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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (124)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Mar 1, 2019 16:33

The Promised Neverland Chapter 124 Review by Emperor Spriggan

Last week's chapter ended with Emma and Ray meeting the kids that work closely with Norman. These are the same kids that we saw with Norman on his first return to the story, post prison break.

Intrigued by Emma and Ray, the kids close in on them, not respecting their personal space. This startles the two Grace Field kids. Shortly after, they introduce themselves. The girl who is holding the large piece of meat's name is Sandra, while the well toned one is called Cicero. The dark kid with a stitch across his forehead is named Vincent.

Cicero states that the kids with Norman are all fugitives. Barbra brags about the farm they destroyed alongside Norman, and Vincent explains to Emma that they have developed a rivalry with them. Obviously, this is because of their relationship to Norman.

Additionally, Vincent asks Emma and Ray to indulge the kids. Ray sarcastically admits that he and Emma are no match for Barbra and Cicero, and that sentiment seems to satisfy them. Ray notices they have tattoos just like Norman's. This makes him wonder if they were irregulars like Adam and Zazie.

Emma thanks them for taking care of Chris, and nursing him back to full health. Vincent says that all that mattered was that they got well. Barbra intrudes upon the conversation at this point, and asks the two what Norman was like. They harbor a deep adoration for him and want to know all about him, according to Vincent.

He hasn't changed all that much according to Emma. She adds on that he has a gentle smile, and is a very kind person. Barbra and Cicero burst out laughing at this, clearly skeptical of what Emma's description of Norman was. They say that he is naturally a very cold person, who is dead serious and like the Czar. At the mention of this, Ray is the one who bursts into a fit of laughter. The initial awkwardness that had been present in the room is gone now, and conversation progresses naturally and rapidly. Everyone is having a good time.

Cicero admits that it was only thanks to Norman that they got their super human abilities. The three of them are from Lambda, experimental plantation 7214. In the plantation, they were experimented on brutally daily. Several kids died, and it was Norman who was able to save them all. Him, plus those currently in the room and Zazie have been the ones saving kids all over by destroying plantations.

Shortly after, Cicero and Barbra express obvious glee at the thought of killing the demons. It is revealed at this point that the steak Barbra was feeding on was is in fact, demon meat. A pretty interesting revelation. Does this mean that the food that Emma and the others had at dinner last evening was also demon meat? And if so, would there be any adverse effects on the human body?

Emma is visibly disturbed by the bloodlust that the two Lambda experiments expressed. Barbra notices Emma's obvious distress, and questions her about why she is making that face. Proof of what Ray said last chapter about Emma wearing her heart on her sleeve and being emotionally visible to anyone. Going one step further, Barbra realizes that Emma probably wanted to talk to Norman about changing the plan and having it be about saving the demons. And quite frankly, this scene is frustrating as all hell. Emma didn't say anything, but there is a clear lack of empathy here towards people who had their lives ruined by the demons. Compared to Grace Field, the lives that Barbra and the others led were complete hell. Emma should at least try and be considerate of that, but alas, we know the story will do nothing about that. This is just like the Sasuke dilemma in Naruto where Naruto didn't really understand him until he lost Jiraiya. I am completely with Barbra here.

She goes on a bit of a rampage, partially destroying the furniture in the room. Cicero orders her to stop coldly, and she does.

Vincent tells Emma that she is already too late, since everything has been set in motion. Things had been like that since the morning. Norman predicted that Emma would try and change his mind, so he acted according to that prediction.

Later on, we see Norman (Zazie accompanied him as well) and a few other demons having a meeting. The letter that he had sent in the previous chapter was indeed for these demons. Vincent refers to them as pawns, which means that Norman is quite clearly using them. But I do wonder, if he intends on backstabbing them later on?Or these are the select few demons he intends on saving while he will sacrifice all the others? If it is the second one, ironically he will be doing something that Emma would be proud of. The first one would villify him as more of a villain though, and where the story is going it seems to be going to lead to him as the final villain.

Chapter rating: 7.5/10. Emma's shenanigans were just.....a huge wet blanket.

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