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MangaHelpers Yearbook 2018

+ posted by Brandish in Site News on Feb 16, 2019 00:59
Hello everyone,

The 2018 MH Yearbook is available to read or download here. The book features recounts of events and sections, as well as messages from people within the MangaHelpers community.

A big thanks to Belserion, Farfalla, Holt, Kiki, MarmaladeSky and zimbardo for their work in assembling the pieces. I'd also like to thank those who offered messages and assisted staff with different sections of the yearbook.

Have a great year in the MH community.

- MangaHelpers Staff

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#1. by Charlie (Passive Agro GoT Hater =3=/)
Posted on Feb 18, 2019
Lets make 2019, great again with even more stuff! <3<3

Thanks to the staffs hard-work to bring everything together in 2018! <3

Vote for Cha in the art-contest to make the art-contest great again!

" v "

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