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Chapter Review: Yakusoku no Neverland (125)

+ posted by Belserion in Manga Reviews on Mar 5, 2019 13:43

Yakusoku no Neverland/The Promised Neverland - Chapter 125 Review by Seraph

Chapter Title: The Alliance of Liars

Last time in The Promised Neverland we saw Emma and Ray looking for a talk with Norman,who to their dismay was absent,but instead they got to meet his Supporters Cicero,Barbra and Vincent who just like Zazie are modified Human beings that have come from Lambda and got saved by Norman when he escaped. After a brief conversation and getting to know each other more it is revealed that Norman has gone to meet their new "Allies",who turned out to be Demons. Demons that have similarities with the Beast-like Demons in the Forest but still possess Human-like features,he only took Zazie as a bodyguard with him. The Chapter starts with Norman and Zazie being surrounded by various Demons almost drolling over him,or rather his meat and bones.

Zazie seems ready to battle but Norman tells him to stand down,as he lets go of his blade they are met by an apology from one of the Demons claiming that they are just too appetizing to keep an eye off. Norman brushes it off by saying that he can see how "well" they're being treated around these parts,he questions if the Demons are aware of the situation they're in and that if they were to ally themselves with them they could have much more food supplies for themselves instead of eating him and Zazie here and now. He claims that the only way for them to have a Life where they don't have to starve and lose their intellect they need to ally themselves with Norman and his Forces,his gaze wanders across the Room asking where "The Lord" is. As he finishes his question he is met by a huge Demon,more than 3 times Norman's own size, wearing what seems to be Royal Garments,he is also using a cane to carry himself.

He greets Norman as "William Minerva" and is greeted in return,the Demon's name is "Lord Giran" and he appears to be of a Royal Demon Family/Clan due to his before mentioned clothing and his rather noble speech mannerisms,he laughs at Norman stating that when they last met he told him that if he plans to meet again he is to only bring 1 bodyguard of his but he did not think that Norman would stand by it. Norman replies that if one wants to form an alliance that building up Trust with your Partner is the most important task to follow,he calls out to Zazie who throws a bag in the middle of the Demons. The Bag was filled with the severed heads of multiple Demons that they killed when attacking the Mass Plantations,he invites them to have a decent meal with them later and is met with brief gratitude by Giran.

As Norman is offered a seat he is also presented with a set of Questions,Giran asks Norman directly what exactly he requires of him and his Followers as well as what he can offer in return to them. Norman doesn't hesitate and claims that he needs their Strength to add to his own Forces and in return he will give them Victory and the chance to have their Revenge, Revenge against the Noble Families that have betrayed Giran and his followers 700 years ago and caused their shapes to devolve to their current form. Norman promises to present them the Heads of said Noble Families as well as the heads of the 5 regent lines,if they fall then Giran and his followers will stand at the Top once more and Norman will let them rule the World as they please. Giran will be King in this new Government.

As Giran questions what he will gain in return Norman tells him that he requests the liberation of every single Cattle Child from the Premium Grade Plantations such as Grace Field, Glory Bell, Grand Valley and Goodwill Ridge but he also requests for them to be autonomous. They'll essentially be Free in the truest sense of the word. Norman also reassures them that while he may request the Premium Cattle Children to be freed he does not intend for the Demons to starve,he will let them control the Mass Production Farms in return as well as free choice of handling the Ratri-Clan in the Humans place. He notes that the Ratri Clan can produce a hundred humans with nothing but a strand of hair,he continues by offering them all of the Research Data he has collected at Lambda.

Giran seems surprised that Norman would let them handle the Ratri Clan,which he blames on the hatred "James Ratri" harbors towards his Clan that now wants to see him dead. He concurs,if the Ratri get eaten by them they will not only have had a taste of Royal Human meat but will also be rid of the annoying Ratri Clan which has bothered them for many years. Norman urges Giran to comply with them,Humans need their strength as they are too weak and fragile while the Demons have Strength but not the "means" to attain Victory against an Enemy like the Ratri-Clan and the Royal Families. Allying themselves is a Win-Win Situation for both parties, Norman claims that it's time for Giran to take his "rightful" place in the System after waiting 700 years for this Chance. Giran recalls his banishment into the woods by the Noble Families and his vow for Revenge,he accepts Norman's proposal.

As he signs Norman's covenant he tells him that he puts his entire fate and trust into Norman and his Forces,but he can't help but wonder what will happen if Norman's plan fails and they won't taste Victory at all. He asks Norman what they'll get instead in the worst case scenario, Norman cheerfully states that if the worst was to happen that he won't mind if Giran and his followers devour him and his Friends wether they get grilled or boiled they are fully at their mercy. Giran accepts and both pour a drop of their blood onto the covenant symbolizing their unity and finishing their negotiations,as they shake hands Giran claims that together they will start a new World. After Norman and Zazie left their hideout the latter is still on guard but is told to relax by his Leader as they are out of reach now.

An owl lands on Norman's shoulder as he walks and he starts to reflect on the meeting with Lord Giran,it is revealed that Norman has lied to Giran to bring them onto his side as he intends to use them and has them fight in place of him and the Cattle Children. The Demons will end up destroying themselves,meanwhile,Giran is seen reflecting on his meeting with Norman as well and stares intensely onto the covenant from before or rather Norman's bloody fingerprint. He licks on the Paper and mentions that his Blood is delicious,while Norman notes that Giran himself told a lie as well. Giran and his followers wonder how James Ratri can look this young when he is known to have died many years ago,Giran notes that he is perhaps one of the 3 Premium Grade Units from Grace Field that noone but the Leader of the Demons may have.

Norman notes that Giran is after his Flesh,his mind and that after they used the Humans they will devour them regardless but he won't let them as the same hands that build the trust with them will be the ones to stab him from behind. He hopes that Lord Giran enjoys his dream of eating Norman because the Cattle Children will have the last laugh,Norman smiles and looks at Zazie while the Owl on his shoulder puts on an intense stare.

This Chapter was really good, 9/10 , Norman is taking full advantage of the Demons and while reading the Chapter it really felt like back at Grace Field with Isabella around. Both sides essentially using the other for their benefit but only on a closer look while on the surface we have an honourable Alliance,I love it. This feeling is something that i had started to miss when reading TPN at some points,it feels like Norman coming back really did bring back more than just an old friend for Emma and Ray. The negotiations went off flawlessly and both parties have goals at stake that they need to achieve but cannot without the other,i did not think that Norman would just "sacrifice" himself and everybody else if the plan fails...i was a bit shocked at that. He even smiled while saying it. I really wonder what Norman will tell Emma and Ray when he returns and what their Role in all this is going to be now,i can't see Emma go along with his idea of having Demons slaugther each other. This might be where both realize the time they were apart and how their experiences changed their views on things.

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