui's greed,he doesn't want to stand out and have the most, he wants others to stand out and shine so they will be worth "aquiring" one day. She excuses herself and reappears with a few bags that she calls Ryusui's personal Photography Collection that she had Kaseki bring along. She has Senkuu try on multiple Outfits but decides to go with his normal Clothes as the fancy suits wouldn't be good for handling the Balloon.

Senkuu tells them to just take a Picture,Minami asks him to at least strike a pose which has everybody wonder what kind of pose he could use for this Photo. Francois suggests to take the Pose of the Worlds most Famous Scientist,Albert Einstein,as soon as the Picture is taken Senkuu and Ryusui make for the Skies again claiming that with the Photos they'll find the Oil Fields in no time at all. Meanwhile Chrome,Minami and Kaseki develop the First picture,for that they'll have to heat Mercury and let the fumes pass over the film and then wash it with the Photographic fixing solution they made from Sulfur. They express surprise and happiness about Senkuu having appeared on the Board but wonder about his Pose to which Minami says that only People from the Modern Era would know about it most likely.

Senkuu is shown sticking his tongue out like Albert Einstein on one of his famous portraits and with that the Photograph has been aquired!

This Chapter was really fun to read,and not just for the comedic relief moments but also for what it went for. 9/10. We may still not be on the actual Voyage to the Origin of the Light but these Chapters we're getting lately build more and more anticipation for me,what they display isn't a waste of time but the founding stones of Humanities Scientific Age. The Emotions and Ideals in Dr. Stone have always been portrayed in a great way and the art does a fair bit to that as well,i'm honestly impressed by how consistent this Manga has been the past Weeks for me. Amazing World Building,Development and spotlight for everybody. Hard to dislike,i don't think another Manga i've been reading lately does as good a Job at that as Dr. Stone sometimes. I think we'll be getting them looking for Oil next and/or analysing their first Photos taken in the Skies,either way i'll be happy about it.

To discuss and share your thoughts on the manga, you can visit our Dr. Stone section.

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