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Chapter Review: Dr. Stone (96)

+ posted by Brandish μ in Manga Reviews on Mar 2, 2019 23:09

Dr. Stone - Chapter 96 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Eye of Science

This Week's Chapter picks up at the Cliffhanger from last time where Senkuu and his friends had encountered a mysterious signal that turned out to be a morse code message repeating the same word over and over. Why. As Ukyo,Chrome,Ryusui and Gen ponder who or what exactly could be casting these super powerful radio waves,meanwhile Senkuu picks up the receiver and asks the mysterious Person if it was them that was behind Humanities Petrification 3,700 years ago and that he's looking forward to meeting them after all this time he spent petrified. Back in the Kingdom of Science we see Taiju and the others wonder about the mysterious signal they found while the 5 that had returned from the cruise called up a Strategy Meeting. Taiju,Francois and Kohaku put their trust into them as they are without a doubt the brightest minds among the Kingdom of Science's ranks,although Kohaku doubts that Chrome is just as smart.

Since Chrome,who doesn't know the particulars behind the Petrification,is present in the meeting Ukyo decides to tell him all about what happened "That Day" 3,700 years ago all until they broke out of their Petrification. Ryusui dubs the mysterious signal as "Why-Man",of whom he speculates that he most likely turned himself into Stone as well as the rest of Humanity otherwise there would be no way for him to have lived this long. Chrome asks his friends if this "Why-Man" is their enemy to which Senkuu responds that it's not impossible for him to be friendly but it would be for the best if they went in preparing for everything,meaning wether this person is friend or foe they'll be on guard for anything he/she may try. As Gen and Ukyo mention that this situation isn't exactly going in their favor as the Signal stopped when Senkuu responded and they have no means of finding an "invisible enemy" their backs seem to be against the Wall.

This gives Senkuu an idea as he plans to find their invisible foe with the "Eye of Science",he prepares some of the Rocks from Chrome's collection and a triangular flask and is asked by Kohaku if this will give them insight on the Why-man which Senkuu confirms resulting in shocking everybody. It's revealed that he brought Sphalerite from Chrome's which he gives the "Power Team" to pulverize it into fine powder,which he mixes with water to create fluorescent paint that is poured into the Flask he brought to coat it's bottom. As Kaseki created a vacuum in the tube,Suika switches the "Electron Beam" on and they speed up the Thermions in the vacuum tube with Electrodes,and if those are concentrated at the Bottom then it will cause the paint to light up at it's center. The Birth of the Display Screen. Cathode Ray Tube aquired!

As everybody is visibly confused about Senkuu's claim of having created a Display the Scientist explains to them the principle behind the "CRT" which is by having the beam move back and forth images can be created. This has to be done precise and accurately,left and right,top to bottom,TV's in the past have followed the same principle to show Movies and Shows on them. Chrome asks Senkuu how they'll move the beam with precise speed,again the Scientist has already an answer in mind which is the "Magic Crystal" Quartz! As Gen and Co. wonder if he is actually serious Senkuu replies that he is dead serious and this is 10 billion percent science no matter how different it sounded a few minutes ago. If you apply voltage to a sheet of Quartz it starts vibrating at an incredible speed,which is exactly what they need to get their super precise Electrowaves from the Quartz Crystal. By putting them between 2 sheets of Quartz the Electronbeams will end up moving the dot on the previously created display.

Chrome and some of the villagers are in awe as they watch their "Quartz Crystal TV",at the same time Ruri mentions how truly fascinating the ways of nature can be as one rock can create something like this. Senkuu agrees with her and states that understanding and appreciating it's Qualities are what Science does,Senkuu adds the finishing touches by putting longitudinal waves onto the display which picks Ukyo's attention. He states that as the sonar man among them he should've been the first to realize it, The "Eye of Science" that sees even invisible enemies is nothing other than Radar! The 5 of them set out once more to make use of their new invention,Senkuu states by changing the attachment from an antenna to a microphone they can even aquire underwater sonar which is Ukyo's specialty.

Senkuu states that no matter if he is on land,in the skies or underwater that they'll find him,the Why-man. Senkuu mentions that the first sign of Life he gave was a constant "Why" because he cannot believe that there are People alive in this age,hinting that he must be involved in one way or another with the Petrification. Suddenly Chrome spots a change in the waves of their underwater sonar and a large amount of it as well,which is revealed to be the other reason behind the creation of the underwater Sonar. Another reliable source of Food for their long voyage to the other side of the World,the underwater sonar is the perfect fishfinder. The Chapter ends as Ryusui makes a Monster Catch with a net full of fish. Radar and Sonar aquired!

I have to say i liked this Chapter a lot,the Why-man appearing was an out of the Blue surprise but a pleasant one at that. At least as long as it doesn't steer them away from the main goal which is to prepare and go onto their voyage. Though,if he/she really is involved with the Petrification then those 2 plotlines go hand in hand and we're sure to meet the reason and the Mastermind behind the Petrification quite "soon". I always thought the Petrification was man-made but not intentionally but more as in Science accident,but Senkuu's reasoning and the morse code message do hint at him/her having intentionally petrified all of Humanity or at least the ones on the Surface of the Earth. Which makes me wonder what the reason behind it was.
I'd rate this Chapter an 8 out of 10. I'm not sure what to guess as for next time since Dr. Stone always surprises me with something else entirely but i hope we get to see them resume their preparations for their Voyage while still tracking the Why-man.

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